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It’s been said before that the best things take time and this masterpiece was ten years in the making. Squid Game has sat comfortably at the number one position in over 22 countries since its release and it’s no secret why. Stunning camera work, strong and compelling characters and the simple premise of survival in a hostile environment. Not only is Netflix rolling in the dough, but they’ve taken advertising for this sleeper hit to a whole new level. Today we’re taking you through the exciting behind the scenes footage that captures the hard work, fun and whimsy that went into making Squid Game. From director commentary to actor’s perspectives, these guys are bearing it all. If you’re just as obsessed with great television and film then go ahead and hit that subscribe button for more.

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  1. Did you know

    Gi Hun was player 456 and the amount of money was 45.6 billion won

  2. What was in your thumbnail isn't in the video. Consistency.

  3. Do me a favour and pronounce the names right “sAhNg jEe-HuHnN” “Lee Jung-gAy” “HyUnG jYuNg-YuNg” “jEoK-sHoE” “SaYnG-wOoH” “eEl-nam” “hWaYnG” etc.

  4. Once upon a time, my friends and I use to play LONDON as red light,green light

  5. when i heard 10 years in making i was like bro thats longer than ive been alive lol

  6. 😶‍🌫️😱😨😱😱😱😱😱

  7. This took a long time and to release the movie, imagine how hard they worked for it and now fans want a season 2, they put a lot of work so we can watch a movie that is for us whenever we are bored 🥺❤️

  8. I feel like players 67 and 456 are everyone's favorite characters 🤗

  9. Translation: Ilnam: A friend who shares with beads and scabbard~! Without yours! Kihoon: Oh! Knuckle! I remember!

  10. Can you show me the behind the scenes scenes the squid doll

  11. 10 years in the making =2011 when I a baby lol

  12. This Youtuber lives in South Africa i also live in South Africa

  13. Not sure why you can't see dislikes anymore, but if youtube got woke, then i'm okay leaving and not being a part of it

  14. Squid game in Japanese go to bed your troops Esther cell go on the bed now call a cookie and grab your slippers and don’t get it by shoppers

  15. Can't believe Squid Game is spreading more than Covid itself. Impressive.

  16. The second game is not called honeycomb it’s called dalgona

  17. Me when I saw the people hanging at the stairs: 👁👄👁 what the hell

  18. Elle veut pas se taire la meuf🤬😡😠😤

  19. Have you ever think how much money the director spent in all the games

  20. why are you turning to comments off I hade to use this video to tell you

  21. Я единственная сдесь русская?

  22. Please replace this woman. Her voice is grating, hugely sibilant and just reads the copy: glaring errors and all

  23. Est-ce que vous avez le numéro de téléphone du film jeu party card

  24. In encanto look behind Dolores in we don’t talk about Bruno because Bruno is sneaking in the back round!

  25. You didn’t put up a comment section in the Encanto video and my comment down below is can you find Bruno and the Disney world?

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