SQUID GAME Every Ending Clue That [SPOILER] | Things You Missed And Hidden Details | 오징어게임 - squid-game.onl

SQUID GAME Every Ending Clue That [SPOILER] | Things You Missed And Hidden Details | 오징어게임

Heavy Spoilers
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SQUID GAME Every Clue That [SPOILER] | Things You Missed & Hidden Details. 오징어게임 . We breakdown the ending of Squid Game on Netflix and talk about all the clues in the season that tell us it was Il-Nam The Old Man who was behind it all. This includes a recap of the series and the games that he played in such as Red Light, Green Light, Tug Of War, Glass Hop and The Marbles One. Full Spoilers ahead.

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0:00 The Hidden Wall Clues In Squid Game
0:40 Heavy Spoilers!
0:59 Squid Game Ending Explained
1:40 Old Man Number Clues
3:04 The Clues In The Games
3:24 Red Light, Green Light Breakdown
4:20 The Vote
4:40 The Star
5:10 The Fight
5:35 Tug Of War
5:58 The Marbles And His ‘Death’
6:57 Why He Left The Game
7:40 Competition

Ok so at the end of Squid Game we learn that it was Il-Nam all along.

The final episode reveals that he invented the games as a form of entertainment for him and his rich buddies who had become bored with life. We learn that he had actually got involved in the one that we see in the show because he was dying and wanted a final bit of fun in his life before it was too late.

The ending was absolutely incredible and the scene had Gi-Hun saying goodbye to the character as he lay on his death bed. This last meeting actually reflected their first one in which he too encountered the character as he sat in a bed.

It was a pretty big twist that really pulled the rug out from under your feet but eagle eyed viewers might have spotted early on that there were several clues pointing towards his true identity.

Now the first one is that he is Number 1, the very first player. If we look at the subtext of the series, Gi-Hun is the final number and throughout we watch as he very much works his way to first place, aka Il-Nam.

In the final episode he is left as number one, he inherits a large portion of the character’s fortune and comes face to face with him in one of the final scenes. 1 is symbolic on a number of levels and because it’s the first place, it also hints to us that Il-Nam is number one and the one that’s controlling everything.

In episode 5 Hwang Jun-Ho sneaks through the compound and he eventually finds a storage room with files on all of the games that have happened over the decades. Upon opening up the 2020 one the first player there is actually number 2 and Il-Nam’s profile is completely missing.

There is no file for Number 1 because he doesn’t need or want a record kept for himself.

The other players in the game also hint towards us that something is off with Il-Nam and though it’s not too obvious, when you really think about it, he wouldn’t be someone that would be selected for the process.

Everyone else in the Squid Game is roughly the same age whereas he is extremly elderly.

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  1. Red Light, Green Light also reminds us that if we don't obey traffic rules, we'll definitely DIE🤷‍♀️😅

  2. what about the night attacks , it was not in his control , he survived both the attacks.

  3. 0:29 did he just point at marbles? and thought it was when they ate dinner

  4. Tbh the "big reveal" was pretty obivous. Great séries nonetheless

  5. I deadass predicted everything while I was watching it lmao

  6. There was also no thud sound when the old man was “shot”. Just a gun shot sound

  7. I thought I was the only person who peeped the markings on the wall

  8. Maybe for the marbles game, he was supposed to be the one who did not pair with anyone so they would think he was killed there

  9. 7:10 but wait, he did participate in tug of war. he was definitely too frail to play that, if the team had all panicked he wouldve died.

  10. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe il-nam only got the star because it was left after everyone else chose

  11. I honestly saw the whole brother being part of the game thing from a mile away though. I never really cared for the missing brother sideplot.

  12. was suprised that the frontman was the cop's long lost brother lol

  13. I saw this miniature on my recomended before I finish the series and it totally spoiled the end… Being the title "censured" but the miniature images of the guy… It totally ruined me his dead, thanks… -_-

  14. Nice Title To The Video That.
    [!!Thought You Did Well::]

  15. I have a question

    Why in the glass bridge game. Gi-hun has one marble left, I thought Gi-hun had 10 marbles and il-nam had 10 marbles = 20 marbles. So Gi-hun only gave 19 marbles to the guards and just let him win against il-nam in the marble game?

