SQUID GAME Ending Explained | Full Series Breakdown, Spoiler Review And Season 2 Predictions | 오징어게임 - squid-game.onl

SQUID GAME Ending Explained | Full Series Breakdown, Spoiler Review And Season 2 Predictions | 오징어게임

Heavy Spoilers
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SQUID GAME Ending Explained | Full Series Breakdown, Spoiler Review And Season 2 Predictions. 오징어게임 . We review, recap, explain and react to the story of Squid Game Season 1 on Netflix. We also predict what we think will happen in Season 2. Full spoiler review for the series so if you haven’t seen it then check out now.

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0:00 Squid Game Breakdown Intro
0:44 Squid Game Season 1 Recap
3:08 Who Wins?
3:47 What Happens To Hwang Jun-Ho
4:44 Winning But Still Losing
5:26 Squid Game Ending Explained
7:46 Season 2 Predictions
9:21 Review

Squid Gang Season 1 Recap

Ok so Squid Game follows Gi-Hun a man who’s down on his luck after losing just about everything that means something to him.

His marriage failed, he lost his job, is in deep over his head with gangsters and now faces the fact that his daughter is going to be leaving South Korea with her mother and new family. To make matters worse his mother is also at deaths door and she requires medical treatment in order to save his life.

Seems like things are going worse than this channel is however his fortune seemingly changes when he meets a man at a train station that offers him the opportunity of a life and death time.

Desperate for money Gi-Hun finds himself somewhat squidnapped and drafted into a battle royale between himself and 456 contestants worth a grand prize of 45.6 billion. Throughout we watch as the players are wittled down to one in games of red and green, honey combs, tug of war, hopscotch and one that will have you losing your marbles due to the betrayals in it.

The Meaning Of The Colours

The season is a blast to watch and early on it sets up this idea of division within colours that thematically ends up coming full circle by the end.

The colours Red and Green are introduced and these are actually classed as opposites on the colour spectrum.

Both are mentioned in the passwords, they become the name of the first game and even the contestants wear green whilst the guards don red. The show is absolutely laced with these opposing colours and they in many ways very much represent the divide between the powerful and powerless. As we know from our own society this divide is often showcased between the rich and the poor and we learn that there are a vast number of wealthy men who actually oversee the entire operation and that this is all for their entertainment.

Rather than being seen as people, the players are very much just numbers and this is demonstrated in the fact that they are literally given these as their names.

Along the way, Gi-Hun meets an elderly man named number 1 and the fact that he’s the first drafted into the game should give you a clue towards his true identity at the end.

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  1. I was watching the show, and there was something about it I didn’t like. Then someone on line mentioned that you should turn off the English translation and watch it with the subtitles. What a game changer. The way they over dub these movies is so over the top it makes it impossible to watch. Give it a shot, you’ll see what I mean.

  2. Youtube already spoiled me the twist ending as I accidently saw a spoiler video.

  3. – Sang-Woo (clearly a back-stabber, no surprise)
    – Ali (clearly a straight man that would be back stabbed, no surprise)
    -Front Man being police officers brother (if u watched enuf Asian drama this will be predicted too)
    -Sae Byeok (coldheaded thug with right moral ground, didn't break character to her death, no surprise)
    – Gangster (hot headed thug with all the villain characters, expected outcome)
    – Il Nam, the only one that caught me by surprise with the biggest plot twist.

  4. It's messed up he left his daughter, she should have come 1st but instead, Squid Game became #1

  5. The whole series is with symbolism, damnn
    i cant wait for s2

  6. I was hesitating to watch , but I got addicted after the first episode. Amazing Series.

  7. The old psychopath that murdered human beings for his entertainment died way to peacefully IMO

  8. Sang Woo played the game really well say what you want about his moral but damn he was on point from the start

  9. I knew 456 was the main character the whole time.. idk why the guessing of who stuck around or not really was

  10. Shouldn’t the prize money be 45.5 billion won since 100k is added to the pot for every elimination, and there were 455 eliminations and 1 alive. Or did I miss something?

