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Squid Game Song | Born To Die | #NerdOut [Unofficial Squid Game Soundtrack]

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The Squid Game hype isnt dying down, and the Netflix Series is still going strong. We love Squid Game and we know you guys do too. Enjoy our newest Squid Game Song, Born To Die. If you’re n ew around here, hit subscribe and leave a like if you enjoy the video!

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Track Credits:
Songwriter/Vocals: Ben Schuller

Producer: Boston

Video Editor: EMM

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  1. can you make a song about poppys playtime plssssssssssss

  2. im alreddy in love with the show you didnt have to make it worse. 🙂

  3. And Me ? Im born TO KILL 🔪🔪 or to die…..

  4. Actually this song is for you you are born to die

  5. This game could change your life but you were born to die

  6. I didn't hear yall in like a year but I remember yall because yall are good and best like I'm your favorite fan

  7. Dam this song is the best song ever good job nerd out I hope I did your name for your youtube name I really like your song 😀

  8. when i lesen to your sqiud game songs i kinda tear up bc it reminds me of my memores

  9. I get it looking back at the past now its all comming
    Because every game is childs games
    And gi hun knows it from his childhood

  10. Caden W’s World of Science and Fun! says:

    More squid game plzzzzzzz

  11. This music video is more cinematic than the actual series

  12. I can’t tell if the first few notes are a callback to the Pink Soldiers theme and the Dies irae notes that are often sung at funerals/associated with death or not. Either way, it’s an awesome beat.

  13. This should be the song of squid game next season

  14. Ah yes, i remember that time when squid game was overrated asf


  16. This is sick af
    But it would be cool to have Money Heist song too but still, THIS SONG IS GOOD AF

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