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Squid Game: Season 1 RECAP

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The Korean phenomenon that all your friends are talking about, it’s Squid Game! Recap all of season 1 right here to prepare yourself for a possible season 2!

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This is the Squid Game Recap, Review, Explained, and Breakdown. We’ll find out if there will be a Squid Game Season 2 on Netflix.


  1. As Ridiculous you look and sound "Timmy Turner" thanks for making me not have to waste more time watching this show. Please make another video like this if they are seriously making more seasons…smh

  2. Reports: Netflix CEO gets BUSTED with 13,000 files of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY…and he owns Danny's pizza gate and they make mcdonalds hamburger from the baby flesh

  3. I think the winner is the front man for the next game

  4. He did great, but I think he skipped a lot of the many scenes in episode 1 :/

  5. As great as I heard squid games is and I did watch the first two episodes, because my job is very physically taxing and long hours am always too tired to watch full episodes of shows anymore Soo even though it does seem lazy I love watching movie recap to understand at least the important parts of a show

  6. Ethan airways ™ captain Von [ssb2] says:

    Of course geon won and 2 others but the bully guy did not win

  7. Its so hypocritical for him to go back to stop any future games. He willingly went back into it knowing full well what would happen to him. They're obviously people desperate enough for the money, so now that he's mega rich he doesn't want anyone else to be? I dunno it just doesn't sit right to me.

  8. FRICKITY FRACK!!!! I didn't know about this… I'm stressed just listening to the recap!!!!

  9. I'm not allowed to watch squid game sadly but I watch it on YouTube

  10. I can’t handle violence very well but was super curious about squid game. Very well done recap.

  11. He might be alive since he’s a police so he might be trained to breath under water for a bit

  12. i left youtube on and i got to this. lol i guess i'll wait for season two

  13. I have always desired to know the full details of the whole serie but I am so delighted that I video clips its all elaborated in a summarised way ,Thanks alot for the creativity and wisdom ,Good luck

  14. Just finished watching Squid Game in its entirety yesterday and listening to your recap was like re-watching it. Great job!

  15. Thanks. I wouldn't have watched the show as it is too violent but it's great to know a bit more what is all that craze about. Great recap of Dexter too !

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