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Squid Game | Official Teaser | Netflix

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Netflix | Squid Game
“This is just a game.”
45.6 billion won. 456 contestants
stake their lives on childhood games
Squid Game, coming this September 17, only on Netflix

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Squid Game | Official Teaser | Netflix

Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes.


  1. Has anyone seen the animated series High-Rise Invasion on Netflix? Wonder if it could be made as live action.

  2. Ok. I just finished the awesome series today, 10/5/21. That ending though??? UGH!! Wait, first let's talk about that hair color. WTF? Look like he trying to join a K-Pop group! But I would've got my ass on that plane & got the hell on with my life!! How you don't know in this day & age about the rich elite & the freaky stuff they do??😜😛 CLEARLY he don't give a crap about his daughter at all.

  3. Anyone else hear the Splinter Cell “retinal scanner” sound at 0:36?

  4. i kinda like the part where the lady sees the blood then they all slam the door

  5. does anyone know the name of the song playing in the background?? i’d love to hear the full thing

  6. I hope that there is multiple seasons of this show😍

  7. squid game>alice in borderlands>as the gods will


  9. this is just making me wanna watch squid game again

  10. Okay I can confirm that the series is so much better than what the trailer shows, trust me it's so worth watching.

  11. Fact: the creator of Squid Game had been looking for a studio to help make the show for the past 10 years and fell into complete debt until now.

  12. This is scary and good at the same time, idk how to express

    VIPs and Front man: we can't understand you, we don't care.

  14. When they said(or titled)Let I knew it was "let the games begin"

  15. This show has a hidden meaning. "How far can a man go to be rich and safe?"
    The dark side of the capitalism, where it copies the idea of totalitarism and dictatorship.

  16. I'm not from the place where they talk whatever it is just to make one from English or Arabic because I can speak English or Arabic

  17. why are people shipping the triangle and circle guards yall need jesus

  18. the outfits look like foodpanda and grab deliverers

  19. youd have to have a pretty sick twisted mind to be making such things. what's wrong with you.

  20. I hate the guy who won…he is selfish for not trying to straighten up his life….I guess he enjoyed the thrill that's why he wanted to go back instead of enjoying the money…he disappointed me…he lucked a purpose…I wish the girl won

  21. Thumbnail is like:Blue boi: smiles
    Red boi:h i

  22. Nice copy of cool idea that came out years ago.

  23. Squid game is real, It's coming soon. But the players this time are all
    marked. I'll leave out details, but currently 186 Million people in the US are
    marked for play.

  24. I only came to check out the trailer
    I will not binge watch this show
    I will not binge watch this show
    I will not binge watch this show
    I'm going to sleep
    I am going to sleep!

  25. Nah they copied this from alice in borderland

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