  11. 2:41 Chẳng cần buôn bán gì em vẫn là thương nhân của tôi

  12. Disappointed once again. Last time I was tricked was the LOST series…
    They start fine, and become interesting and end up with nothing.
    …so this rich Asian guy believes a homeless guy freezing in the street won't get help from anyone ?! How can he not aware of the existence of public services, police, and the social government? There are many people who are employed to help the needy people. It's so stupid for the Asian guy to bet on this.

    And our guy cheating the old guy in the marble game doesn't fit in his character at all… He is a person who helps others. He teamed up with him when no one wanted him because he was old, and risked his own life for that. It doesn't fit in how he chanced into a person who cheats an old guy he saved before.

  13. I'm sure that others may have mentioned this but "they ALL returned, desperate for the…" is incorrect. ALL did not return. :)+=

  14. That, which is stated between mins 2:56 and 2:59, by the commentator is false. incorrect. That's not a s-ler, right?

  15. I absolutely loved the series but hated the ending, only because I don't think they'll make a season 2 for this according to the looks on IMDB, Because it says 2021-2021 which generally means its over, but i agree I would LOVE to see a session 2 or expansions, please feel free to respond with proof to prove me wrong I would love to see something to look forward to!!

  16. The ending was fucking dumb they killed off the cop

  17. A great insight. There's a lot I missed watching it through. Nice to join the dots

  18. Squidnapped…i see what you did there😜👍🏻

  19. Just finished it omg Great show! So many life lessons 🙏🏾

  20. It was good but to me it was a Korean version of the hunger games

  21. They say the Kpop singers get shorter so God is punishing the Korean entertainments for cheating by deal with the Devil for fame, success etc..

  22. 4hýigiuhơeghooooooooooooooooooooổieỵ'alv

  23. Was so rooting for Deok Su,that would have been an awesome twist.

  24. things very few might have noticed :–
    1)everyone lost their humanity in the first game(r light g light) itself.
    2) hidden rule (players can eliminate others by killing them which was started by that fatty evil man).
    3) sung-woo didnt regret for killing and betrayal till the end UNTII gi-hun forgives him.
    4) sung-woo chose Ali when he needed the most trustworthy partner but end up betraying him.

  25. Has he scream you see someone care! The old men dies without looking because he already know someone cares.

  26. It's not a "vast number" of wealthy men, as far as we see. It's just a few.

  27. They don't all return… most do, but not all.

  28. All I can say at the end was like broooo go see your child smh

  29. i really didnt find the show to be all that good

  30. I loved the casting. The main actor had one of those faces that was disheveled, worn out and covered in tension. In the next moment, he could appear simple and happy. He was child-like and fun loving like in the scene where he smiles for the photograph. Clearly he has had a hard life but there is an easily accessed sweetness inside him. I thought the actor made the switches back and forth seamlessly. It reminded me of the way the actor on Breaking Bad (Gus Freen) could appear to be an honest simpleton who ran a fast-food chain one moment and yet just by putting his face a different way and holding the tension in his eyes and facial muscles differently – a kind of monster would appear. I love when actors can handle this kind of emotional range simply with their faces. Many of the cast members were extremely gifted in this ability and it helped us either root for them or at least feel like we could understand their thinking just by watching their faces. Bravo to the casting directors!!

  31. I haven't watched the show, because I don't own Netflix, and I needed to see what the kids at school playing was playing sqiud gamd at the school yard. Thanks for the review, you made a teacher more wiser.

  32. Another broken promise to his daughter.

    For me, the last episode was horrible! It would have been a great first episode for a second season should they decide to do one. And play the episide by itself 2 months before dropping the rest of the season.

  33. Such an incredible season. Can’t wait for season 2! 🦑

  34. That cliffhanger at the ending really leaves a lot of room for them to build onto the series even more. Def gonna be a season two where Gi-Hun infiltrates the game.

  35. Another this I liked was when they played red light green light everyone except for the old guy was highlighted green he only had an outline of green just a little detail that I thought was cool.

  36. So Gi-hun will become John Wick and go Hank J. Wimbleton style and destroy the organization via brutally killing the personel? Gorgeous!

  37. Everyone did it for money, je-yeong did it for art

  38. Is this the Korean version of ABC's 'LOST' by J.J. Abram's?

    Is the main characters somehow the long lost son in a time machine of Sun and Jin?

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