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‘Squid Game’ Creator Reveals Netflix Didn’t Make Him Rich & Shares His Thoughts On ‘Bridgerton’!

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After Squid Game became one of Netflix’s biggest shows of all time, you’d think that it’s creator, Hwang Dong-Hyuk , would be just as rich as the contestant who wins the show’s multi-billion dollar jackpot. But sadly enough, Hwang recently revealed that’s simply not the case. Let’s get into it!

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  1. Like many have already stated, he made the contract prior to releasing the show. Netflix has no idea how much revenue a particular show will bring in. We don't see it but I'm sure they are paying for shows that never see the screen and also never end up popular with the public/viewers, so they take some risk there. So when they pay this guy for the show, they pay a basic price. Next season, now that they know the show is popular, he will get a bigger contract.

  2. I guarantee that his “food on the table” is escargot and caviar compared to MANY others

  3. Nothing should be spilt he should get is own money and even more

  4. A contract is a contract…he should've put that they need to give him a bonus depending on the success of the show. The director should get a better agent. Netflix basically bet on him, it could've gone wrong and the company would lose. But now that he is a recognized director he will get better deals. That's how the industry works
    Steven Spielberg didn't get much money when he just started or when he wasn't famous, and same goes with rookie actors

  5. I mean this shouldn't be a surprise. This is what normally happens with big successful movies and shows. Despite all the success and money a project is generating, the creators/actors get paid what the contract initially stated in the beginning, especially if they aren't big names and nobody knows how well the project will do. He will obviously have a much bigger paycheck for season 2.

  6. It’s sadly on him he should have seen if he gotten a bonus based off of viewers

  7. Hopefully he gets a new agent and renegotiates his contract

  8. That means his contract was shit and the man needs a new negotiator/agent!!!!

  9. Oh man. He should have gotten legal advice or a lawyer. Though, if they have a season 2, they could revise the contract and add onto it. Or make a completely new contract.

  10. Hopefully dong – hyuk will get a new agent so he can negotiate the contracts ,and get a better paycheck for season 2.

  11. No they should give this man his money. Sure there was a contract but $900 mill is a lot of money and his been pushing his project for years before fruition. This is the most almost original content Netflix has got in a long time, they need to stop being greedy.

  12. No Clevver news, "Squid games" is not about capitalism, it about exploring human nature not the economic system that it spawns.
    It's about our human weaknesses of greed, selfishness and betrayal but also our capacity for kindness, compassion and selflessness even under horrible situations. The possibility of financial gain might of bought the characters to play the game in the first place but it's the necessity of survival that ultimately drives their decision and pushes them to acts in the games.

  13. Netflix is a shit place to do contract with. They suck life out of creators of big projects.

  14. He will make more money for season 2 … now he knows how much he can ask for a contract for that (:

  15. they should be paid a percentage of what the movie earns.

  16. Netflix knows they want a season 2 they need to make it worth his while

  17. All the snowflakes in the comment section apparently don't know how businesses run or how contracts work.

  18. Despite the Economic crisis its still a good time to start up an investment.

  19. I tried watching the trailer for bridgerton and clicked away after 15 sec just a big no for me

  20. Do you think Hwang Dong-Hyuk should get a bonus after the wild success of Squid Game?!

  21. No reason to drag bridgeton clearly two different shows that were amazing maybe he learned how much the creator of that show made and he got mad thinking since squid games past bridgeton he deserved more and he does but he should've seeked legal advice before signing the contract

  22. I hate to say this but since he believe capitalism is bad.. keep that same energy with your paycheck. This is the reality he wants..

  23. Now I know people are going to say a 'contract is a contract' so it's fair and she shouldn't complain but to me, Netflix shouldn't be telling the writers how they will get paid before the show or movie even airs. It's not fair cause you never know how big the show is until it comes out. I also stand for he creator and as someone who has notice how the media does not pay them enough or give them the credit they deserve it's only right to say that yes he deserves a bigger pay. I also don't know exactly where he lives, my guess is that Netflix may have not done the right math when it comes to money in America and money in Korea. Netflix is one of the biggest steaming systems out there so no blaming the agent or the creator.

  24. Kinda ironic how the show is more so about greed and here we are…
    Anyways, I see this as like a precaution to directors, newcomers, rookies and alike. A contract is a contract. You can’t ask something outside of a contract UNLESS Netflix wants to give out more. The way I see it, Netflix or whoever is in charge are keeping their end of bargain as stated in the contract, (perhaps) there was no bonus for the huge (really huge) amount of success squid game got, I know it seems unfair but that’s just how the system works. You need to know the system to beat it. So.. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  25. Yessssss ✨ Asian waves🌊 is finally taking over 🌐👏🏽

  26. Honestly was hoping there wasnt going to be a season 2

  27. And the fact that this one show saved Netflix at its downfall 💀

  28. Six teeth due to stress? Omg? I feel bad for him. He need more than the world

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