Squid Game Front Man Leader Mask Cosplay DIY 3D Print! Netflix - squid-game.onl

Squid Game Front Man Leader Mask Cosplay DIY 3D Print! Netflix

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In today’s video we print out the Squid Game front man leader’s mask cosplay diy 3D print! Its from the popular netflix tv show. Great for halloween

Check out the Employee’s Mask Square Triangle Circle 3D Print Video:

3D Model Google Drive:
Link To 3D Model:

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  1. Nice print! I tried to print the version with supports yesterday, and 8 hours in it fell off the print bed, and the mask was almost done too.
    I'm trying to print the version with supports again, but with rafts this time. I'm printing it in black pla too, hopefully it comes out good this time

  2. Great job! I'd try to smoothen it further with high grit sanding, but it looks wonderful as is.

  3. I printed it with 25% infill 0.3 finished in 5 hrs, but the eye opening are to close to your eye it touching my eyelids do you have the same issues? and the rubber band hole are a bit high? but great print piece!

  4. It looks so cool! Do think of selling these?

  5. What is the bed size for your printer? My printer is 150 150.and your printer looks big!

  6. Looks cool. How much time it took to print it? How much material it used to print?

  7. I'm just curious if anyone has tried slicing this and printing in parts? The print is too tall for my FF Creator Pro. I'm currently attempting to print the first half of it after slicing in half vertically and rotating it onto its side.

  8. What filament are you using? It looks spot on

  9. That's awesome.
    Would you mind sharing your model with the support?

  10. As far as temp for PLA… I use 220 because my printer is in a cooler basement.. and the temp also depends on the ambient temperature outside in your area.. I am in Michigan.. and my printer is the Ender 3 pro..

  11. How much would you charge to send one to Uk midlands ?

  12. Create production quality! I have to get some Squid Game time lapses going now!

  13. лицо не влазит почему то

  14. Is there anybody that could print this that I could purchase from? I’d rather pay a person for a quality print rather than some company for some cheap cardboard mask

  15. invert polygon the shadow from under your eyes must be the lighning symbol shape lets check it your polygon file's Owner was wrong

  16. Why are you here? Do you even have a 3d printing machine?

  17. How you guys putting the eyelids on? Was thinking hot glue but if you guys have a less messy way I’d love to know.

  18. I am trying to find the 3D model link but it says it does not work in your description below.

  19. Anyone have the STL files? It looks like it was taken off thingiverse and I started the top and finished today. Need the bottom, clip, and stencil if anyone wouldn't mind sending them to me.

  20. Great, can you make me one? because my order is far from that look. I can buy one sir?

  21. The mask look great but in my opinion a very important part of the Frontmann mask is the Grid in the eyes

  22. how long did it take you to print? I used cura and it estimated 1 day 29 mins

  23. Nice overview! FWIW I was able to print mine in 5 hours at 0.3mm (with a bunch of custom settings to improve speed) on my MK3 and it came out great. I used the model with the built-in supports because slice3r is WAY to aggressive with auto-generated supports. I barely had to do any cleanup.

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