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Squid Game Season 2 | FIRST TRAILER | Netflix (HD)

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#SquidGame #SquidGameSeason2 #오징어게임
#SquidGame #SquidGameSeason2 ##오징어게임

Take look at Netflix’s ‘First Trailer’ for Squid Game (Korean: 오징어 게임; RR: Ojing-eo Geim) Season 2 (More info about this video down below!)

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Inspiration behind this video:

Not only did Gi-hun’s shortcomings in Squid Game season 1 make him an effective audience stand-in, but his greatest strength also made him a lovable protagonist. Ultimately, despite the slew of memorable characters that nearly made it to the end of the tournament, it was Gi-hun’s pure heart that gave him the skills to emerge triumphant. Despite wrestling with difficult emotional decisions, such as whether to kill Sang-woo in his sleep, Gi-hun is revealed to be a good man. He even gives a share of his money to Sae-byeok’s brother and Sang-woo’s mother, demonstrating his strength of character.

However, if Squid Game season 2 decides to turn Gi-hun into a vengeful force, he will arguably lose the relative purity that helped him survive in season 1. While this would arguably be an interesting and perhaps even a natural character development, it would still represent a fundamental shift for the character. Given how integral morality and the value of knowing right from wrong are in Squid Game’s wider social commentary, this could have a potentially disastrous impact on Gi-hun’s personality and the whole series.


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