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‘Squid Game’ Is Now Even More Popular Than ‘Bridgerton’

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The dystopian Korean drama “Squid Game” is now officially Netflix’s biggest series launch ever. With more than 111 million viewers, the show knocks out previous Netflix record-holder “Bridgerton.”

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  1. Squid Game is worldwide phenomenal TV show right now!

  2. Yes, violent and brutal. But Squid Game's success isn't about the violence and games. Its because of the characters, the story, and introspection of our society and humanity and how it relates to all of us regardless of what culture you are from.

  3. People love horror films til it happens to them.

  4. They are so out of touch.
    They never said, “Interesting, I'll have to take a look. “ But they say something like. “Come on Bridgerton” saying things like this. Which is disrespectful.
    Lady asked if it was a reality show, and Man said no, but clearly, she doesn't plan on watching it. Is it because it's a drama made in Korea(Asia)? or because it looks violent? What is it?
    It seems they are almost mad about the fact that it is the #1 show.

  5. Hoda? Why does she act like that? Disgusting. She acts like this show is some kind of evil show. And before, she said only men watches it. Seriously? There are tons of more gory American shows. Don't act like that.

  6. its what they deserve! the acting, the soundtrack, everything! they did such a hard work

  7. What's even more amazing is that Squid Game budget was WAY less than Bridgerton and still gained more popularity

  8. Savannah: "Is it a reality show?"
    Carson: No. GOD NO!"

    Right there with you Carson, right there with you bud 😂

  9. Lol their reaction was kind of rude. And definitely rushed that man's segment. "Skipping…moving on"

  10. These ladies are part of the problem lol
    They had no idea why the show has such a big impact but were sad when told Bridgerton was knocked off the pedestal lol
    It’s not interesting, if it’s not relatable.

  11. Hoda and Guthrie are so annoying. They don't even know what its actually about. She thinks its about people who are in debt needing to be killed like what

  12. “I started watching it.”



  13. “come on bridgerton”????? don’t know what i was expecting since last time they talked about squid game, hoda said men were probably the ones watching because it’s violent🙄. the show is so much more than violence. it’s the great acting, writing, soundtrack, and the highlighting of the real world problems around economic inequality and debt. do they just not like it because it’s not in english? because violence in tv and movies is nothing new

  14. Boomer reporters except the one young guy😭😭🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀

  15. Bridgeton was absolute garbage im very pleased i dropped it after 1 episode

  16. Did they say such negative things about GoT? I see some xenophobia, if not racism, here… "What does that say about our country?" he asked. Umm, that we are more open to others than these media personalities are. Just more of the BS that Parasite and BTS got/get.

  17. I felt second hand embarrassment watching this 😬 Biggest show in the world right now and they're like "Why would you watch it????"

  18. 2 ladies on TODAY are so out of touch. These are in news media business? sigh….

  19. why was bridgerton even popular? looks like utter trash

  20. It is sooo intense you can't binge it! If Squid game is the biggest show of the year… then that comment is the biggest lie of the year.

  21. Why would you watch it????? Are they being serious?

  22. The drama explores human relationships and cultural pressures in a way that is much deeper and thought provoking than a simple horror story. I do not watch horror films or series, and despite the violence, I watched Squid Game three times. Do not miss it because of the brief synopsis. The drama is a work of art.

  23. The two women are SO OUT OF TOUCH🤮, did you say such negative things about GoT? Racism.

  24. Can't believe that when one of the guys said he started watching it, the women (one of them I think) whined, 'whyyy?' I mean..what? Why not?

  25. Shout out to George Floyd on eighteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals🖕.

  26. Their reaction is horrible;; where are they from? 80s??

  27. Look at their faces! This little segment shows their disdain for us all perfectly, it’s so telling and they aren’t even hiding it.

  28. “It’s too bloody for most”-sure it is when you live charmed, gaited lives. Normal people can face violence shopping at Walmart, at work w unhinged coworkers on the brink, in neighborhoods that are affordable but unsafe, I could go on, but they wouldn’t care to understand, would they?

  29. “Is it a reality show?” Said mockingly. Knowing this show is a metaphor for the reality of 99% of us, struggling to survive.

  30. Most telling comment: “those are the scariest people on earth” -Because being one of them, and not rich, is the most frightening thing to this group

  31. Squid Game is the most brilliant and metaphorically layered masterpiece of a show I’ve ever watched and I’ve watched it all. My question, who watches these people for any sort of real, intelligent enrichment?

  32. "even more popular than bridgerton"

    What even is bridgerton

  33. These ladies are like "oh my god… it's foreign … it's Asian… it's something unfamiliar… it's not even in English… it sounds too violent… I'm too WHITE to watch something like that.. and how could ENGLISH speaking show EVER to lose to show like that… that is SO WRONG…." with disgust on their faces.

  34. Who tf watches Bridget ton besides Karen’s?

  35. they would treat it differently if it were an american show make no mistake

  36. again it surely reflects exactly about class which we all share the same feeling about society. I can now tell why they have more respect to Bridgeton whatever they call it which is nothing but a dream and fantasy they desire to be. Let's face it, squid game was so real and full of deep message that kept me thinking.

  37. It’s crazy how the south continue to progress in the world stage while the North below the poverty line.

  38. young news anchor talks about him watching squid game red dress lady : “WHYYYYUH 😫😒”.
    Chile anyways….

  39. Wtf is bridgerton? Is that a series?? Never heard of it.

  40. What kind of coverage is this? Should you do research before talking about it? Too skeptical to cover it? Then why bother bringing it up

  41. Of course rich schmucks are enamored w Bridgerton, it’s royalty, opulence. Thinking about desperate, poor people is icky! Eww

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