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Squid Game Front Man SHOCKING Details You DEFINITELY Missed!

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More than a month after its initial release, the latest Netflix South Korean star series is still dominating the internet, and it surprisingly remains the top talk of the town. Netflix’s biggest series debut yet is now Squid Game, a drama-thriller story set in South Korea. And still, it continues to generate more views and related posts on social media. Real Squid Game fans are now able to research all the details, from each character’s stories, related theories, and more to the cast members behind each character, digging deep about their real-life ages, partners, and even each of the actors’ net worth. Truly, such a South Korean hit does not happen everyday, and when it does, it gets us hooked for days, and even months! As fans continue to ponder on the story, there might be one character that a lot of people may have been missing: the story of the Front Man, aka Hwang In-ho himself. We may have seen him just a few times with his aesthetic symmetry of a mask on, and in just a few episodes towards the end of the season without a mask, but let’s admit it, we are all hooked on his identity even from the start of the show. Watching such a mysterious figure dictate the rules of the game is like watching a deity play with his creations. We were hooked from the very start, eager to know who it was behind the mask. Could he be Gong Yoo, aka the recruiter? Gong Yoo is a huge household name after all, and he could’ve definitely pulled off such a huge role. Could it have been someone we had met in the earlier episodes? The potential was endless. And we find ourselves lingering on the image of the mysterious masked man. But as we move towards the end, we learned that he is actually the brother of the police officer. Talk about plot twist! Now, as this is one of the most exciting parts, a lot of fans have rewatched the series pondering about the clues and hints thrown at us from the very start of the game that the front man is indeed the detective’s missing brother. IF you may have missed those details too and are not very fond of rewatching an entire series, then let this video help you out. Here is everything you need to know and all the clues and Easter Eggs you might have missed about the Squid Game front man. Now, let’s begin!

First of all, it must be noted that Squid Game’s reveal about the Front Man’s true identity is actually foreshadowed by several clues from the very beginning until the episode of revelation. It might seem like the series revealed his identity as a plot twist, and it might have been for many, but we all know at the back of our minds that the Front Man must be someone we already know, someone we have already met, or at least a character depicted earlier in the story. Squid Game is replete with colorful.

One of these twists involves the true identity of the Front Man, the mysterious leader of the Squid Game organization. Throughout most of the series, the Front Man remains behind his ominous mask, which is congruent with the strict rules of anonymity for all Squid Game workers and staff. But in Squid Game, episode 8, he finally takes off his iconic mask to reveal his face. In that moment alone… we knew!

If you don’t know it yet, the actor behind the dark mask of the Front Man was actually the series’ biggest star, Lee Byung-hun.

The Gift Box Containing The Squid Game Card
Back in Squid Game, episode 2, Jun-ho investigates the apartment of his missing older brother. He finds several art and philosophy books which serve as subtle clues about what his brother might be up to.

The Front Man stared at Jung-Ho’s Police ID
In the earlier episode, when Jun-Ho first infiltrated the ship that ferried the sleeping bodies of the players back to the private island, he knocked out and killed one Squid Game masked guard.

The Front Man Wanted Jun-Ho Alive
The Front Man’s orders to his henchmen regarding the intruder is to capture him alive. Apart from when he stopped the riot in the dorm room at the old man’s behest, this is the only other time in which the Squid Game leader shows mercy. While players and workers alike get a bullet for violating the strict rules, the police officer Jun-ho is somehow worthy of the Front Man’s mercy. In relation to this, when the Front Man reveals himself to be In-ho.

Depending on what goes down in Squid Game season 2, however, expect Netflix to include the aforementioned actor in its marketing.

That’s all for today, we hope you enjoyed and if you did, make sure to watch our previous videos on the wildly popular Squid Game. Don’t forget to hit that like and subscribe button and smash that notification bell for more videos like this.

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  1. Roger shot his brother he is evil he was it even crying

  2. 8 minutes for 1 minute worth of content. fucking cancer channels

  3. I thought it was obvious he was the detective's brother. When he took his mask off I wasn't surprised. Weird non-twist type twist. I wasn't sure what the clues were that lead me to that conclusion. Very subtle.

  4. He’s so good he shot people dead himself and watched everybody die

  5. The way I hate BTS and I never thought I'd be hooked to a South Korean show…here I am on my knees

  6. Front man and his brother was another interesting part of the show tbh

  7. Maybe the front man was put in am impossible situation and forced to act his role or die. The cop brother did discover he won the squid game previous year(s). I was thinking the guy who won would turn into the new front man

  8. What happened to the previous Frontman before he became the Frontman?

  9. I hope the guy who won the game goes back and kills all the bad guys

  10. I’d love for there to be like a prequel to squid game, which shows the frontman when he was a contestant on the game and how he got the job as front man

  11. Please don’t lie on me 🙄 I did not care who that man was at all. I just wanted the games to continue and I liked his mask.

  12. Some of this was pretty dumb…. if the front man was supposed to be a secret, why would they tell and advertise that this celeb is in there…. cause then people are going to automatically link the missing actor to a character with no identity.

  13. I know he's still a troublemaker and an evil villain but he is still not defeated.

  14. Frontman: *Wants equality for contestants.
    Also frkntman: Tried to kill the survivors with exploding glass after they win and SHOULD BE SAFE from the game trying to kill them

  15. I called the front man being the brother. Did not see the old man being the one in charge!

  16. “Real squid game fans” Who are The fake squid game fans ??? 😅

  17. Yo sé que no es " malo " porque no sabemos porque está ahí, cuál es la real razón porque es el jefe
    1. Se vio que hay una relación muy fuerte entre los hermanos porque como dijo el menor ,el mayor le dono y todo, además el dijo que " al intruso no lo maten" y le disparó en el hombro para que pueda escapar y no delatarse

  18. I thought the actual richest guy is the actor who won. He has a long trail of businesses.

  19. Episode 6 32:48 the girls are talking about a movie that The actor who played the frontman is in.

  20. LOL frontman is bad he sad story kill him frontman DIED

  21. It not good guys kill!!!!!.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  22. He used to be a police and shortly got fired after to enter the games which is why when he killed his brother he knew so much about the revolver he was using.

  23. The front man and the police man are brothers

  24. He’s good because he puts the toilet seat down

  25. It's been confirmed that there's gonna be a season 2! Yaaay

  26. The Front man turned out to be Obito but I remember when others Theorized it was Sasuke from the future

  27. Look now we got 456 comments! The amount of the squid game players!

  28. Front man is not a "good guy" just for sparing his brother. But I think there is potential for him to have a redemption backstory. Maybe he made an attempt to expose the games after winning, but was caught. So he was manipulated into become the front man (game runners threatened to kill his family if he didn't). But I doubt it.

  29. The front man has a bit of an Elon Musk head on him

  30. Except doctor and old man other players didn't see front man 😒

  31. The reason why Netflix hid his involvement to keep an aura of mystery. Also, when someone makes theories, it can spoil the show and not make the impact like it already did with viewers when they revealed who the identity of the front man was. All that creates big emotion to the viewer. Would you rather be surprised or look at theories to be less surprised and be a bit spoiled?

  32. When I saw the Front Man's face I said in my head….Stormshadow!!!

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