  16. Ok so on episode 6 I knew they would end up facing each other. At first when the recording said to pick a partner I was like "oh ok so they're pairing up? Maybe it's a sack race or some shit" then the way everyone was talking and how they were when they were deciding I thought " NO! Y'all may not want to pick a friend. You might be picking your opponent. With y'all picky asses". Cuz I usually try to think ahead in shows like that. Like I'm in it too, planing out and strategizing 😂😂😅

  17. its not really a spolier for people who watched it in a day or 2 xd

  18. I like how you spoil everything then give the spoiler alert

  19. One of the best series I've watched. Btw this vid was uploaded on my birthday. Just saying.

  20. Is Deok-su really dead? What if he's still alive because they both fell while hugging the woman. Deok-su is at the top and the woman is at the bottom, so when they fall, the woman will be the first to hit the floor.

    Remember: After they fall Deoksu's dead body was not shown either.

  21. It's Gi-Hun, as in Gee with a hard G not J Sound!!!!

  22. I don't usually like series like this (for example liar game, battle royale or alice in borderland) cause they're very cruel and very heavy themed but I'm surprised that I can watch this without actually feeling sick after (just sad cause so many good characters had to die).

    If you tend to watch something heavier than this might not be as exciting to watch but I personally like it. Its a good show and I hope it does get a season two as the story ending makes way for another season.

  23. Il-nam didn’t go to the glass game not because it was risky, but because he would have certainly died. The marble game was the perfect chance to leave the game without anybody noticing, whereas in the glass hop one he would have to die or advance. And if he advanced, he wouldn’t stand a chance in the three way standoff

  24. i was skeptical of him from the start because old people who seem innocent in horror things are never innocent. resident evil 7 and 8 both did the same thing where there is an old character that seems unimportant but they turn out to be behind everything

  25. Wow, so that's what happened to him at the end when he wanted "death" so that his friend can win?

  26. Boss, regarding the dementia, one can't say the arena was on his previous home based on the information at the current episode; it being a hint. What was interesting, or the hint, was how he "forgot" whether he said even or odd yet recalled losing the prior round with the marbles. There are different types of memory and different types of loss, forgetting ones name yet still being capable of speech for example. It was when he remembered he lost the match prior yet forgot if he said even or odd that it became suspicious.

  27. I don't understand. Why is the "Squid Game" everywhere?

  28. 5:44 they "easily win"? Bruh, they would have lost if not for Sang-Woo's quick thinking and they weren't going to win if they played game 1 even with the old man's strategy.

    Also, he never intended to play game 5 or 6 because he would most likely die. In game 4 he was clearly banking on either no one picking him because hes an old man or that he would fake his death, like he did.

  29. Dude, I didn't even realize all the stuff you mention

  30. That exploding glass shit made no sense, man. Sae-byok got done dirty

  31. Player 001 died at the 4th game I thought but I'm not far in I'm just now past where those three survive the game and I'm after the table scene

  32. Wait but they almost died in the tug of war game if it wasn’t for sang woo so did il nam just accept that risk?

  33. Squid games is just like object shows which are animated but now, they aren't animated and actual humans are there.

  34. It's true though what Il-Nam said on his deathbead about rich and poor people. Both of them will get bored on what they are doing. Rich people having so much money will get bored on how convenient life is. They tend to look for more exciting to do. Now I understand why they spend so much money on things that are cannot be done easily by normal people. Like going into space.

  35. Everyone had major debt… he had none but instead volunteered because he was dying…

  36. I was just glad to see something original so for that I give it 5 stars ⭐️

  37. What an amazing series! Thanks for the video.

  38. The moment he saw his mom on the floor hit me hard cause similar thing happened to my grandma in August..rip

  39. I’m the marble game, the house that Il Nam was looking for has an address plaque representing the shapes of Squid Game.

  40. I just finished watching it yesterday cannot wait for season 2 omw bestest best series ever…

  41. I was really rooting for the girl to stay alive cause she was cute lol

  42. I had a feeling that the old guy was in control from the beginning and then when they played the marble game and they “shot” him, i knew they didn’t shoot him because they didn’t show him getting shot

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