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Squid Game Netflix Series Review | 오징어게임

Austin Burke
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This is my Spoiler Free Squid Game Netflix Series Review. Did you enjoy Squid Game on Netflix or 오징어게임, and I need your reaction below. Explain your thought on the Squid Game ending, and leave your Squid Game review below!
Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits with deadly high stakes.s survival game that has a whopping 40-million-dollar prize at stake.
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Time Codes:
Intro – 0:00
The Story and Visuals – 0:39
The Stakes Are High – 1:21
The Games and Characters – 2:15
Survival – 3:28
This Series Takes Risks – 4:08
A Lot Going On – 5:03
Final Thoughts – 6:31

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  1. What stuck in me besides caring for the characters and the gore and violence in this movie was the strategies being played in each game. I just didn't like the very ending of episode 9. For me it's not that realistic when the main character was making his final decision to go somewhere or staying. 4 out of 5 for Squid Game.

  2. 오호 얘네들이 열광할만함……잘 만들었음 ㅋㅋㅋ

  3. This is over hyped. IDK this is super creepy. Plus this is hunger games without a cause.
    Cruel, Violent, Great but blank.

  4. Lee Jung Jae the one who played the protagonist in the series is a living legend. One of the best actors in Korea fr

  5. Although it turned out the old man was 'evil' I still felt in a way sorry for him, growing old not being able to experience goodness in humanity. To him, the main character was such a rarity and precious. The old man reminded me of myself (only in 30s). I guess I became bitter as I grew older, but I realise I can be a better person before expecting the World to change.

  6. Loved it. Binged the entire show in one day…

  7. The fact you mention 'the hunger games' as the anchor for the inspiration

    Made me exit your video.

    Clearly you dont know cinema

    Battle Royale came long before that shit the 'the hunger games'

  8. What an Amazing Show i was on the edge of my seat!
    Netflix once again showed they can do something better.

  9. Best review I have scene so far. You mention writing, production and acting. All superb. It is clear that many reviews are simply watching Netflix. They have yet to watch Korean movies and shows. The startling depths that the writers their go to, to put story and character development at the forefront. And the effort those actors put into their roles.

    The Koreans have been doing this for some time now. Under the radar. To many movies and shows to even consider. But now… just simple and proactive stories taken to the next level with-out consequence and coming up number one… should put Hollywood writers on their heels.

  10. If you like this show you will like alice in borderland . I really liked both . They are similar since they are about deadly games

  11. you thought you got a read on who? a fictional character? lmao

  12. To those shitting on the VIP scene being cringe and all, you must understand that Koreans are not that good in conversational English, and there are very few foreigners in Korea who are actors, if at all. They probably just grabbed any foreigner friend by a friend, expats and put them in with minimal training. Same goes with the script in English, which is not a spoken language there. Just imagine how Hollywood does scenes with minorities in it. They almost always make us minorities cringe but we let it go because we understand its a Hollywood film, probably doesn’t have someone in the crew familiar with our language or the nuances of how we communicate. They always sound like they just used Google translate. Cut the Koreans some slack.

  13. For me I actually didn't mind the VIPs that much, and kinda chuckled with the VIP that bet on 69 and 96!!! 
    My only problems with this show were…

    Seeing Jun-Ho freezing too long and not just jumping into the water to try save his brother later and

    That ending at the last minute where Gi-hun could've left to go see his daughter and actually be a nice father for once, but instead decided to leave for the main purpose of a Season 2 which took me out of the bittersweet ending, especially after tying up other loose ends.

  14. The character from North Korea.. her character resonates with me for some reason. Only 75% through. But she’s my fave.

  15. I was so frustrated with the last episode and the ending.

  16. The games were old because old man knows the game. We try the honeycomb game. Kids use tree leaves instead of honey

  17. I had a fantastic time with this show. The characters (except the VIPS) are so well done. The actor who plays the main character especially had some phenomenal performances. The story was well thought out and the cinematography was gorgeous. The sets, sound design, and subtle musical score were sometimes breathtaking. It's difficult to get me surprised but the ending really took me for a loop. An interesting setup for a potential season 2? I'm in!! (Not to play, but to watch;).

  18. If you liked Battle Royale you will like Squid Games it's got all the marbles ;p

  19. So good except I thought the VIP’s were pretty awful actors and characters. Also Austin did you watch this in Korean or English? I watched in Korean, I wasn’t a huge fan of the dubbed voice acting. Lastly I hope they do a season 2 especially since their were some things that still weren’t fully explained.

  20. this show was really predictable, but its a good time pass show, over rated like money heist

  21. I’m usually the type of person that doesn’t like gratuitous violence but with The Squid Game, yes the violence was excessive but also absolutely necessary for the overall storytelling and I really enjoyed the show much more than I thought I would have!

  22. The series is copied from Indian movie "Luck", released in 2009. It was ahead of its time

  23. It was a tad better overrated to me BUT it was very good great character development loved the hopscotch trap excellent acting really enjoyed it

  24. the music, camera, cast acting, script everything is genius

  25. This was boring AF. Made it halfway through the 1st ep

  26. It’s enjoyable, but a bit overhyped to me. I thought it tailed off towards the end and some of the storylines ended with a thud. Again, not bad! I liked it better than similar movies like hunger games etc. I still think the Japanese horror “Battle Royal” is the best of the bunch.

  27. Such an addicting show that is very dark but also has a lot of heart and a powerful message about humanity!

  28. what I like is that while, there were lots of killing and blood, but at least they don't go for the extreme gore/ crazy over the top gore like many of the similiar genre. after all, killing is inevitable therefore they need to have them, but they don't focus too much. they went for mental and phycological

  29. The show is masterpiece and really have a great plot. We don't need foreigners VIP who are so cringy and so bad in acting. They make the series so bad. We don't need the foreginers VIP part.

  30. Are we not going to talk about how extremely predictable the series was? Surprising, it is NOT. Still entertaining but I saw every twist coming

  31. It's interesting how this review came out before the series really took out!

  32. I gave it 4.5 stars on Letterboxd. I am close to bumping that to a 5 the next time I binge it.

  33. Am i the only one who couldn't get in to it? Anyone else only like shows like never have i ever?

  34. Haha wonderful. This definitely close 2 carbon copy of la casa de papel trademark red jumpsuit.

  35. I thought the acting was good, the production design was good, the writing was good, but I can also see how it may not be everyone's cup of tea. 9/10

  36. Squid game is a really good show, so intense. I hope there will be a season 2!

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