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Squid Game & Do It To It (Zedd Edit)

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ACRAZE – DO IT TO IT (Ft. Cherish)
23 – Pink Soldiers

Video Animation by: Sillygabe


  1. I kept telling people “ this sounds just like the Squid Game theme!” I knew I wasn’t nuts 😂

  2. Because I like it I like the song I love the songs I like it so much love the videos you made

  3. Lyrics: he he he he he he he he he he he he he he hehe he he he he he he he hehe he he he he he heh eh hehe he hehehehh he h e

  4. It’s crazy how cherish song is actually on the same tempo & rhythm as squid games 🔥 🔥

  5. Possessionskwelahan eksklusibongdakilang dare any body to read this world

  6. Hey why didn’t nobody like mines mines word😭😭

  7. We need an extended version of this creep

  8. Old hyundai cars from the early 2000 play the theme song every time you turn the ignition on.

  9. la vita, mio caro cantante, è un giochino per chi ne ha una, chi ha l'ubiquità non fa nessun gioco, uno nessuno centomila, ovunque. semplice no? niente ego, niente tempo che passa, niente sofferenza … però bella serie sai? avvincente

  10. oh my God That's more than wonderful. 😵😱😦😳

  11. 😼😼😼😼😼😼😼

  12. Y’all this sound is on SoundCloud!

  13. I like you about that what are you done sorry didn’t mean to

  14. We can't understand the lyrics but still we are loving it

  15. I LOVE this song its increíble

  16. Magnífica. Obsesiva. Divina. La amo. La mejor del 2022.

  17. Nice music and nice video clip 👌👍👍👍👍


  19. My neighbors love this song so much that they had the cops listen to it also!!!

  20. Thanks zeed i LOVE this song but me like squid game

  21. I'm good night 🌙 i love you 🌆🌃😍 is scared scarey I'm 😥 sad 😥😭 Netflix is

  22. They played this in a club in Dubai last weekend, people went crazy!!

  23. Ελισάβετ Φορτετσανακη says:

    Squid Game 🔴🔺️🟥 .Do It To Ιt

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