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Squid Game SEASON 2 | Opening Scene | Netflix Series Trailer

Blake Ridder
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The opening scene of Squid Game Season 2 trailer from the popular Netflix series. This is how I imagined it could start off, with the recruitment for a new player one (game creator).

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  1. I mean clickbait but I like this lol found you on tiktok

  2. I actually thought it's the real thing!

  3. We’re getting season 2, it’s in the works

  4. If i didn't watch squid game i would probably believe this is true

  5. We all knew this was fake but we came anyway. Oh Squid game

  6. This is really good good oh my god🙏👏👏🙏💕💕💕💕😉👍

  7. Even if I'm new to this channel I still like the video 😎

  8. It's in English?
    Lol I just realized its clickbait

  9. Blake I actually forgot your based in the UK. Absolutely brilliant work as always. Been awhile since I viewed your channel. Glad to see you are still going strong. Hope all is well with you and your loved ones.
    Stay blessed and spirited. PEACE. Have a blessed week

  10. I would love to be in one of your movies.

  11. Yeah do we all agree you it’s amazing skipping rocks yeah

  12. Yogirlmocaa - used to be ★Cambeachx!!༊*·˚ says:

    Is he gonna be the main character?

  13. I don't know how the makers can top season one … I'm not holding my breath about it … I'll probably be disappointed.

  14. Hope they add hide and seek or tag

  15. if this is actually real or just acting from different people and not actually the real people in squid game but if it is real ima freak the fuck out

  16. •.•.•.𝚢𝚘𝚔𝚒.•.•𐬽 says:

    September 17 20748811771819 thats when squid games gonna come

    But also when you remove the guards mask it’ll be a squid

  17. Atmosphere and costumes are on point, but no way would a scene like this be in season 2.. Way too dumb and pointless

  18. love your videos man keep up the amazing work cheers 🤙

  19. An I know it's Korean but very interesting after watching throw out movies from us every week or so..I mean enough with Kevin hart..take a vacation…sneak in someone's luggage. Love to see new perspective on a successful movie that dosent include an over sold white black millionaire..Actor..I mean cmon..how much money do u ..or one person or family need. Most just scraping by..an they have 70 plus million in bank. Ranking in money from stupid streaming movies..An they duck the embarrassing fact that it didn't live up to box office expectations..because most people don't pay attention to that…so once again…the rich get richer! Thanks for entertaining us..but make them under 2 hours..because we have to work…an can't stay up too late. Have fun deciding what car to drive tomorrow. Are there roads in purgatory?

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