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Squid Game: Gi-hun Revenge (2022) | Season 2 prediction | Ulokgram concept version

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Netflix series with the title Squid Game managed to get a position as the most popular series of all time
Seeing the success of the series, many fans are looking forward to Squid Game Season 2 to be released soon.

Netflix has officially announced that the Squid Game series will continue with its sequel, Squid Game Season 2

After the success of Squid Game Season 1 in September 2021 and becoming the number 1 Korean series on #netflix
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Hwang Dong-hyuk as Squid Game Director, Writer and Executive Producer also confirmed that the series will continue with Squid Game Season 2

In Squid Game Season 1, actor Lee Jung-jae played Seong Gi-hun, Jung Ho Yeon as Kang Sae Byok, Park Hae Soo as Cho Sang-woo
The series, which was directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, won several awards including the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Award and 2022 Critics Choice Awards
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  1. si soy el unico español aqui

  2. еще жестче мне кажеться чем в 1 сезоне

  3. Bhai…. pagal kyun bana rha hai …..is video me trailer bolke……money hiest korea, hellbound etc series clip dala hai…..bhai nahi pta to ..kuch b q daal rha hai….

  4. самая жоская игра в кальмара

  5. 0: 30 это момент с первой части обратите внимание на левый угол там игрок 101 из первой части

  6. Who else thinks that this trailer's soundtrack is similar to CoD BOCW season 4 trailer soundtrack.

  7. Вообще-то тут были отрывки с 1 сезона из других фильмах поэтому не надо врать

  8. 内容はどうあれ、イカゲームがまた見れるならそれはそれで嬉しいかな

  9. Adipoli👀😂😂😂

  10. Hahhahah the Silent Sea!!!! WtH hahahahah

  11. Nice editing some seen sould be like in hell bound nice work

  12. ya ni puedo aguantar mas ya quiero ver esta peli

  13. Sana paghandaan nila ng bongga ang S2
    OK lang ket matgalan basta mganda resulta
    Wag sana magaya sa train to busan p2 ay hindi n msyado mganda iba p ag bida

  14. 모지리 이정재에서 훤칠한 이정재로!!!

  15. 이건 존망이겠지 ㅡㅜ
    천천히 좀 준비해서 탄탄하게 좀 만들지

  16. So tell me a just feel squid game season 2

  17. Es re-falso salen varios personajes muertos,como el maleante,etc…

  18. Death note + squid game = end of the universe

  19. Squid game 1 + money heist Korea + all of us are dead + the silent sea 😜
    Btw r.I.p for people who taught this was real 😂

  20. sais pas la saison 2 car déjà faire une vidéo avec différent film sa sert a rien

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