‘Squid Game’ set to become Netflix’s most-streamed series ever l GMA - squid-game.onl

‘Squid Game’ set to become Netflix’s most-streamed series ever l GMA

Good Morning America
Views: 450330
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The Korean drama series, featuring dazzling visuals and stunning moments of violence, has captured the attention of millions across the globe.

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  1. so stupid .. this is just so hyped!
    a lot of movies in the past are themed the same as this , obviously this squid game fad is patterned from those .. clearly not an original concept duhhhh.. just a usual fanaticism to kpop whatever of this gen . Its ridiculous haha sorry

  2. Theyre not forced to play the Games, thats the Hook.

  3. Frankly, squid games popularity has nothing to do with it being Korean. It's just a great premise which was very well executed.

  4. I can't believe how good of an emotional actor Li Jung-Jae is

  5. totally deserves to do better than bridgerton of all shows

  6. "The Korean drama is so HYPER VIOLENT, it draws people for VIOLENCE and it's so VIOLENT, oh did we say it's super VIOLENT?" GMA being GMA

  7. I really didn't like the way they kept describing the Kdrama, they just keep saying (violent, Violence). I've been into Kpop & Kdrama for 9 years and I haven't seen people describe a foreign drama with disgust like this before..

  8. “You take the vaccine… the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You remain unvaccinated… you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.“

  9. South Korea once again winning the entertainment business

  10. What makes the show relatable is that everyone can relate to being in debt at some point in their lives. Also, there is an analogy between the game and the real world. In the game, eliminated players are killed on site whereas the in the real world, society kills you slowly which is much more torturous.

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  12. It has flaws in its story though less wouldn't have re joined if they knew there would be only one winner , that's like 99.9 percent you're losing your life if you join . The game creator said premise of the game was fairness, equality and honesty.

  13. Strongly recommend Hometown Cha Cha Cha Whats wrong with secretary kim, Vicenzo, Hospital Playlist, 18 Again, Sweet Home, True Beauty, strong Girl Bong Soo and its okay to not be okay!omggg kdrama is winning man!! They make me cry laugh and there's always a lesson you learn watching it! 🥳

  14. I watched squid games then watched alice in borderland since everyone started to tell these two are similar.Well there are some , but squid game clearly is the winner. Its thriller yet aesthetically pleasing, the diversity ,the connection with characters makes, the acting makes it way better

  15. Was it clearly stated at the start of the game that only 1 person could win or was it possible for multiple people to win? I don't remember them explicitly saying that only 1 could win. I think that in and of itself could be a commentary on capitalism and how in this system there only seems to be room for a very small number at the top (the 1%). But in reality, the prize money is enough for multiple people to share and be able to live well off of.

  16. violent thriller?? ok then.
    wait, 'ultra-violent' ??? I guest I'll never get used to TV stations words lol…

  17. The director of Squid Game said today ex-President Donald Trump is one of rich VIPs watching people who were killed in the Squid Game story.

  18. It's nothing new the death game genre has been popular in East Asia for some time now.

  19. Korean entertainment is SOOO AHEAD

  20. Squid Game is popular because Holy Wood Stopped Making Movies. WOKENESS

  21. This tik tokers copying this show's games too y'll bury me know

  22. Terrific…another Violent series. Thanks NetFlix

  23. Every one on your show said it's very violent….
    It's not that violent compared with your show called GOT especially Red wedding episode..

  24. Trokon this is awesome
    This is awesome movie
    Full movie

  25. I'm glad a high-quality show finally wins audiences over. It'll change the mentality that TV or movies have to be stupid, loud, and shallow to make $$$. Instead, they can be smart, innovative, and well-written and acted!

  26. was rooting for the North Korean girl…her story was the most depressing

  27. Love to see TWICE's Feel Special in K-pop Section ♥️♥️

  28. I usually avoid kdrama because of their cringe comedy and romance. I hope there are more shows like squid game in the future.

  29. To think this show was rejected by many studios for ten years until Netflix picked it up. I'm so glad Hwang Dong-hyuk never gave up.

  30. Who else has watched SQUIRT GAME 🎯

  31. Soft ppl who live in a bubble think as this game as gruesome or violent> which in reality is not it is just REAL LIFE> this is what happens when u dont have money in this world, ppl would do anything just as the shows portrays. SHOW WAS REALISTIC N I LUV IT for that.

  32. Oops. You forgot to play "Happy" in the background…..like always.

  33. I don't feel inspired or interested in this show, so what's new🙄

  34. Good movie, but I have seen similar story lines.

  35. JESUS i know you love me , please give me the opportunity to love you back , to hug you back , to welcome you back into my heart. 🎇🎈💜

  36. If you think this Korean stuff isn't popular because of some sort of chart manipulating and/or deal with the Devil for fame and success, then you can dispute that with Billboard!

  37. They say the Kpop singers get shorter so God is punishing the Korean entertainments for cheating by deal with the Devil for fame, success etc..

  38. It was refreshing compared to what English shows are coming up with these days. Squid Game had a story to tell and they focused on that and the characters were deep. If it did have a political agenda it didn’t hammer people over the head with it.

  39. There should be another season of Squid Game. The players will be the corrupt politicians, rich gamblers, executives who embezzles, drug lords, gambling lords, smuggling lords, crime lords, mafias, illegal miners, etc. Those who gets rich because of illegal activities. Oh you ehem Lord, you know who you are so come on and join! lol

    The salesman then will bet for more illegal activities ownership for the players. lol The games should be those illegal activities but in giant size form. lol Killing part for the players will be how they also kill their victims due to those illegal activities.

    Now that will be like Netflix Lifetime Blockbuster series and continuous season up to 100 years. lol Coz even if any of those ehem lords were captured, there will be new ehem lords to take the position. Then the title will be Squid Game Lord!

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