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Squid Game Ending Explained: Netflix Easter Eggs and Things You Missed 오징어게임

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Squid Game Ending Explained. Netflix Easter Eggs, Oh Il-Nam Old Man Explained, Front Man & Squid Game Season 2 Teaser & Episodes ►
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Covering FULL Netflix Squid Game Ending Explained, all the Squid Game Easter Eggs for all the Episodes, Clues, Things You Missed foreshadowing every major twist reveal. Squid Games Explained, Who is the Old Man, Squid Game Front Man Explained. Squid Game Ending Scene Cliffhanger and Season 2 Teaser.

Squid Game 오징어 게임 is a 2021 South Korean survival drama television series streaming on Netflix. Written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, it stars Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-joon, Jung Ho-yeon, O Yeong-su, Heo Sung-tae, Anupam Tripathi, and Kim Joo-ryoung. The series revolves around a contest in which 456 players, all drawn from different walks of life but each deeply in debt, play a series of children’s games with deadly penalties if they lose for the chance to win a ₩45.6 billion prize. About 38 Million US Dollars. Hwang had conceived of the idea based on his own economic struggles early in life as well as the class disparity in South Korea.

Seong Gi-hun, a divorced and indebted chauffeur, is invited to play a series of children’s games for a chance at a large cash prize. Accepting the offer, he is taken to an undisclosed location where he finds himself amongst 455 other players who are also deep in debt. The players are made to wear green athletic clothes and are kept under watch at all times by masked guards in pink jumpsuits, with the games overseen by the Front Man, who wears a black mask and black uniform. The players soon discover that losing a game results in their death, with each death adding ₩100 million to the potential ₩45.6 billion grand prize. Gi-hun allies with other players, including his childhood friend Cho Sang-woo, to try to survive the physical and psychological twists of the games.

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  1. Thinking back on the tug o war game, the old man's team would not have won based on his tips alone. It seems a precautionary measure to keep him alive was that the team did not die with the loss or fall, but rather when the rope was cut.

  2. you covering this was like the last straw for me to finally watch this

  3. What doesn`t make sense to me is why doesn`t Gi-Hun just use all the money he`s won to take down the people behind the squid game? Noone was listening to him before but he could definitely buy himself some power to be heard.
    I get it, he`s traumatised and depressed about his mother`s death and doesn`t want the money anymore. But how can he just leave that little boy in the shelter for a year? He also made a promise to his best friend to take care of his mother and apparently did nothing for a long time.
    And, obviously, come on, just get on that plane, visit your daughter and then go back and track down the squid game recruiters! You can even pay people to scan every single underground station in town. Put up ads everywhere to warn people etc.
    And aboutn the Front Man, I can only repeat the question: Why, brother, why?

  4. The old man gives 456 his jacket so 456 is number 1 before actually winning/getting first place.

  5. Think they took a lot of ideals from the movie The Belko Experiment (2016)

  6. I remember watching you when I was watching Game of Thrones. Just like then THANK YOU for breaking it down for me…. You da man!! 😂👍🏽

  7. Gotta be a season 2 lots of loose ends. I believe the younger brother cop is still alive probably escaped somehow

  8. Lol sang woo was wearing a suit and wet when we wanted to kill himself and now he was also wearing a suit and all wet and also killed himself for real this time

  9. Not gonna lie. After season 1 I’m done with the show. Netflix kinda has a thing for dragging stuff on and ruining it like You for example. Great story great plot great ending. Nothing left to really come up with. My opinion 🤷🏾‍♂️

  10. i think the plane was gonna explode or fly to the island

  11. In last episode the old man in death bed and old man in the streets are both looking the same, on looking closely. Any thoughts anyone?

  12. 1988 was the first Squid Game, also coincides with the year that South Korea hosted the Olympic Games

  13. Another Karma effect is that: because of Ali his boss lost his fingers (when he got his hand stuck in the machine), but later on Ali also lost some of his fingers, I believe it was when they were fighting inside the sleeping room. Afterwards before a game the guy who betrayed Ali told him to hide his hand because people wouldn't pick him in their team

  14. Yeah I'm pretty sure that the cop will return it would be a total waste if they didn't continue such a strong story arc IMO but it's not even renewed yet so we'll just have to wait and see!

