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SQUID GAME Ending Explained! The Game Show From Hell!

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In this video we take a deep dive, review, recap and explain the ending to Netflix’s Korean game show drama SQUID GAME.

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  1. When you realise squid game is just a mature version of fall guys

  2. I don’t think Ali is dead because we saw everyone get killed but the old man and Ali

  3. Ali's boss caused him to lose a finger, so Ali caused his boss to lose a hand.

  4. I absolutely loved this series its so addictive from start to finish I can't wait for season 2

  5. I was worried after hearing about all the blood but this show was so amazing that I binge watched every episode today.

  6. Am I the only one who just wasn’t that into this show?

  7. Psst….you're playing squidgames right now. People voted yes or no the moment they rolled up their sleeve and took the jab.

  8. Like the main thing was the whole set up of a play school, its just like a horror playschool
    (In my opinion)

  9. To be honest the final episode kinda ruined the whole show

  10. this series is really good but dont hype it up as much as it is. Its only good because its the only good show to come out in a while in the pandemic. If you really want amazing cinema in this kind of category. You will do your own research find many stories more soul gutting than this one. i.e. Suicide Club, A Siberian Film, Human Centipede 2, Orozco The Embalmer, and Cannibal Holocaust. All These Films are more graphic but they all tell a story of the human life that really compels what it means to be a human in this world.

  11. 7:03 you’re a 🤡 for this one, they were playing tug of war what do you expect??

  12. Why hasn't he given his daughter some money before doing anything else ?

  13. Great show! Worth the hype! Can’t wait for season 2!

  14. Now it makes sense because I kept wondering why the old man was smiling during red light/green light… I just thought it was because he was delusional. LOL!

  15. If they all win there’s no point in betting on it making the entire game worthless. The money is only being put up because all these rich people bet on these players. That’s not how gambling works lol.

    If anything the second season will be him trying to dismantle the game from inside. Or he’ll just become addicted to playing and not care about the money at all. The game will be his new gambling. Gambling with his life rather than money.

  16. It was great like most Korean films, but I don't want a season two.
    I like it as open-ended. Tired of sequels and prequels

  17. Can someone please explain they appeal of squid game?? I don’t understand why everyone enjoys watching people get gruesomely killed … i dont think the story line makes up for all the senseless murders I have to watch lol

  18. so,no one gonna talk about that toilet scene damn.

  19. I think the next season is Gi-Hun going undercover as a vip or a worker and take down squid game from the inside then use the concept to make squid game a non death game where if you are eliminated you don’t die you are just out like the glass bridge can have flaps that open if you stand on the wrong one and tug of war can be over a grainy squishy mat or foam pit

  20. This is more of a summary rather than ending explained !

  21. That game sucks , we have enough evil in this
    world without adding more to it.Its really a pretty lame game…

  22. This show made me think that powerful people around the world do things like this. Not necessarily games, but secret events where they kill or rape people for fun. Money is filthy.

  23. Quick question concerning Sang woo, since he's a "genius" did hw guess that the marble game would pit their partners against each other? Because if you realize, Sang woo is smart enough to see Ali's softness and maybe thats why he originally picked him? He saw that gullible nature in him long before he became his friend, and possibly used that to gain his trust so he had one step closer to winning the game.

  24. I think they should make a season 2 this was really good plsss 🙂

  25. NEW THEORY: Why are people so sure that Il-Nam is actually dead? He seemed to have died at exactly 12am which seems a bit too fitting. But here's the main clue which nobody has noticed yet: on the patient monitor, if you look at the top right of the screen it says "SENSOR OFF" and "LEAD OFF". Either the cables may have never been connected to Il-Nam or that he removed it while Gi-Hun  'won' the game as he was looking away. Have a look yourself. After all, his original 'death' was staged by Gi-Hun and all of us looking away. There is a precedence of foreshadowing already with how each player died according to an incident in their real life. Why can't this principle of foreshadowing apply again? That is, he staged his death twice. Why are we so confident we are not being fooled again if practically all of us missed it the first time? Il-Nam may have staged it for both Gi-Hun and the Frontman who arrives after Gi-Hun and closes his eyes. But perhaps Il-Nam played them both and staged it because that would mean in the next season both of them will clash but both of them think Il-Nam is dead which means they feel they can assert control over the game. Only for Il-Nam to reassert himself later in the series and declare that he was okay the whole time and that there is a greater game going on involving the two of them.

  26. What happened to the worker who was deleting footage in the cctv room?

  27. I don’t like this film because it’s creepy sorry if you hate for saying this
    I’m not a fan of this

  28. That show will be Netflix #1 for a good while.

  29. For the game where there is like the glass walking thingy they could just tkae their shoe and not throw it on the glass but tap it hard each round and see which bseaks

  30. I just wasted 13 minutes of my life. What a click bait

  31. Just a quick ting the squares are red suits there mangers and the triangles and circles have hot pink suits there workers .

  32. Originally when I watch the first episode I was mortified! And I was not excited about having to read a whole movie I’d prefer to read a book. But because of the extreme circumstances of this episode my natural instinct was I need to know what is going to happen. With each episode I was totally mortified with all the morbid and gruesome games. However I’ve BingeWatch the show all the way to the very end and had to re-watch the final episode and I just left my John down to the floor. Needless to say hell yeah! Bring it on I’m ready for season two

  33. When I first saw the guys in the red jumpsuits I instantly thought of the PlayStation buttons. (X, Square, circle, and triangle)

  34. Wow they talk about fairness, nothing about this game fucking fair, what an absolute joke. Hey, I. Here everyone is equal, That old man was never in any real danger

  35. In the end I thought Gi-hun was going to help the drunk man.

  36. Squid game reminds me a lot of parasite the movie. I feel like they have a lot of the the same themes and both are brutal in their portrayal.

  37. Gi hun and se byok didn’t want to end the game. They just wanted to beat sang woo together

  38. bruh i already watched the fkn show stop clickbaiting, your channel is called think story so why don't you use your brain to explain the ending like the title says. all you did was summarize the show for 10 goddamn minutes

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