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Squid Game – Episode 6 Gganbu – Group Reaction

The Normies
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Well….. wow…. we’re left a bit speechless after this one. As you know at the time of this upload The Normies HAVE COMPLETED the series so feel free to discuss spoilers in the comments. This episode hurts twice, once when you finish this episode and then again after you finish the series. How did it make you feel?

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  1. i need to see anton chigurh play this game

  2. Last I cried was watching grave of fireflies 4years ago and now this

  3. At 27:50, "that's usually what happens, people take advantage of immigrants". I believe was you statent. 1st of all don't be a gullible dumbest no matter who you are. 2nd, I bet you are one of the people who believes a less America is a better America. If that's the case l feel bad for you. Your ancestry obviously shows you family didn't originate in Oklahoma, but they migrated here for a better life. If we don't try to protect this country from every invading person your kids will be trying to escape here to find somewhere else to grow up. But I have a feeling you don't care about that.

  4. I'm not into ugly sluts, but after 4 weeks with guys, maybe.

  5. Why are you watching in asian, English style.

  6. Listen to full, not Chinese korean, what ever listen to them.

  7. One of the girls quite. See what's going to happen, scarred for life.

  8. I've never seen so many ghandis in one place trying to talk black.

  9. "Here's something to wipe the tears off for those who cried 🧻🧻🧻"

  10. Meh, these dumbasses got out and returned knowing they could die, no sympathy for any of them no matter what their circumstances were beforehand.

  11. the hell! why do i cry over this episode still?! hahahaha damn. 🤧

  12. Also my brother said that 240 is not dead

  13. I wouldn't be able too, I've always been the strong 1 to maintain safety and order, I would prioritize elderly and ppl with illness and families women and children are more important

  14. When you think about it the asshole dude won his game fair and square, while our main characters won from cheating/lying to an elderly man with dementia, lying to a nice trusting person.
    We can't not be mad at Seong but be mad at Sang-woo, they both lived after doing the same thing to their opponent.

  15. Ain’t no way chick on the left started actually crying 😂😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣bruh she be be getting on my nerves 😂

  16. I know I’m way behind of things but Sang-woo definitely didn’t go into this wanting/thinking he’d have to betray Ali. Their last game involved teamwork so it was everybody’s thought that this one would too.

    And Sang-woo tricked Ali out of desperation bc his life was on the line which I don’t think we can necessarily hold against him. We’d all probably try the same thing in his place.

    Remember Sang-woo gave Ali money and food and split the corn that Ali’d gifted him. He had no reason to do any of those things. There was nothing in it for him then.

  17. Sangwoo chose ali coz he thought it was going to be a strength based task. They never knew what games they were gonna play, they didn't even know they will be playing against each other. It was just a sad turn of events and sang woo was determined to live by hook or by crook.

  18. the girl in white blouse just trying to recover from the show while all the others having debates

  19. This episode deserves awards for everything.

  20. 23:31
    The other Normies in distress: 😔🥲😥😮😩
    Chris: 😐

  21. Marketa was going through it this episode 😂

  22. Admit it, we ALL would do what sang woo did if we were in this same situation and with someone so gullible

  23. Ali was robbed and I still haven’t got over it 😡

  24. “I’d be doing whatever I had to do to stay alive too” okay I mean not to say it isn’t somewhat justified, but that’s still morally wrong. You can still choose not too. Like Ji-Yeong sacrificed herself for her friend that she just met and idk compared to Sang-woo just instead sacrificing the lives of people he’s made close, personal bonds with…. It’s just always wrong.

  25. The couple (069 and 070) are more painful when you go back and watch the series. First you know they joined together given their numbers. It wasnt something one of them did and convinced the other to later. Then if you look back at honeycomb its also even more painful. The episode gives nearly zero attention to anyone outside of main characters and characters who die. There is one major deviation from this though that is very easy to miss. During the episode you can hear the announcer say in immediate succession "Player 069 pass, Player 070 pass" leading to the implication that whoever finished the game first sat their and waited for the other to finish the game before turning in their shape.

  26. haven’t seen anything about this show in months but jiyeong still makes me cry

  27. 0:58 if someone were to ask “are they black?” In a guessing game, That would make them racist?

  28. He didn’t take advantage of him being a immigrant he took advantage of his kindness and very trusting nature

  29. 27:48 Well would you look at that… Indian man who is rich himself race baiting with the ultra Karen stereotype beside him "Yup" god forbid go 45min without needing to be victims

  30. Wqtching reactions like yours to squid game keeps me having faith in humanity 😊

  31. No memes for this episode.

    Just pain.

  32. Nah, Sang Woo didn't pick Ali bcuz he had a feeling the partners had to play against each other (you can tell from his facial expression when they announced the rules). He picked him bcuz he thought he had a higher chance of winning with him in his team. I stopped like Sang Woo from the moment he purposely didn't tell the rest of the team that he suspected/knew what the second game was (honeycomb thing). That's when I saw his true nature.

  33. Ali is the true legend here, he was the only person here that truly spoke to me. He was intelligent, had to flee his country and learnt an entire new language, just to be done that dirty. Salute our king Ali.

  34. The reaction ruined thanks to that ashol Indian talker Suraj, cant you ever stfu!

  35. This is the only episode that I like Deok-Su

  36. I really loved Ali in this show and absolutely hated Sangwoo. However, thinking of it after all, I have come to the conclusion that him getting eliminated was natural selection. Can't be that gullible in a world of survival of the fittest

  37. Ali death was the saddest thing in the show

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