  15. Why did the old man vote to end the game the first time?

  16. I doubt they had the same games every year since even the VIPs didn’t know what the next game would be.

  17. Theres already clues front he beginning and you could pay attention from it once you see something familiar

  18. This show messed me up man. ESP those two girls deaths. Uugghh

  19. I wonder if the police officer is still alive. We never actually saw his dead body. Maybe the main character and him team up and take down the corporation. I hope the main character stays alive.

  20. the "we've come so far we can't stop now" argument is the dxmbest thing i've ever heard, now IT'S JUST 2 OF THEM AND THEY'RE OLD FRIENDS so they have an actual chance at just stopping the madness, with +400 people it's a very different story, it really makes no sense, do you really wanna live with 38 million dollars but that weight on your conscience that you personally killed your friend when you could've actively stopped it?? ridiculous

  21. One thing I noted while binging the show is the progression of the masks. Circles are lowest rank, and the simplest shape. Triangles are more complex (more sides angles corners etc.) And squares above that. Then there's the frontman, who has an almost-human but abstracted mask made up of geometric shapes. And of course, the VIPS wear animal masks that just barely cover their human features.

    This is a hierarchy of personas displayed through facial features, and it's highlighted by the rule for the staff that if their face is revealed they must die. In a sense, the VIPs are humans that have devolved to animalistic urges, represented by their golden masks, they're all desire and passion. The staff are totally devoid of humanity, gaining small amounts of speech and free will going up the ranks. The frontman caters the show, he is almost human which reflects his previous status as a contest winner before deciding to be part of the sick rituals full-time.

    But that also provides a clue that from the perspective of the game runner (Oh Il-Nam), the true highest rank in the show are the contestants, who can show their true faces and live. This foreshadows his opinions from the finale that to play the games is the only way to be human and find the joy he missed from childhood whimsy.

  22. Wasn't the front man the in Green Hornet also?

  23. Idk why but I think those Red hair in the last episode symbolises something.

  24. Why would Ill-naam played tug of war and other life threatening game knowing the fact that he could die

  25. Dude, i loved all your GOT commentaries so when I saw u made this one abt squid game, even tho I have seen many others already, itz a must click!

  26. Gihun didnt use any of his money in the last episode. What about those loan sharks who were after his money and asked him to sign his body parts away? Did they not chase after him anymore?? Plot hole this one?

  27. The death forecasts were the one I missed. Really , an Easter egg. 🔥🔥

  28. Someone theorized that everyone picking the blue envelope in the Slap Game became a player, and everyone picking the red one became a worker.

  29. I wanted to know more about what that thug did to sae byeok when she was in her team

  30. Number 001 is the Jigsaw of Squid Game! He doesn’t believe he is behind any murders.

  31. After winning tug of war and the camera scrolls along all the winning players on the ground, they all have locks on their wrist cuffs except player one. That was the moment I started to wonder if he was more than he seemed. Can’t wait for Season 2!!!

  32. What about the old man when he peed himself? What was that about?

  33. You missed one old man Easter egg. When the “host” shows up, when he takes off his mask, you see old wrinkly hands

  34. 001 was not chained to the rope in the tug of war game

  35. It's Hostel meets Hunger Games, it's not as innovative as people think this is.

  36. Squid game does the traditional narrative of protagonist and antagonist where the protagonist succeeds at the end of the game. And even if it's the case, it goes beyond that. It begins to ask a question: what does succeeding really mean life? is having success actually having money, position, power and fame? should the thing recognized as reward by every human being reward in itself? Squid game sends a dark message perfect for the pandemic where capitalism's sheep's clothing is unraveled revealing the wolf within. Is the reward perceived by a capitalist reality a reward in itself? What's the real success? What's the truth outside the game of life?

  37. The logo is a representation of the games view on society. The square at the bottom is the masses with the circle at the very bottom representing the portion of the masses that would be contestants in the Squid Game. The triangle at the top represents the ruling class with the circle at the very top representing the elites who run the Squid Games.

  38. You did do this! Can't believe I missed it!!

  39. “The games they were forced to play”

  40. Fuck eternals. Chloe Zihao is a whitewashed previlege seaking ass who wouldn’t even be in the states without his beta male husband

  41. Why didn’t u do a titans review 🙁

  42. Don’t see the things I “missed.” I do see a bunch of bologna that’s been debunked and is totally not true.

  43. That explains why that old man had a big smile through out the game

  44. his name is Lee Byeong-Heon (o), Not Lee Byeong Hung (x).. 🙂

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