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Squid Game – Review

Jeremy Jahns
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Korean Cinema continues to show that it’s an entertainment force to be reckoned with. Here’s my review for the Netflix series SQUID GAME!



  1. I loved it. We need more content like “Squid Game.” And good job Jeramy dad. F*ck them cigarettes.

  2. I didn’t even bother to watch past ten minute mark show moves to slow and seems to boring

  3. people knock Squid Game but it keeps my pre schoolers quiet for hours.

  4. According to Variety chief critic Derek Elley, (He's Watching Asian Movies for a Long Time) Hollywood films have a three-act system, a traditional structure in Europe, but East Asia is more complex. It is said that in Korean films, the story progresses with emphasis on the characters rather than the plot in the beginning, the story progresses slowly. and it gradually deepens until the end. In the case of Japan, obsessed with idealizing everything. Hong Kong films were evaluated as commercial, exaggerated and emotional, and bringing all the stories to the surface. I think this talk is really true.

  5. Cant wait to see some more Korean films – western films hardly anything worth watching. Was going to cancel netflix.

  6. Danganronpa, you forgot to compare it to Danganronpa 😉

  7. I just finished it last night. I loved it. Definitely an emotional rollercoaster Ep 6-9.

  8. It was well done, but my vote goes still to BATTLE ROYALE. The original master.

  9. It kinda sucked. Very shallow and pseudo-intellectual. I guess I was expecting too much? It felt like a college student wrote the script to me.

  10. I watched 1st episode and thought what's this I'm watching , not for me , watched 2nd episode and thought still this isn't for me and gave up on it , all staff at work said starts getting better at episode 3 , now I need to go back and watch episode 3 , I was a big fan of battle royal and I love Stanley Kubrick movies , and this feels a little like one of those movies. Oh well I'm going to start watching it again this week to the 9th episode. You never know I might just love it.

  11. Most overrated, overhyped, terrible acted, terrible written shows in a while. Wish they focused on the games only, would've been a much much better show.

  12. Another role Lee Jung-jae does really amazing in is Assassination (2015). Korean spy thriller of sorts. I think you'd enjoy it even if you don't do a review. I think its free on youtube as well.

  13. Predictable, terrible ending, great last half of the first episode, and episode six was amazing, one of the best things i've seen all year. The series itself? Not one of the best things I've seen all year. 2 out of 4 stars.

  14. I suggest you watch the korean zombie series "Kingdom". It's filled with action, suspense, drama, mystery and politics. The cinematography is great. Great character arcs and the zombies are not just props but important to the plot of the show. You will not regret it I promise.

  15. I'm about a month late to this video… but… WAS THAT A GODDAMN ALTERED BEAST INTRO? Rock the fuck on, Jeremy!

  16. I’ve only just finished the marble episode and I think one of Jeremy’s comments in this video just spoiled me because I immediately thought to myself…wait, I didn’t SEE him die. 🤦🏻‍♂️ DANG IT JEREMY!!!

  17. There's nothing "entertaining" about people's death and how they got in Squid Game. It's a good tv series, I liked esp. since it's a criticizing Capitalism. I found myself saying "Sick" in my mind on some parts of Squid Game. 10/10

  18. B B B But whT about diversity??!! 🤣🤣🤣 Korea know how to tell good stories, not just diversity and representation

  19. You binged the entire thing in one sitting? Really? That's impressive. When I started watching this, I had absolutely no responsibilities, no work, nothing, and I had to do it in 2 sittings.

  20. Shout out to Dad keep it up! In regards to the show I loved everything about it except the ending of all the things that happen that was the most unrealistic part of it

  21. We all know you talking about episode 6 lol. It gets everyone.

  22. The show is pretty boring and overhyped.

  23. Some trans bloggers have criticized the show for not having trans or racial diversity. I hope these writers end up in a real-life Squid Game.

  24. Those damn vips almost destroyed my enjoyment. Cringe every moment they’re on screen.

  25. @5:55 same. What other movies do you recommend from other countries? As well as I also couldn't stop watching it after started.

  26. Loud and obnoxious. You deserve to lose to Chris Stuckmann.


  28. Finally people r seeing that my country can make good movies and shows.

  29. Can you please review the haunted pumkin of sleepy hollow

  30. A generation of sterner stuff, where they ate locomotive steel for breakfast and their breakfast beverage were made by french pressing the ashes of letters to Santa Claus.

  31. Jeremy Jahns reminds me of the face Keanu Reeves but with the body language of Elvis Presley

  32. Koreans movie-stars have such intense acting skills in such messed up storylines. Squid Game, Old Boy, Train to Busan, Sympathy for Mr Vengeance, A Tale of Two Sisters, Parasite.

    Its kind of refreshing gritty imagery that you get in comparison to the squeaky clean image of KPOP music.

  33. Man your review of this show was so glowing, I decided I should check it out. But after watching it, I really don't see what you saw. I found it to be just an extremely predictable, 2021 rehash of Battle Royale… with a finish that sets it up to be a repeating seasonal show.



    Until about episode 5 I was enjoying it as like a 6 or 7 out of 10, tho I did find most the show quite predictable and I think you highly overrate the "writing". But then thru episodes 6, 7, 8 & 9, it becomes clear that the series was just gonna use every cliche in the genre and those episodes thoroughly destroyed my enjoyment.

  34. well can't find my original comment unless i deleted i don't remember… but wanted to edit it because i didn't mean that one lady that was yelling a lot i didn't mean like her outside of the show i meant her character that she was portraying as that was quite annoying

    also forgot to mention if anyone read it and what not there are spoilers

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