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“Squid Game” craze in China, where Netflix is not available

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  1. I'm in China.. Nobody cares that much about the show to be honest

  2. China's CCP is threat to humanity

  3. Actually a lot of Chinese people are actually criticizing Korea for copying a lot of ideas from previous similar Japanese shows 😂

  4. Fabulous! I love how the CCP cannot control everything!

  5. The backward country where intelligence property and other laws are just a decorations.

  6. Please differentiate between Koreans and Chinese.

    One of the countries that hates the Chinese the most is Korea.

  7. 국가 전체가 도둑질의 공범. 다른 사람들의 피땀어린 노력을 도둑질에서 공짜로 즐기는 불법에 대해서 아무렇지도 않게 생각하는 미개함의 끝판왕

  8. 돈 내고 합법적으로 봐라 이것들아.
    핑핑이가 넷플릭스 금지 시켰는데 보고싶으면 핑핑이를 끌어내리던지~~~

  9. It's hit in China because this is how ccp treated them….

  10. That country banned Winnie the Pooh….. common man… I mean..dictator

  11. Chinese communist party and their people claim squid game actually originated china lol.. 🥴🥴 lol Chinese.

  12. China soon will make a lame shit copy of the squid game but in some way blaming Japan or USA. This serie is extremely political for them almost every scene would be censored. F U KK the ch1NEZe cOMMmmUNIZZ t Par t ee

  13. How did China, one of the birthplaces of human civilization, become an unscrupulous country that steals, and distorts other countries' cultural, artistic, and historical assets and makes money like a parasite?

  14. The CCP is banning Korean entertainment, but that won't stop the younger Chinese generations from liking it. Once people think something is cool, it won't be uncool just because it's banned. People will just want it even more. Look at North Korea. Kpop is banned there, but Kim Jon Un loves him some Red Velvet, and North Korean citizens watch Kdramas obtained through the black market. Squid Game is a global sensation because everyone can relate to its themes, including people in China.

  15. China destroys North Korea but wants to enjoy South Korean culture. How ironic.

  16. Their government not controlling? But they are so good at handling that massacre at the square back in 80s..

  17. This is a cockroach on Earth. It is harmful to mankind.

  18. Wow China really sucks they not allow to play online games, YouTube, Facebook google, Instagram,

  19. Even nike and any brand of clothing, bags they copy everything welcome to china the copy cat country

  20. Free 🇭🇰
    Taiwan 🇹🇼 No.1
    ㅗ china

  21. I'm sure the CCP is already making a fake ripoff show that show "wolf warrior" communist players winning over the capitalists.

    They'll probably call it "Octopus Game".

  22. CCP Logic:
    Ban the Show
    Slander the Show
    Copy the Show

  23. 중국은 이세상의 벌레야…사라져라 중국…

  24. I wonder do they sell the dinner set based from troopers…

  25. So….everything damn things in the world were all from China but not Corona virus lol, now even a traditional game from Korea and you said it was yours by making a terrible Squid Game movie ver then wait until Netflix sue you. Yo China, Corona virus was your biological kid but you deny it, why are u so cruel.
    Kimchi was from KOREA
    Ao Dai made in VIETNAM, even spring rolls made in VIETNAM too
    And the most important, TRUONG SA and HOANG SA belong to VIETNAM you b*tches :))))

  26. Squid game is the origin of China 🤑
    Chinese people's favorite wording origin ! origin ! origin ! origin ! origin !
    China – Origin = Zero🤣

  27. her favorite character is sang woo, either they lost something in the Chinese translation or they watched without any translation and she just likes him for his looks…

  28. All china claims are a lie, they even claimed english is a chinese dialect. When you have entire chinese generations being told what to think, what to say, what to feel, what to write…no wonder they are creatively bankrupt and had to resort to stealing and claiming other's stuff….. communist china is a joke.

  29. China bans google facebook gmail youtube Netflix and almost all Korean music and movies much like North Korea which is worse.

  30. Reason Why the Chinese invented paper…… So they can start copying down everyone else's ideas XD

  31. Disgusting country
    3.North Korea

  32. Chinese claims Africans originated from China

  33. Ironic that China is having a Squid Game surge in popularity. Episode 2 starts with a vote on whether the life-or-death game should continue with the remaining players voting. What do Chinese viewers know about voting or democracy? In China, Winnie the Pooh votes and you listen. I’m sure Chinese netizens watching pirated version of Squid Game (Netflix is banned in China. Big surprise there) were surely confused by the voting process.

  34. How do people watch banned shows in China? Does someone somehow download it in another rcountry and then make it accessible? I assume VPN are not available in China? Anyone know?

  35. I was speechless when Chinese people said kissing on the lip was invented in China , now not surprised anymore, they gonna claim ath is invented by them -.-……

  36. China, shame on you! Any ain't got feeling pricks of conscience on these fck illegal jobs????

    "China is Korean culture colony"

  37. Netizen, especially S.Korean when they see Younghee doll (Mugunghwa) overseas:
    – Aussie, Philippines, Indonesia, and other countries: "That's creative! Thanks for bringing Korean culture overseas"
    – China: "Chinese always steal our culture and claim as their own!!"

  38. why is the comment section filled with fg members or reddit users or korean drama-invokers

  39. 200 years from now
    China : Hollywood movies are actually Chinese, fortune cookies are also Chinese, Tesla and Apple are Chinese companies
    Rest of the world "What? How. the fck…"
    China : In US there are a group of Chinese Americans so Americans are minorities of Great China. Thus their history is part of ours.

  40. Mainland China is a real life giant squid game.

  41. Chinese version of the squid game – If you select O for Xi Jinping, you pass. Select X to eliminate.

  42. they don't pay. just watch. and made goods, and take the money.
    what a disgusting robbers.

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