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SQUID GAME Netflix | Red Light Green Light | Ringtone

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First Game is Red light, green light.

Giant robotic girl standing near large field and snipers at the ready, gunshots echo across the playing field for anyone who can’t keep up.

Primarily the participants need to get from point A to point B during green light. When it’s red light though, if anyone moves then they’re eliminated.

Download this for your new ringtone!


  1. my freind:what is that sound
    Me: welcome to the fist game Red light green light

  2. Imagine someone calling you in school lockdown

  3. What the he*l is she saying i can't sleep bc i hear the sound of a doll like i wanted to sleep at 10:pm in the night but i feel asleep at 1:am

  4. And that's how a simple doll and the person behind that voice became famous .lol

  5. god someone give me a blanket its creppy😆

  6. Was the thingy a robot or a doll? I just need to know.

  7. 😭❤️😘😂😂🙏👍🎉😎🔥❤️

  8. Coba coba kunci tiang bendera

  9. In filipino be like: how we can say it the last word is bad word

  10. Nice sounds background enjoy vlogging idol thanks for sharing GOD bless

  11. What app does give you the ringtone?

  12. This is calming.Imagine waking up whit this music, a dream mixed whit a nightmare.

  13. Imagine going to your uber or some shit. They ask you like names or whatever and you hear this.

  14. Jesus is real he wii be back soon พระเยซูเท่านั้นที่ช่วยรอดนรกได้!!!!

  15. This Is The Best Game To Play With Friends ( in my opinion )

  16. thank you for this now i can scare off my annoying siblings that comes to my room

  17. Tdddx👶🦵🤜👀👁️👅👃👄

  18. It's good to scare your friends when your playing squid game in roblox

  19. mugunghwa kkochi piotsseumnida

    무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다

  20. what does it even mean? curious here..😊😊

  21. Imagine that u and your friends were playing this and you're friend turns into her a kill's u

  22. The perfect ringtone to wake up in the moming

  23. I just searched it up and it means oh cool max on pizza:0

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