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Squid Game Season 2 Officially Annouced By Netflix

John Campea
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Garry Madigan – Hey Crew, hope you’re all keeping well. As you know, Squid Game very quickly became the most popular series on Netflix in just 12 days, while it’s been talked about, Netflix put out a video confirming that the hit series will be in fact returning for a second season, while I felt it was perfect as a mini-series, Netflix (especially with all that’s going on with them) would’ve been crazy not to capitalize on the hype of the show, what’s your thoughts on the series returning?, and do you think it will have the same intrigue as season one, thanks and BOTF!

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  1. Yeah, the motivations of the organisers were not always consistent but I enjoyed the first season. Gganbu was probably one of the strongest single episodes of tv I have watched, the acting and characters are what made this show for me. The ending was a little underwhelming but I didn't mind it as much as some people. I think they should only do 1 maybe 2 seasons more before they end it. tbh

  2. Never in my life did i think I’d get PTSD from 🚦and I have this show to thank for that. I can’t wait for season 2!

  3. I enjoyed the series a whole lot, so consider me going on the hype train for season 2. If people aren't hyped for Season 2 then I can absolutely respect that

  4. Like Squid Game at the time being Netflix's biggest hit, I think the Season 2 trailer whenever that hits will be the biggest trailer Netflix has ever had. The official trailer for Squid Game is almost at 50M views! The second most popular video they've ever released! That's wild!👀

  5. Netflix managed to turn Stranger Things into a mega franchise after the ‘lightning in a bottle’ first season, so, I’m not going to be overly surprised if they can do it again with Squid Games.

  6. John, you totally missed the point of Squid Game. The "fairness" was always a lie. The games were inherently unfair from the beginning. It's an allegory for neoliberal capitalism.

  7. I'll watch. It definitely won't live up to season 1 because I don't think they can replicate the novelty or the surprises. Agreed with Robert.

  8. Director Hwang of Squid Game did say he would show more games in season two but that it wouldn’t be all about playing games like it was in season one. His goal is to show the viewers the wider spectrum of how Squid Game became what it became with player #1/ II Nam being at the helm of it all, including In Ho/the front man (played by Lee Byung Hun aka. OG storm shadow) involvement in the games as I believe this is the way to go to inform the viewers on a deeper level of the situation, not to mention director Hwang is known more for his great writing with great storytelling/stories more than the action side of things.

  9. The second season will center around the police. I’m excited for the 2nd season. I also can’t wait for Alice in Borderland

  10. Sqaud game season 2 would break netflix servers when it's released

  11. Squid Game made me the chef I am today.. I’m kidding of course.

  12. don´t forget the most important thing… Squid Game is a korean production… koreans never follow american templates of doing things

  13. Can season 2 recapture lightening in a bottle? Most definitely. Will it be easy? Absolutely not.

    It’d have to be a plot so unexpected yet incredibly captivating for that to happen but it CAN happen

  14. It’s already NOT going to surpass season one in writing! 😗

  15. What do you mean no one expected season two?? The main character literally said he was going to stop the games. 🤣

  16. i hope they do completely new games this 2nd season, but looking at the poster they’re doing the same first game 🚦🏃‍♂️💨

  17. I think a lot of people will watch it but I don't think it will be the phenomenon that season 1 was.

  18. I remember an interview with the director/writer stating he'd open up a writer's room and get different directors to help out if there were to be a second season, because he did the entire first season by himself and there's no way he could do that unless we were to wait a very long time for a follow up.. That's what makes me a bit nervous as it won't just be his vision. Though that's not to say other writers won't come up with other ideas that could be great.. The other bummer is we won't see any of the characters from the first season except for the few who lived. Hopefully they'll come up with a compelling story, or at the very least, some interesting games.

  19. I hope it isn't just another Saw series. Rather, Gi Hun uses his newfound riches to infiltrate this organization and put an end to it forever.

  20. if i'm brutally honest, for those who watch a lot of k drama / shows. Their shows are usually for the most part are just one off seasons. So when I watched it, I wasn't going to be surprised if it did get another season or if it was a one off and done.

  21. If im gonna be honest here. I was into Squid Game for some time, until that ending. I really feel this show should have been a mini-series and closed off. The continuation was a lil dumb and as much as i will definitely watch it, it almost feels like we're obliged but oh well

  22. I'm not sure how to explain it in detail, but I feel like this video was an incredibly "Western" analysis of this phenomenon, which was uniquely "Eastern" in its strengths and perspective. To even think about the Saw franchise as something this could be remotely similar to ……. I can't find the words to explain why, but that is just so off the mark.

  23. I agree and disagree on many areas. But I think season 2 will bang. There’s strings left to be discussed and discovered, new characters to meet and stakes can be added. I wouldn’t want more than 3 seasons. Personally I’d have done season 2 as a prequel and then season 3 as the post-season 1 season and leave it there

  24. Now someone break Joe Exotic out of prison so we can get Tiger King season 2!!

  25. Cancel John Campea! Why do you comment if you don't love it you fool!

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