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Squid Game sparks concern about impact on children

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Popular Netflix show, Squid Game, has sparked concern about the impact it may have on a child due to its violent scenes using children’s games.

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  1. You should b fucking ashamed of yourself you twat ! To make kid content centered around a game of massacre and violence rot in hell!!!

  2. Because making things off limits to kids always makes them less interested in it …not

  3. They make movies about HALLOWEEN 🎃 and SILENT NIGHT 🎄 and BLACK CHRISTMAS 🎅. All are have KILLER on the HOLIDAYS. None of them are for kids so don't let you kids watch it.

  4. The mom who was interviewed is awesome! She knows it’s not for kids, but she won’t write the show off because it’s violent and watches it with her teenage kid. That’s good parenting.

  5. Who is letting their kids watch this show?

  6. "Tell the kids to stay out of the orchard, and they'll go in bushel basket in hand."

  7. Are we gonna sit here & pretend like The Hunger Games series doesn’t exist? I agree with children not watching it but I’m tired of the selective outrage.

  8. Yes, actually spend time and talk to your Teen/Child and find out what they like instead of just saying It's evil/bad to watch. Communication/actually spending time with your kid is a Big key to perenting.

  9. Depending on your neighborhood, some kids will see more violence while walking home from school.

  10. This is just a distraction..nothing else..move along

  11. 1990's we played 007 and kickball in grade school, no one hurt anyony. This it the "Mortal Combat" hearing all over again.

  12. Teachers are banding the game at my school im so happy now they did that

  13. It is true. I watched it myself and there are adult scenes, but it doesn't both me that much cuz I am old enough. But it is surely way too mature for 6 year olds

  14. these parents probably did worse i bet 99% of them watched halloween friday the 13th and childs play when they were kids

  15. It’s a 15 so it is not for kids learn age ratings

  16. At break all the kids now play red light green light

  17. I was born in 1989
    On the playground we played Jurassic Park and then Titanic came out and suddenly the playground was the sinking ship
    Most of us grew up fine…. except the ones that ODed on drugs
    That's what people should be worried about

  18. Reactionary bullshit be better parents

  19. i watched it with my mom and i'll have to say it's not as gory as I thought. I don't really have nightmares about. Scary show but the average teen can watch it.

  20. How about be a parent and don’t let your kid get their hands on a mp5 sub machine gun
    And a black revolver then

  21. Only thing im seeing is kids playing games and forgetting about technology for a little bit🤔

  22. I guess there would be group or a cult of parents who hate Squid Game

  23. It’s not for kids shouldn’t that be obvious? What kid wants to sit through like 45 minutes max based on a doctor doing surgery and transplanting organs? I don’t like looking at surgery that much but I tried to not squeem through it all, the point is, it shoulda been obvious from the start it’s not for kids, like anything with violence…

  24. For GOD sake tell your kids to stop playing GTA first then I will listen to you

  25. Which idiot parents let their kids watch this show

  26. I have a friend who is 11 years old from school who watches squid game

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