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Squid Game Song | Fly me to the moon | (Netflix)

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Fly me to the moon by Shin Joo Won (신주원) from squid game Netflix series.
You can also check “evangelion fly me to the moon“


  1. I can not believe netflix didn't buy the licence for fly to the moon for the credits for Neon Genesis Evangelion

  2. who knew this song before squid games? 🏆

  3. Fly me to the moon you let me play among us star

  4. Fly me to the moon you let me play among us star let me see like speed green light red light

  5. Why do people connect this song to squid game… ok it's in a scene but it doesn't even make a sense in that moment. Bruh

  6. When I heard it in the show

    My heart legit skipped a beat

  7. Wow… feeling so amazing to hear this song… fab

  8. My cousin said this song is from squid game and I think I am about to assault him.

  9. Netflix: Can't get the license of fly me to the moon for NGE even the song is for the series

    Also Netflix: Here's take this because of a very popular show

  10. “Fly me to the moon and let me play among us”

  11. Wish there was an actual little set you can play that song on while they play like a little performance

  12. this song is good but dafuq that dosent fit to the show

  13. Fly me too the moon at let me play.. A M O N G U S

  14. ☆Ø ᴄ ᴇ ᴀ ɴ x ʙ ʟ ᴜ ᴇ☆ says:

    This is the song I sing when I’m sad.

    my best friend replaced me

    I can’t stop singing

    why am I so loyal to her feelings when she can’t even see through mine?

    why does she still prefer the one who broke her heart rather than the one who held it together?

    why do I love being with her so much?

    why can’t I just move on?


  15. I surprisingly know how to play this on Alto saxophone 🎷 😎

  16. Everyone during Covid: were all gonna die

    The president:

  17. The juxtaposition of people getting slaughtered with these bullets coming out of a giant doll and the classical tunes overlaid by a singing doll is very contrasting and effective!!

  18. Pilot the squid shinji (I've never watched squid game)

  19. I can’t listen to this song notmal again

  20. I just came across this song thro Squid Game, so beautiful and touching…

  21. Shinji get in the damn squid-game or Rey will have to do it, You know I'm short on cash

  22. Ohh the music. Its so beautiful 😚, so pure😚. The voice, the vibe, the jazz, the gunshoots. So classic😏😚

  23. So I was rewatching coffee prince recently and they use this EXACT same set of singing dolls to sing fly me to the moon in a scene in that show as well in episode 2! Such a weird coincidence!

  24. "To the moon!" 🚀🚀 Slang for gaining money and riches just like how the participants joined the game in pursuit of money and riches.

  25. The "Fly me to the moon" musical set is actually a Little Jammer Pro music set which was made in Japan but are out of production for many years now.

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