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Squid Game – Behind-the-Scenes On Set

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Here’s what Squid Game looked like behind the scenes as they filmed the series.


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Squid Game – Behind-the-Scenes On Set

Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes.


  1. does anyone know why they say "action" and "cut" in english?

  2. I wanna be in netflix for being an actor I am a good actor please netflix please give me a role I am 15 And from India 🇮🇳

  3. Still emotionally wrecked over Sae-byeok’s fate. She didn’t deserve that awful ending😢

  4. It’s like HUNGER GAMES but more depressing

  5. The hardwork on every clip! Definitely deserves the attention :))

  6. Of course, I can tell they're just actors acting…but I see Il-Nam and I still believe that he's actually Il-Nam in real life 😂 I can't think of him as just an actor!

  7. This is why the arts are important! What an amazing display of the acting, the direction, the process, the people it takes, and the professionalism needed to produce something so masterful. It's incredible to see the actors and their process through shooting.

  8. Hopefully see these actors in big hollywood productions soon.

  9. If I was playing the honeycomb game, I would not be afraid & stay still! I would attack the guards, take their guns, you know, and shoot as many as possible! I’ll keep fighting until I wear out!

    Of course, if I’m shooting, I’ll need a guard super close to me, so I’m not wide open to be shot. It’s kinda like doing some QTEs like in Detroit: Become Human!

  10. It's so fascinating to see how this masterpiece of a show was made ❤

  11. @7:23 grandpa coppin a feel, he really out there living his best life 😂😂

  12. That part at 7:21 has me crying. Those two are so sweet

  13. i want to see BTS of gong yoo slapping the shit out of gi-hun 😂

  14. One of the many great things about squid game is that they acted in real sets instead of computer designed environments. You can see why it's better…

  15. This is really amazing I watch squid game 3 times already.

  16. I love bts stuff, it's what made me want go get into film in the first place 👍🏼

  17. Oh finally the one with English subtitles are uploaded! I've seen the original uploaded video before in Netflix Korea but still it's nice that they added subtitles now right after a few days since I rewatched it 😂

  18. I would be so concentrated acting in the scene and the director screaming “bang!” randomly would scare me for real. Because it would happen when I least expect it. Lol.

  19. yall sae-byeok and jihyeong i cant 🥺🥺🥺

  20. You don’t show us how you LITTERALY made Hoyeon jung just got raped behind the scenes

  21. Now saey byeok and ji-yeong can go to jeju island together 🙂

  22. this was cool to watch. I'm so glad there was no commentary or music. I think that takes the focus off the actors and what's going on around them during filming.
    I actually jumped when the person said bang the last time in the playground scene. Also, in the glass panel scene at the ending. the director or director's assistant gave the actors a new meaning 2 the word "cut". lol!!!

  23. You gotta hand it to the extras as well.. they also did a good job with the acting
    A truly spectacular series

  24. Everyone thought Sae beyok didn't smile in her life while watching Squid game but behind the scene she took the opportunity of smiling

  25. its so weird to see this little veiws on a squid game bts

  26. 09:04 I guess this must be Korean style 'on set editing' that directer of the Parasite mentioned.

  27. as someone who hates gore and had to cover her eyes during the games, this is such a relief to watch, it makes it less scary and kinda funny how the gunshots are just people yelling “bang”

  28. Oh…they are funny actors😂😂😂😂😂

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