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SQUID GAME Netflix Cast: Real Age And Life Partners Revealed!

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SQUID GAME Netflix Cast: Real Age And Life Partners Revealed!

Squid Game is an international phenomenon, it’s all everyone is talking about. Squid Game is projected to be the most watched series of all time on Netflix. Squid Game features an incredibly unique story along with an amazing cast. In this video, we’re talking about the Squid Game Netflix cast real age and life partners revealed! How old are they? Who’s in a relationship? And much more. #SquidGame #SquidGameNetflix

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  1. So Ali Abdul is an Indian did he learn to speak Korean

  2. Really huge difference from series to real life.. But love ali as usual same face 😀

  3. My fav one is 456 from the start I knew it he would win

  4. Yes you are back baby haha you kan the all the sonic the hedgehog 6 cheat codes

  5. My favorite is anupam tripaati you know near he tocks hindi then I know because I'm from Pakistan and in Pakistan kan you tok hindi

  6. It’s crazy that 001 is almost as old as my grandma

  7. Byeok and her aren’t dating stop clickbaiting everyone before you get taken down

  8. My favorite characters quick game is player456

  9. 𝔐𝔞𝔯𝔦𝔞𝔫𝔤𝔢𝔩 says:

    January 29th is my birthday

  10. my favourite charecter from squid game is 067

  11. Hi han Joon is also from all of us are died

  12. King William afton aka the king of all aftons says:

    I’m so confused right now-

  13. Kim joo-ryoung is 1 year younger than my dad bruh

  14. the most heart breaking part was when Gi hun came back at home and laid down side her dead grandmother. That was the most emotional scene 😔

  15. You thought sae byeok is not gay but SHe is gay✨

  16. not POV: your Birthday is the Same day as anupam tripathi‘s

  17. the female actress kim joo’s nude scene in the toilet is disgusting

  18. A kid in my class is Korean and his name is jungjae lee

  19. The first picture of sung-tae doesn’t even look like Deok-su LOL 😂

  20. My favorite Character Is Jung Ho-Yeon The Number 067 Squid Game

  21. What about Lee Byunghun as Frontman? Or maybe everyone already know about him.


  23. my favorite character is lee jung jae as seong gl-hun

  24. wait wait that one is married what the hell how could she 😭😭 that scene in the bathroom 😭😭😭 I just skipped it

  25. Yo my birthday is like august 6 and hwang jong-ho i forgot birthday is like august 5-

  26. I hope squid game season two, tell about old man 001, who is he really?? How Squid Game started in 1988?? I hope the last season player 456 returns for revenge or is he the Heir of Squid game left by his father player 001..🤭🤭

  27. 2:22 Wi Ha Joon is also in All Of Us Are Dead he is called Su hyeok

  28. Hoyeon Jung as Kang sae byeok lee yoo mi as ji yeong park hae Soo as cho sang woo Kim Joo ryung as han mi nyeo

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