Squid Game Got The Green Light From Netflix And Netted $1B - squid-game.onl

Squid Game Got The Green Light From Netflix And Netted $1B

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Squid Game Got The Green Light From Netflix And Netted $1B

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  1. It was reflected because it was gonna be a game show.

  2. WAIT- HE WROTE SILENCED?? Oh damn, I love that kdrama.

  3. Netflix: makes billions of dollars off of squid game
    All the companies that rejected squid game:

  4. God loves you and I do too and he sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for our sin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow didn't know he wrote SILENCED script. That movie hits hard on me as a teen. If he can create something like that, its no wonder SQUID GAME got big hit!

  6. How does it make a billion? If you already pay for Netflix membership you don’t get ads so how

  7. I recognize the man in the silenced cover

  8. Wtf did the pandemic have to do with anything in 2019 lmao covid was barely talked about until 2020

  9. The only way He will make more money is by making another season Because the contract has changed right now he is as poor as dirt

  10. And now a rich dude is making money by openly copying his creation

  11. Ima be honest, i wasn’t paying attention to anything in the video except for his cat shirt and i must have one

  12. Why is nobody talking about how a plot was stolen from saw

  13. "The Rules to hard"!?
    Bro i don't even know how the squid game game works wtf

  14. Yall realize how squid game was older than some?

  15. I didnt like squid game but it shows how many people loved it

  16. I can't believe you hit us with an explosive pun

  17. Imagine if Netflix denied him
    1 billion down the drain 🤣

  18. How did the our future channel come from stealing frank Michael smiths style to getting information wrong

  19. Yeah Yeah that's interesting and all but holy shit this remix is awesome!

  20. Must suck for the companies that denied squid game

  21. Who the the hell is this guy its literally the exact clone of frank michael smith wtf

  22. "Squid Game got the green light from Netflix"
    I see what you did there

  23. Everyone talking bout how he didnt make 1b netflix made 1b but im just fascinated that the recruiter guy is on the cover of one of his books

  24. The song is a squid game remix the pink soldiers theme

  25. Can I get pinned, BTW I subbed and I love your shorts!! 🙂

  26. He definitely didn't make 1 billion dollars 😂
    People think that writers or producers get unbelievable money for the tv show or movie, when in reality they get regular paycheck and maybe 2% from the income of the show, and that 2% is just maybe.
    Jerry Seinfeld even debunked claims that he makes hundreds of millions from Seinfeld show. Yeah they will get bonuses if tv show is successful but nothing near hundreds of millions

  27. he didnt get the 1 billion he sold the script for a specific amount of money if the show was a hit or a miss netflix dosent owe him any money, but a deal is a deal

  28. Actually this is false he only got what was in the contract, of which was not a billion dollars I'm sure of it

  29. netflix users watch anything when they are bored. not surprised squid game blew up.

  30. he probably didn’t even get 10% of that. he sold the script, netflix earnt the money

  31. Nah he’s probably closer to 1 mil, if he was lucky, though he does have the greatest thing of all opportunities for the future

  32. Imagine being one of the studios that passed and then the show became one of the most popular shows of the year

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