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Squid Game Season 2 | FIRST TRAILER | Netflix (HD)

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Take look at Netflix’s ‘First Trailer’ for Squid Game (Korean: 오징어 게임; RR: Ojing-eo Geim) Season 2 (More info about this video down below!)

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Inspiration behind this video:

Not only did Gi-hun’s shortcomings in Squid Game season 1 make him an effective audience stand-in, but his greatest strength also made him a lovable protagonist. Ultimately, despite the slew of memorable characters that nearly made it to the end of the tournament, it was Gi-hun’s pure heart that gave him the skills to emerge triumphant. Despite wrestling with difficult emotional decisions, such as whether to kill Sang-woo in his sleep, Gi-hun is revealed to be a good man. He even gives a share of his money to Sae-byeok’s brother and Sang-woo’s mother, demonstrating his strength of character.

However, if Squid Game season 2 decides to turn Gi-hun into a vengeful force, he will arguably lose the relative purity that helped him survive in season 1. While this would arguably be an interesting and perhaps even a natural character development, it would still represent a fundamental shift for the character. Given how integral morality and the value of knowing right from wrong are in Squid Game’s wider social commentary, this could have a potentially disastrous impact on Gi-hun’s personality and the whole series.

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  1. Robaste escenas de Alice in bordenland copion

  2. Not real But creds to you because it looks good

  3. хахаха😂😂😂 в триллер на алиса в приагнаничи филми украли да

  4. Nerve
    Squid game season 1
    maybe saw?
    and a few more that where not even close to Squid game.
    All in all the person tried and im not sure how many times they did this.
    But A for affort.

  5. you can tell this isnt real because u can see clips from "as the gods will" in there will other obviously stolen clips from season one of squidgame. we also wont be getting a trailer this early in producation since season 2 won't be until late 2024.

  6. that's alice in borderland with the squid game HAHAHA

  7. Pegaram algumas cenas de Alice in borderland aí

  8. i hate ppl who make a bs trailer and name it like its official

  9. This trailer is not real those trailers are from other movie like alice in borderland

  10. What the hell, What the scenes of Alice In Borderland series It's doing in this trailer!?

  11. You had scenes from Alice in borderland in there.

  12. its alice in borderland footage lol nice edit tho almost got me

  13. Isso é falso eu já Assisti Alice bontenlande e ele beco todas a cenas de Alice bontenlande

  14. Alice in Borderland?? Give me a break with a mixture of another series I sort of remember… Where is the Squid Game Fottage??

  15. I hope this isnt the real trailer cause this dont look like nothing !!!!

  16. pinag sama ang laro ng aice squid game and baraha

  17. The clips are also from Alice in boderlend

  18. If thats the trailer of season 2 than it lack everything

  19. Ahí sale hasta un pedazo de la serie Alice in bordeland 😂😭😂😭😭

  20. Deep State is also mocking the vaccinated people in this squid game, and the public who do not realize it has no answer.

  21. And some scenes are from Alice in borderland and escape room 2 because of the name sonya.😂

  22. Por que partes de alice in bonderland?

  23. Its an edit guys
    Some clips are from Alice in Borderland😌😂

  24. The scenes are from Netflix Alice in borderlands

  25. 🎥🎬😱😱🌟🌟👌👍👌👌👌

  26. The trailer is not real, some parts are from the movie called escape room 2

  27. If this is taking to America? Then they all have to learn speak English to local of people to play that game. I hope they put getthos and gangs in the game.

  28. I Grow in Earth…
    Shrink in wind….
    Drown in water….
    Survive in Fire……

  29. I was trying to figure out what that movie was called because I recognized the beach scene so thanks it's escape room 2

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