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Squid Game (Netflix) Classical Music

Mahmoud Elmohtarf
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Squid Game (Netflix) Classical Music
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Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto in E flat major – 00:00

Johann Strauss II’s An der schönen, baluen Donau – 4:15

Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings in C major – 13:22

Release 2021.10.11

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  1. I love and slightly recommend to listen this video while studying, thats what i do tho hehe, cuz it feels good to me, idk why, but this is a nice video for me thanks (:

  2. Hope you enjoy the channel and don't forget to subscribeThank you ❤️

  3. 0:00 – The players wake up to this music
    4:15 This is the staircase music
    13:22 Pretty sure this is the eating time music

  4. I love the effort you did to put all the music together thank you

  5. After squid game, its impossible not think of squid game images/scenes while listening to these songs

  6. Tnx i tried to find these hymns long time. These song names are always hard. Classical music is best with stydying

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