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SQUID GAME Explained: Your WTF Questions Answered | Why It Was Created & The Front Man + BenQ W1800i

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SQUID GAME Explained: Your WTF Questions Answered | Why It Was Created, The Front Man And What Gi-Hun Does Now. 오징어게임 We breakdown the most asked questions on Netflix’s Squid Game including why the game was created, what Gi-Hun will do next, The Front Man and more. We also go over the BenQ W1800i 4k HDR Projector and give our thoughts on it.

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0:00 Quick BenQ W1800i Shoutout
0:30 Squid Game Unanswered Questions Theories
0:43 Why Il-Nam Created Squid Game
4:27 Is Gi-Hun Il-Nam’s Son?
5:30 Il-Nam Wanted An Heir
7:01 Is The Front Man Now Running The Games?
7:57 BenQ W1800i 4k HDR Projector Review
11:20 Is Hwang Jun-Ho Still Alive?

Now in this video we’re gonna be answering all the big questions you have on Squid Game including why Il-Nam created it, what happened to the front man and also why Gi-Hun did things like dying his hair.

And it’s beyond it looking great.

Now the first thing we’re gonna be going over is why Il-Nam created the tournament. Though very little is actually known about the character, we learn in the series that when he was growing up that the character played lots of games as a kid. These included all of the things that we see in the show and this also explains why he’s so good at playing them.

Il-Nam’s entire life is centred around games and well, gambling. Even on his death bed he still attempts to play a final one with Gi-Hun in which he bets whether anyone will help a man passed out in the freezing cold. Just as he loses this he loses his life and everything is all tied together in such a way that it makes for an awesome final scene.

Now firstly I wanna just take the reason why he won at face value before going into what I think the hidden meaning behind it is. We learn that Il-Nam built a vast fortune for himself and because of this, money was never an object. Whatever he wanted to do he could but this also came with it’s downsides. Nothing was out of his reach any longer, there was nothing else that would prove a challenge to him and thus everything became rather pedestrian. It reminded me a lot of an old twilight zone episode called a Nice Place To Visit due to the psychological aspects in it. That episode followed a man named Rocky who was shot dead after robbing a pawn shop.

In the afterlife he meets what appears to be an angel that tells him it’s job is to give his heart whatever it desires.

Initially he believes he’s in heaven because he wins everything single game that he plays and he’s loved and adored by all that he comes across.

However as the episode goes on he realises he’s in hell because everything goes his way no matter what and that the need to do better and improve has been stripped away from him.

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  1. ok but will there be a second season? nothing was announced.

  2. "That being said, I have no idea how much that amout of money is actually worth…"

    1 Euro = 1370 South-Korean Won
    1 USD = 1180 South-Korean Won

  3. What was the old man gonna do if he lost the tug-a-war? The other 40 contestants were watching.
    And i find it hypocritical that he didn't get shot for losing marbles, "equal" my ass.

  4. Gi-hun is filled with guilt. And rage. He’s going back to the island for vengeance- and therefore choosing revenge over love(of his daughter)… a common theme in movies and literature that usually does not end well for the one seeking revenge. Add this to the Front Man telling him that to get on the plane is for his own good- and i think many are right in guessing that Front Man is warning him, while probably also betting his rage and thirst for revenge would drive him right back to the island. Gi-hun becoming the successor would be amazing even though a lot of us would have predicted it. Just a good continuation of that theme of vengeance that seems to have crept in at the end

    Edit: ooooo what if, because the vips mentioned the games take place globally, that after being the head honcho for a few years his daughter ends up becoming a contestant. Maybe a bit of a stretch because she’s 10 (if I remember right) so ~11 by the end of the last episode… but man that would be one hell of a “punishment” for choosing revenge over his daughter!

  5. Was Gi-Hun offered to be one of the "vips" when he was called to the bank about the money he never touched? The banker said the bank had a "new investment" for vips like himself

  6. Why no one thought of switching bags of marbles with their partner so both survive?

  7. “I wanted to write a story that was an allegory or fable about modern capitalist society, something that depicts an extreme competition, somewhat like the extreme competition of life. But I wanted it to use the kind of characters we’ve all met in real life,” Hwang said.

  8. The prize money is is roughly the equivalent of 33 million euro

  9. Also don’t forget 456 & 001 swapped tracksuit tops for the marbles scene …. So showing they are linked / related …. (Bit of a reach I know !)

  10. Didn’t Front Man name actually appear on a winners list ?

  11. I don’t usual watch series but I’m really glad I decided to watch this one. It gets better with every episode

  12. Front man reminds me of darth vader

  13. JESUS i know you love me , please give me the opportunity to love you back , to hug you back , to welcome you back into my heart. 🏡💜🎈

  14. I think the Front Man might've gone back in himself to take it down from the inside, then got kind of convinced or convinced himself that it was fair hence his whole speech. And his hand is always trembling when he shoots someone. Indecision. Especially considering he was a former police officer and should be pretty used to a firearm. Also the fact that he shoots his brother in the shoulder just like his brother shot him. They're both cops. They know how to shoot someone without killing them. But, either way, he couldn't give up his position by not pretending to kill his brother so instead knocks him off balance and into the ocean hoping somehow he survives.

