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Squid Game Cookie Recipe – Dalgona Cookies

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Dalgona Honeycomb Cookies – It seems there is no one who hasn’t seen the Netflix series “Squid Game”. In episode 3 of the new and cruel series from South Korea, we have all seen the cookie game. A game where the contestants need to separate the shape from the cookie. The cookie is a honeycomb cookie known by its other name; Dalgona cookie. This candy is a famous Korean street food, basically it’s a caramelized lollipop and it’s very easy to make (only 2 ingredients).

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3 tablespoons Sugar
1/8 teaspoon Baking soda

1. Add sugar to a small nonstick pan.
2. Heat over medium heat until sugar dissolves and become liquid.
3. Turn the heat off, add baking soda and stir immediately. The mixture will change its color.
4. Pour the mixture on a parchment paper, gently press the mixture with a flat bottom object such as glass/plate/pan.
5. Using a cookie cutter, press your favorite shape.
6. Let it harden.
7. Try to separate the shape without breaking the cookie in 10 minutes.


  1. I’m sorry but they aren’t edible i tryed them and just a seconde ago I started puking don’t trybb bc this

  2. Can some one help me with this? I tried using brown sugar for a change but every time that I add baking soda it turns puffy instead of liquidy and it rises straight up. Also I think it cools down too quickly.

  3. Idk why we dnt like the taste they turned out perfect but they taste like burnt sugar is all. Even tho we didnt burn the sugar honestly rock candy is way betyer

  4. I’m guessing it would’ve been so good but my mom just warmed the sugar up so it tasted like sh!t

  5. My mom is doing it now it is not turning good

  6. I tried it but it did not quite work cause I did not stir it immediately so it burned

  7. I need help as soon as you put the backing soda on do you pour it because I waited till it melted and it still burnt or are you not sopos to use pur sugar Cain

  8. This is the easiest recipe ever! And it tastes good!

  9. I have to tell u If u make It OR low Hear OR 2 and u Need pacience Because low heat takes kinda long

  10. 800th comment. How long do you have to stir it on medium until it turns into liquid

  11. What do u put if u don't have parchment paper

  12. I hope I don't get shot
    Thank you anyway

  13. I burnt myself and there is a part of my skin that’s pink

  14. I’m seven years old and I managedTo make these

  15. I just managed to trim out the circle for the first time in my life today!

  16. I am gonna try that because it looks good👍

  17. My mom is a god at making this you actually don't need a pot before you put the shape

  18. My brother attempted this and it tasted horrible so imma try to attempt it too 🤣

  19. I had a little bit too much baking powder or baking soda I can't remember which one I did well it exploded

  20. I had a little bit too much baking powder or baking soda I can't remember which one I did well it exploded

  21. I love squid game and it’s so cool 4561 because I’ve watched the last one except from the old souls and he finally got red hair and I finally got to know who is the red man hair and he was asked to 456

  22. Ingredients:
    Baking Soda
    Magnum or semi-automatic firearm
    ~400 bullets.

  23. How long should you let it sit once poured before you can press it down and apply the cutter? My cutter got stuck.

  24. Hello my friend lethal hunter how u doin' my best friend

  25. ive seen that netflix series adn idk how to ugh nvm

  26. I used a fork still madr it thanks to the helpful comments ima brush my teeth after eating this

  27. 🌈fluvsies midnight tv🌈 the rainbow unikitty says:

    I WON!

  28. Qhen I make these I eat them without making a shape on it cuz I only want to eat it 😅😂

  29. Hello, what other paper can we put cookies on? I don't have parchment paper

  30. bro i put baking soda right after i turned heat off, it grew was burnt lol

  31. WARNING!! never make this without baking soda, the colour is just not there and it tastes very bitter, stay away!

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