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Squid Game S01E06 (2021) | Sad Moments -Movie Reactions Mashup

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The sad moments of Squid Game Season 1 Episode 6 (2021)-Reactions Mashup🥺😞😢

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  1. Why y’all crying like that? It’s just a show

  2. I get being a bit sad but full on crying? That’s a it weird lol. Like the girls all sobbing wth haha

  3. Ramses De Ibradoh (เมธาวิน)แมนยูจงเจริญ says:

    1:22 This me laugh 🤣

  4. I find it hard to record a video myself while crying

  5. People crying on this fake thing🤣😂😂🤌

  6. 😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤌 in USA people kills children in school and thrown people infront of train

  7. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 hoaxxxxxx!!!!!

  8. yo no llore en ninguna de esas, la verdad estos chicos son mas sensibles que yo, sin embargo, no me rompi en una escena de esta serie, cuando todos se agruparon, y el unico al que dejaron era el ansiano, y el prota se compadeció de él, me dio dolor, por que muchos hacen a un lado a los mayores, eso si me rompio.

  9. I wish I could watch this episode like it was the first time again

  10. NONE of them was dropping one single tear, but the fat lady… just a ridiculous bunch of fake acting… the skinny white girl with glasses??? so pathetic, noise, squeezed face, but completely dry

  11. I feel the pain, looked away at the second death, couldn’t watch it the first time

  12. A menina se acabando de chorar e eu morrendo de rir

  13. The emotional trauma this episode brought 😩

  14. Am I some kind of sadist for watching this? I feel like I'm a little sadistic

  15. Bruh this ep was the hardest to watch, the fact I cared so much for a character I just met was insane

  16. bua la re viven , se nota que son reacciones y hya que forzarlas

  17. I personally think this one is Overrated 😂

  18. When I watched this part of squid game, everytime I thought I was done crying…there was more…I HAD TO PAUES THE SHOW BC THERE WAS SO MUCH! ;-;

  19. Ali was such a genuine written character, watching him back in the factory just trying to get his money and being respectful, saving Gi-hun in the redlight greenlight game and knowing his motives are all pure just to see him get screwed over and shot like a dog hurt me the most out of any characters death.

  20. Sou a menina de óculos, chorei tanto nesse episódio que parecia que parentes meus tinham morrido.

  21. شكلي وحيدة الي ما بكت🙂

  22. I was literally sobbing while watching the ending of this episode. The old man’s goodbye and “death”broke me the most, even if he was revealed to be the head of the games at the end of the show

  23. I never saw this episode with sadness, wierd. I thought it was fucked up but I never wanted to cry.

  24. Squid game in Nut shell…Love,Friendship,Betrayer…😢

  25. Fui el único que no lloró por el abuelo? Cuando no me mostraron cuando le dispararon al toque saltó a mi mente… "él es el master" y así fue :v

  26. Geral culpa o cara mas epe deu foi sorte da dupla dele ser assim tao inocente, num jogo desse todo mundo quer ficar vivo fazer o q, o cara ia se matar pra salvar o outro?
    Mesmo assim é triste coitado

  27. Bruh I feel so bad for the Girl Who reacted tho 😢

  28. I'm on the same vibes as the glasses-wearing white girl who's all curled up in her chair just wordlessly sobbing.

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