Squid Game and Money Heist Crossover?! - The Internet's Most Searched Qs About Squid Game | Netflix - squid-game.onl

Squid Game and Money Heist Crossover?! – The Internet’s Most Searched Qs About Squid Game | Netflix

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Squid Game is the world’s obsession right now. Here are answers to the internet’s most searched questions about everyone’s favourite death games.

00:00 – Squid Game Most Searched Questions
0:27 – Is Squid Game based on a book?
1:09 – Who stars in Squid Game?
2:13 – Is Squid Game in a real game?
3:21 – Is the honeycomb game real?
4:00 – How much is 45.6 billion won?
5:00 – What do the business card symbols mean?
5:34 – What is the doll based on?



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Squid Game – The Internet’s Most Searched Questions | Netflix

Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes.


  1. OH SHIT! You guys have the voice dubbed version too. Americans watching the subtitled version. LOL

  2. Before we start our 3 game we would like to thank our sponsor raid shadow lege-

  3. The red light, green light doll is based on the korean text book. I used to bring that book when I was young at primary school. There were the main characters like younghee( a girl), cholsu( a boy), baduki(a puppy). The doll was characterized after the exact same image of the text book girl. It made me remind of my childhood.

  4. I don’t know why, but the first game with that doll will always seem like the worst one to me. For whatever reason. Is it the creepiness of the doll? Is it that child-like voice she has? Is it the stark contrast between something seemingly innocent and something evil? Who knows.

  5. When i was young i played the squid game but we didnt kill each other 🤣

  6. Your Korean pronunciation for squid game is messed up.

  7. When I was young (I'm Korean), there was a man who made dalgona in front of the school. The man gave us one more dalgona when we took out the shape perfectly, so we tried our best to get it out perfectly. It wasn't just in my neighborhood, but it was the same elsewhere. I think it can be called a game in some way..🤔

  8. Y'all need to learn how Korean names are pronounced man…


  10. Come on, Netflix. He didn’t even pronounce the name of the main character properly. Seriously?

  11. I'm from Canada. There's one game I used to play a lot as a kid called Grounders or Sandman. You needed a playground to play it but it worked pretty similarly to tag, whomever was It had to catch everyone else but with a few extra rules. The person who was It could run around and chase people as normal on the ground but if they climbed onto the playground structures they had to close their eyes, so they could only navigate by touch and sound. But at any time, if the person who was It was on the playground structures, the could shout "grounders!" and anyone who was on the ground became It.

  12. 시즌2는 미국가서 헐리우드배우랑 찍었으면 참 좋겠는데 생존자들이 모여서 vip를 밝혀가는 스토리로 …헐리우드 배우가 초반에 다죽어나가면 흥행에 성공할텐데 …

  13. One of the creepy thing was that was that a random guy like Ge-Hun could just go to the orphanage and get a kid. He had no evidence he knew the boy´s sister. Did he buy the kid? And then just left the boy with the woman who raised the man who killed the sister. Are there no like child protective services in South Korea? I'm not saying that the old fish market lady is bad or anything, probably better than the orpanage, but the procedure was odd.

  14. Sang woo is going to play Berlins character from money heist in the Korean remake has made me feel more excited. Guy literally has an obsession with red jumpsuits lol.

  15. During the scene with VIP, the VIP said the Korean squid game game is the best one.

  16. imagine the pacer test being one of the games…

  17. I searched it up 45.6 billion won equals 47.7 billion Canadian dollars.

  18. He also said he was inspired by the Hunger Games. There was no mention of animation in the Korean interview, it seems to be a mistake of a variety reporter.

  19. Respectfully disagree. The show is less heartbreaking in English dub. And less dramatic. And less funny. And less engaging. Just plain less.

  20. How did the police detective get the square mask without the other workers noticing it? I mean if a pink soldier is killed shouldn’t they look for the mask as well? And I don’t get how the detective was able to infiltrate the games in the first place. He was literally behind the van, following it, like shouldn’t the driver notice? And how did he even get away with switching places with the pink soldier he killed? I just don’t get how such a private and secure contest can be easily infiltrated and has not been found out about yet. You can easily tell the police to watch you as you enter the van to the games and that’ll just expose everything.

  21. “The real version is not played with knives”
    Oh ok then

  22. Episode 6 absolutely broke me 😪😪

  23. This is how you pronounce squid game korean: Oh-jing-uh game

  24. I’m actually living in your head rent free.

  25. The Ojingeo game pronunciation lol…>¤<

  26. I am still amazed that that doll is real especially seeing some of the shots they got with her. In one of the shots that’s wide, the players are launching themselves over the finish line while in the back of the shot the doll’s head is still turning.

    The attention to detail with this show is top notch.

  27. My favorite game would be squid game cause I used to play this when I was little

  28. i wolud make a red light green light without doll

  29. Everybody knows the Squid game Doll is actually real

  30. did u just say squid game in korean is pronounced "ojingeo geim" 5:26

  31. I like the part when the guards shoot the players then ketchup comes out of the players

  32. wait did you guys know that in the beginning of the series the last game l kinds forget the have shapes then in the guard mask they have circle ⭕️ square⬜️ triangle 🔺 same with the honeycomh game

  33. What about Simon says in season two? The guards are all standing beside one player and the doll from season one returns and announces what they have to do. They would be in a playground environment like the dragons game. Idk just an idea. It probably wouldn’t work because they would probably rather use Korean games

  34. No One:
    Literally no One:
    Me: tried to learn what the dolls says and once i learn it ketp saying It while going around the house LOL

  35. I totally go to the honeycomb games game was a very event to look at the different states in Texas real life horrible it’s basically

  36. I’ve actually gone to this place before and I found it I literally found this doll in real life it’s good game worth it

  37. So there’s definitely some room for a couple more see they can put a game or like you put a ball in the middle of the trampoline and then you jump in then I can’t hurt you think they could put tag they can put tag they can put races they can put so much more game of some more make up on a jump roping challenge them so much more stuff they could do green why I like playing 324

  38. Whom Can We Trust If No One Is Trustworthy?

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  39. With 38.6M dollars, you could like rick roll everyone on youtube with an ad


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