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Squid Game | Movies To Watch If You Can’t Get Enough | Netflix

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“Squid Game” is a thrilling survival series that’s packed with macabre games, fascinating characters, and timely social commentary. From creator Hwang Dong-hyuk, “Squid Game” centers on Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), a divorced father in debt with loan sharks who has nowhere to turn. When a chance encounter gives him the opportunity of a lifetime — the choice to participate a secretive game with a lucrative cash prize — he reluctantly take the offer…and finds out the hard way that there’s a lot more on the line than he realized.

“Squid Game” is a white-knuckle thrill-ride from start to finish, and chances are you’ll be looking for more just like it when you finish the first season. Here are some of the best movies to watch if you can’t get enough “Squid Game.”

Circle | 0:00
The Platform | 1:30
Tau | 2:21
Level 16 | 3:16
Truth or Dare | 4:10
No Escape Room | 4:58


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Movies To Watch If You Can’t Get Enough Squid Game | Netflix

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  1. Netflix Film Club acting like Battle Royale 1 & 2 never happened?

  2. One thing about death according to being human. You only get killed once. I guess watching others get killed through your eyes as you see how they die. You see people die and probably hope when you die you won't have to go out like they did or since you don't know your end it scares you to think how it would happen. The only thing is once you are gone as you see anybody else die, then you are gone. After that you won't see nobody else die. You wouldn't be here to see who survived either but the thing is people have the sensation to want to live and death is just not an acceptation. So you are frightened thinking about taking your last breathe and how it's supposed to happen while you see other people doing the same and crying or trying to save others that might die and if you survived or faced death and lived then you only lived to another chance to live longer but also another day to face death. It wouldn't be that bad if death wasn't promised. Bur people's minds are set as if they will never die one day. So as you know that time is actually on the way and you just don't know the hour. It's still a sure thing we have to accept or we will have extra fear to die. The best thing to do is just set your mind for you and everybody that you love, and watch as if this could be your last day and it won't be no surprise, but still hope that you're here to. live a little longer to enjoy some better times before you're gone. When it's over it's your end. For myself just to actually realize my own words it just doesn't feel like that day is coming. Weither you go out naturally or somebody or accident take you out. When your spirit is ready to depart, that's what it's going to do. Enjoy life while you can everyone. Don't rush the next days in your heart because that. night or next day is somebody's last breathe and heart beat. Rip to them amen.

  3. I have seen all movies in here except Tau. Thrillers are always great!

  4. Sixth to comment
    I do not understand very well the English that this is another movie or serious aperte of the game of squid? Or it's a continuation
    Edited : forget it I already understood

  5. The platform falls in the same category trust me, it's so incredible

  6. Try the Indian movie "Luck". The movie blows everyone's mind in 2009

  7. A korean Drama based recommendation because South Korean Netflix originals are simply ✨better✨. Or at least have bigger budgets than Netflix America. Save me is a personal favorite, it’s about escaping a cult. Vincenzo is awesome and about a member of the Italian mafia using his skills back in Korea against injustice. Sweet home is a popular post apocalyptic show. And Alice in Borderland is a crazy Japanese show with a fight for survival very similar to squid game. One recommendation not on Netflix (yet?) is Devil Judge. My favorite drama of 2021.

  8. This is a very bingeable series. But warning, don't start watching it at night otherwise you won't be able to fully binge all 9 hours of it in one go without sacrificing sleep.

  9. …….its a blueprint,someone will implement it IRL soon

  10. i knew circle would be one of the movies you mention because i was just thinking that myself heck even the patfrom is the same and honestly i think both escape room and escape room 2 should be mentioned.

  11. Alice in Borderland is also definitely another one to watch if you like Squid Game. Absolutely amazing show full of deadly games

  12. Okay, the Truth or Dare I know is from 2018 and it's a movie. When I searched about it, I found out there many movies titled the same. Wanna give insight which is the best and worst among them?

  13. Should have recommended Alice in Borderland 😀

  14. Another one is "Would You Rather" with genre legend Jeffrey Combs, Pitch Perfect's Brittany Snow, and pornstar Sasha Grey.

  15. Alice in Borderland is nowhere near as good as Squid Game but still worth a watch

  16. How you do all these films and not add Alice in Borderland…. its just as good… sad

  17. Battle Royale, Battle Royale 2, and The Belko Experiment should be listed

  18. 🤐🤐🤐the doll is sooo creepy it's good for halloween if we put that creepy doll in halloween it will be horror I guess 😶😶😶😶😶😶😶

  19. all these movies except platform are all trash don't waste your time

  20. Alice in borderland is a good one that is like Squid Game.

  21. Mmh I would say the movie Battle Royal should be mention too

  22. You are fooling yourselves if you think these types of shows will have no negative effects on your mind and life. Sad.

  23. I wouldn’t even call them shows but hells work

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    Full Poem https://youtu.be/GxAGG-J8DO4

  25. Squid Game was amazing to whach also My Name is good, Home town cha cha cha good too.

  26. Hi pls can you put the spy kids movies back in Netflix I miss them

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