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SQUID GAME All The CLUES You Missed! & Ending Explained!

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Squid Game’s every single HIDDEN detail! With the ending explained!

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  1. yin is not the male principle as said, but the female one. I think there is a mistake here… Red color is associated with yang.

  2. At the end of the video the guard on the right as you can see doesnt have a shape but 2 parallel lines instead?

  3. My favorite characters first time acting? Girl slay cuz I thought she been acting the way she played this off, Den my second favorite is the an behind it all 😱 third was the Indian.. so sad how u think u can trust people when it life depends on it

  4. Jun-ho can't switch with Gi-hun remember the front man shot him?

  5. The players wore blue? 🤔 that definitely look like green to me.

  6. I finished squid game so yeah I won't spoil it

  7. The one trope this show just couldn’t overcome was the “unfamiliar characters are obviously going to die” thing. There were certain games that, even when I was watching for the first time, I had little investment in…you knew that the five MAIN characters on one team weren’t about to get shoveled off a platform. Where things got a little more intense was later on during the marbles scene, etc. At that point you had invested characters playing one another and you didn’t want ANY of them to go. Even then, you knew the bubbly little (recently introduced) chick was gonna lose to the emo North Korean broad. It’s really, reeeaaallllly difficult…almost impossible to overcome those types of narrative pitfalls for a show like this. It was still a great show, though. The overall themes are pretty timeless, the sets were invariably impressive, the main cast was incredible and the score was top notch. That’s about all I need in a television drama for the most part.

  8. So there was a mural depicting "the three at the table" which wasn't even a proper game? If even non- games were depicted on the wall where is the one for the nightly carnage? The guards purposefully didn't give the players enough food and didn't intervene when players like 101 started killing fellow contestants. The stabby action of "the three at the table" was just as controlled as the slaughter of that night…

    Or ya know, that mural simply depicts the only actual game you missed when assigning games to the murals. C'mon that mural is clearly a depiction of a game of MARBLES.

  9. i actually miss squid games so much😭

  10. You should check your video skip it all the way to the end B cause look at the right side hill. You will see a guy with the mask that has a red suit and it is skinny.

  11. The mane character 456 is the number of participants

  12. Do you know the doll from squid game first game? She has a boyfriend and the boyfriend is Jack, which is the solar players have to go up a hill with a water bucket in the freefall they die. It’s may be going to be in the in The Game

  13. On the dolls hair, you see a circle in a triangle and a square represents the card of the game


  15. Woah this is like saw in a different way just realized he’s bad evil crazy scary

  16. Red and blue? Looks like pink and green to me

  17. its amazing, watching it 3 times and still missed things

  18. Are 14 year olds still tryna go to Korea for their idols 💀💀

  19. Oh my what an exciting story—fuck your liar 🤥

  20. this is cool but i wanna know the family tree

  21. "The players wore blue". That's blue?? Looks more green to me.

  22. I don't think Ali stole from his boss. Instead, the scene in the factory showed how something that was rightfully his was stealthly taken from him and foreshadowed how it would cause his death in the end. Just like how his boss had sneakily withheld Ali's pay for 6 months, Sang-woo tricked him into giving up his marbles, thus resulting in his tragic ending.

  23. The old man chose to vote 'no' because he knew once the contestants returned to their miserable lives, they'd realize that competing (and very possibly dying) in the games wasn't as bad as getting crushed by their immense debt. This is shown in the title "Hell" of episode 2 where we get a brief glimpse into the reasons why the main characters joined the games in the first place. The old man even acknowledges in his exchange with Gi-hun that the outside world is hell and he'd rather cling to the hope of winning the prize money by rejoining the games. He knew that this speech would change Gi-hun's mind when he realizes there was no decent way to raise money to treat his diabetic mother and his only hope lay in going back to the island. This was the same for all the other contestants. The brief relapse to their old lives made them even more determined to play and win, hence why they didn't request holding such a major vote again for the rest of the games.

  24. When the front man tells the unidentified host the vip's are there, he puts the own mask down and you can see he has shaky, wrinkly hands – suggesting its the old man

  25. I feel really sorry for the old man idk why

  26. You know, I saw a lot of these but I thought he were getting special treatment cause he was an elderly 😂😂😂


    You did NOT get 1 single color right in this entire video.

    Blue and Red? Do you mean Green and Pink?

    Grey coffin with Red ribbons? Did you mean Black and Pink?

  28. Squid Game is based on working at Victrex.

  29. The gun lighter that was given to Gi-huns daughter was in a box exactly like the coffin and high-key foreshadowed that they were killed by a gun and burned into a furnace

  30. pink and red are different colours.. they wearing red and the players didn't wear blue but green

  31. Oh Il nam was being detected, Look at his leg.

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