  15. It’s way overrated and is just the new thing that some people feel they need to lose their minds over because that what other people are doing. It’ll be something else for them to lose their minds over in no time and squid game will be of no use to them losing their minds over anymore 🤣🤣🤣

  16. The sphere the prize money is in looks like a pig… other than greed, any thoughts on that..?

  17. What I find interesting is that the VIPs were watching the whole time and must have seen Il-Nam. So that means over the course of all the games he must have had his mask on as host the entire time. Also when they plotted the games presumably. No wonder they shoot anyone who takes it off lol. Front Man only did what he did cause he was on an island without cameras. Great details in this show

  18. 5:48 Likely that he won the game? I'm pretty sure it actually had his name in the winners list ha

  19. If he is the father he is the absolute worst!

  20. I hope there is another season, also. It’s a big ask to contain commentary on class differences, evolving relationships, shock value, with traces of dignity. It might end up needing to be entirely different.

  21. Before the marble game, old man was seen with wet pants. You can see his empty water bottle next to his pillow. He used it to be in control of the situation by making himself look weak.
    At his death bet, before the 7th game he asks for water. I suppose it's some poison or sedative, because he dies 25 minutes after (representing the clock during the first 6 games) and I think this I too much of a coincidence. He makes himself look weak with water again, maybe he is stil alive or to have a heavier impact on Main character.

  22. Front an is also the only one who survives revealing his identity. Or does he..?

  23. Whys no one talking about him feeding the stray cat ?

  24. I dont think they are related. They just had a similar upbringing, thus 001 sees 456 as his son, whom he reminds him of, or even he sees himself in him as a younger man.
    Also 456 is too kind and soft to be his replacement

  25. In a way I want season 2 and also don’t but then season 2 has to be superrrrr smootthhhhh to answer everything and happy ending with the little cutie with a cool birthday gift !!!

  26. But now imagine if Gi-Hun continues and one day he find her daughter in this game in the near future ? Just like how his father did and how Gi-Hun it’s all going round in circles

  27. I like the idea that the VIP's always offer the current winner to join their ranks as a new rich person with more money than needed. I think all of the square face guards are past winners who have become part of the game because they now rich and unhappy

  28. When he wins, Gi-Hun is given his prize on a golden card. It's literally a Golden Ticket, possibly foreshadowing that he will take over after the show's Willy Wonka, Il-Nam.
    Oh and the overseers are hot pink, not red.

  29. gi-hun becomes the next Il-nam, just like how jonas became Adam in Dark.

  30. I love the real official names for the rest of us is…. Crazy chick, hot chick, old man, smart guy, main guy, front man, undercover cop, gangster guy

  31. so next year Front man ’d better have to check all his employees faces one by one at least once… that could be an epic scene!

  32. My question is who are the guards? At first I thought they must be getting paid crazy amounts to be ok with everything going on, the strict rule and staying silent. But if they're getting paid so well, why would some be looking to make a side hustle on organs?

  33. I have a theory that
    Ji Yeong was actually another trap planted by Il nam since Il nam is of old age, he would’ve wanted people to suffer the pain he did when his friends died and he had to keep living , and he wanted Sae Byeok to go through that.
    Also, Ji Yeong was never even in debt, she was in prison for her whole life because she killed her dad, so it wouldn’t actually make sense for them to choose her in the game, I mean, I get that she had nowhere to go and nothing to do with life anymore but she would’ve inherited SOME money from her mum or/and dad?
    The game was specifically for people in debt , but she said a man was waiting at the prison, but that means she didn’t play the card throwing game with him because you need to exit prison for that, so she said that he just gave her the card and left, even though they’re supposed to play the game with everyone, as we saw they did it with everyone at the train station in the last episode where Gi Hun was watching.
    Since Il Nam is of old age, he probably would’ve lost so many people close to him. It’s like being immortal, but watching your friends and family die. he wanted that to happen with Sae Byeok.
    Both Il Nam and Ji Yeong both died in episode 6 "Marbles", meaning Gi Hun lost a close friend (Il Nam) and Sae Byeok lost a close friend too , in the same episode. He wanted them to both suffer before they go to the end. and what a coincidence that they just had to accept that their close friend died willingly for them , and they both had to live through the guilt. Ali definitely wasn’t a trap though, because I’m sure the frontman looked into Sangwoo's history of embezzlement and sly, cunning nature, he knows that he will do anything to get his way.
    The old man knew that Gi Hun was playing him and felt guilty, and Sae Byeok also felt guilty of letting Ji Yeong die for her but the connection is that both of these traps both died willingly for their close friend.

    TDLR : Ji Yeong is a trap set by Il Nam.
    By the way, if it was too long, but you would've liked to read some, I have bolded some key points. Also please let me know if you've ever seen a theory with this idea, I've been looking for clarification. Tell me if you think I got anything wrong, too. 🙂

  34. He actually takes the 001 jacket from Il-nam at a point.

  35. @ 6:00 min – That makes absolutely no sense. Why would the frontman live in such a small apartment and have to work?

  36. I guess you could say that Il-Nam was “losing his marbles.” Eh? Eh? Okay. I’ll see myself out…

  37. I just want to know why people were killed as being eliminate they could just have simple been removed from the game

  38. I believe deok-su survived the fall. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in season 2

  39. One thing that would put a kink into everyone's expectations and theories would be if Season 2 takes place in another country with an entirely new cast with only a couple of characters coming back only to have to go through it all over again.

  40. If they make a Season 2, it would be good to do it from the guards perspective, how they are recruited, how they are trained, how they feel about their jobs, etc.

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