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Squid Game Behind the Scenes

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  1. No cuz I still wouldve cried if I was up there

  2. 😮 I didn't know they actually broke the glass thing😮

  3. For all the people asking it probably sugar glass they use it to make like beer bottle so actors can smack it over another actors head its a prop material

  4. Think about it, what if the player they pushed actually landed on a safe tile..

  5. I need to see behind the scenes of episode 6💀

  6. What about the glass does actually get hurt

  7. I did try to make my real life one but it won't work.

  8. That's awesome 😎 I thint now that I thought was real

  9. That first part looks like it hurt because he fell on his face

  10. I am going to say I’m gonna tell my students

  11. 101 actor was in fact afraid of heights during this scene so he was probably shaking during filming

  12. We shall salute the 3 fallen ones 👉

  13. That was such a wild moment in the show can’t believe she did that lol

  14. haha Wii game was like this behind-the-scenes

  15. Uhm what about the part on the bathroom…..

  16. vraiment un enooorme bravo au réalisateur . Moi j'ai regardé Squid Game est j'ai adoré je trouve que Squid Game met vraiment en scène ce que l'on pourrait faire pour de l'argent . Bref encore bravo pour cette fantastique série hate de la saison 2 .

  17. Did they actually fall from that far because the first one looked like shorter than it actually look like

  18. Le 101 commençait à m’énerver heureusement qu’il y’a vais la scène du tournage 😂😂et ce n’était qu’une mise en scène 😊

  19. Anyway is the glass made of sugar? Or not

  20. Aaaah man! That was so beautifully done

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