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Squid Game | Official Teaser #1 | Netflix [ENG SUB]

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How far would you go for 45.6 billion won? Welcome to Squid Game, a mysterious survival game that could change your fortune for good. The only cost to play? Your life.

Let the games begin.

The new Netflix series SQUID GAME stars Lee Jung-jae (NEW WORLD, ASSASSINATION) and Park Hae-soo (TIME TO HUNT, PRISON PLAYBOOK).

Coming to Netflix September 17.

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  1. Can we get a live action Deadman Wonderland next please!

  2. A lot of people already playing this game in real life for a hell of lot less money

  3. When u have made fun of the Teletubbies relentlessly for 24 years and they finally snap.

  4. So basically modern day china? … Is this a documentary?

  5. Can't wait 🤩🤩🤩🤩 i love this kind of genre like Japanese movie

  6. More like a Liar Game combined with almost japanese death game vibes.

  7. Pov you are here from Squid Game Series

  8. the series willa make u excited, estatic, fuckin make u cry, baffled at the end.. a definition of korean art, the concept maynot be original but koreans owned it…

  9. I found this very stressful. I did watch half of the episodes one day and skimmed through other half the next. Apparently Netflix first true Kdrama produced all by themselves but it was definitely aimed at a male audience. Very violent and lots of blood, usually unseen in Kdramas I watch. Was interesting premise but carried out, in my opinion, badly. Possibly Western idea of what people want to see. I didn't!

  10. Binged all 9 episodes in a day lol, great show and cast!

  11. Just finished watching it and I am speechless. I didn't know what to expect as I didn't watch any trailer but my friend recommended it to me and watched the first ep and was hooked. 100% recommend!

  12. Anyone knows what's the name of the BGM played in the trailer in the beginning?

  13. I think I'll start watching Korean series again. This looks refreshing.

  14. The squid game just reminds me of the Hunger Games but more intense

  15. Yo this was so good. So much build up every episode

  16. There are 2 versions of English subtitles for the series Squid Game. One is 'English' and the other one is 'English CC'. The subtitle 'English' is good enough but 'English CC' is terribly horrible. I've heard that somebody mentioned about this issue on Twitter, and I believe the person was talking about 'English CC'. Unfortunately, Netflix recently revised the good one 'English', which means Netflix does not even know what the problem is. Guys. Please click the subtitle saying 'English', not 'English CC'. I'm a South Korean who understands English. Believe me.

  17. production fucked up, the authors got fucked up in their heads

  18. Ok I Use This on Squirrel Game Season 2 🔺🟥🔴 Season 2 Trailer#03

  19. im glad i didn't watch the trailer before watching the actual series! lol wayyy too many spoilersss!

  20. squid game token fucked the investors from 2800$ to 0.007$

  21. متبقاش تلوحو بحال هاد الفيديوهات راه كيخلوووووووووو

  22. I like the costumes of the pink jackets how to remind me of the buttons on the remote control on the PlayStation remote control. Very cool

  23. Whoever is saying "This is violent and bloody" What would you expect? A ripoff of Spongebob squarepants?

  24. Lol August 2021 "This is horrible"
    December 2021 "AMAZING!"

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