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‘Squid Game’ Is Set To Become Netflix’s Most-Watched Show

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A dark, violent Korean thriller on Netflix called “Squid Game” has become an unlikely streaming sensation. NBC News Now anchor Joe Fryer reports for TODAY.

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  1. I am a WOMAN AS WELL, and absolutely enjoyed it. 💜

  2. … uh Hoda. I don't think that statement is correct.

  3. Hoda, don't worry, you can watch the Honeycomb game, no violence, just a bunch of people carving out shapes from a cookie. How violent can that be right? (evil wink at others)

  4. You should watch the show with Korean language and English subtitle even though the translation was messed up.

  5. My wife was the one watching squid game when I first heard of the show. The host should speak for herself

  6. Full of illuminati symbols and messages implying what is happening to the humanity right at this moment. This drama ends with this. "They (all dead) all volunteered to participate in this game." Not a single participant resisted against the unfair rules.

    456 = 15 = 6 (they play with numbers folks)
    456 contestants
    6 games
    Squid game = 666 game

  7. I thought that was where Kpop was from for a sec..

  8. the heck is she on when she said women wouldn't like the show? I, a woman loved the show and binged it in one day.

  9. What kind of stupid comment is that about women? Women love all genres of art, whether it's romance or horror and I love Squid Game, anyone would appreciate this masterpiece, that comment was so ignorant she clearly hasn't watched it.

  10. A 12 year old should not be allowed to watch soo much gore!

  11. I’m a woman and watched Squid Games twice. Gonna watch it a 3rd time! I never watched Brigherton, no times for that snappy romance junk!

  12. Despite the economic crisis? This is a still a good time to invest in Gold and Crypto..

  13. Hoda, you sound like someone from the 1950s era. 🤮🤮🤮 I am a woman and enjoyed watching the series VERY MUCH!

  14. you let your 12 yr old watch this **without knowing**… wtf else are they watching

  15. Who else is excited for “Hellbound” to come out in November!!!? Kingdom, Sweet Home, Squid Game, these korean netflix shows are dominating the world right now!

  16. The whole show is a masterpiece and especially episode 6 which is a masterclass in term of acting and directing. If it doesn't win any Emmy, the internet will riot.

  17. They say Korean stuff is only popular because it made a deal with the Devil. It seems to make sense, though.

  18. People say Squid Game copied a Japanese anime, Jdrama, and manga.

  19. Philippines always support korea viral here in philippines number 1

  20. Why would you even think about gender differential viewership??? Are you from last century? What a stupid comment!

  21. Women are not watching this series? WHAT is she on?

  22. im a woman and i love the show. the female host was absolute nonsense.

  23. All my female friends have already watched it though…

  24. I am Australian but my back ground is South Korean😀

  25. So cool! Tiktok plays a huge role too. The trend has been non stop on tiktok

  26. WTF at that commentary that men are likely watching and women aren't watching it. Stereotyping much?

  27. Im a huge Kdrama fan I knew this series will be a hit in Asia as soon as I saw the trailer but I had no idea it will get this huge around the world, it's really fascinating how fast it spread like a pandemic.

  28. Way to internalise gender stereotypes… more of my female friends than male friends have watched this show. We're in the 21st Century not the era of Jane Austen… wait even then women were into gothic novels.

  29. NICE VIDEO !!! Very engaging from the beginning to the END.Nevertheless business and investment are the best way to make money irrespective of which party make it to the Oval Office.

  30. Bridgerton number 1??? Eh maybe… only in America 🤣

  31. gotta love the gloss over the theme of both Parasite and Squid Game. INEQUALITY. they just refuse to talk about it

  32. Wish I could reverse time and go back to watch it fresh. It was that good.

  33. The show was a direct “inspiration” of the manga/anime Kaiji. Hope they give some credit to the author. It’s just way too similar.

  34. I wouldn't ever doubt it being number 1 for a long time. Korean shows in general surpass that of American TV. I haven't even watched American shows in years.

  35. Female host is wack, most of the people I know watching it are female

  36. Hodas entitled to her opinion, but the facts are not on her side as I’m a woman and I love it!

  37. Also the Robot Girl had great acting as well!

  38. Please don’t speak for all women… women are watching the series. I watched it in 2 days!!!

  39. I really loved this show ,, the team behind this super successful show are really genius .. HOPING FOR SEASON 2 PLSSS

  40. Woman here. I thought this was one of the best shows I've seen in a very long time. Not sure what this woman is talking about.

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