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Squid Game Stars You Can See On The Big Screen | Netflix

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For many Americans, “Squid Game” may be their first time seeing many of the Korean actors who appear in the breakout hit series. But in their home country, the principal cast of “Squid Game” is made up of accomplished actors with plenty of credits to their names. Some have even acted in movies stateside.

So if you want to see more of your favorite actors from the show, where should you start? We’ve got the answers for you. From thrilling action movies to heartwarming romance films to gritty crime TV shows, there’s plenty out there to sample. These are the “Squid Game” stars you can see on the big screen.

Lee Jung-jae | 0:00
Park Hae-soo | 1:11
Wi Ha-joon | 2:01
Heo Sung-tae | 2:31
Anupam Tripathi | 3:10
Kim Joo-ryoung | 3:31
Gong Yoo | 4:09
Lee Byung-hun | 5:01
O Yeong-su | 5:36


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Squid Game Stars You Can See On The Big Screen | Netflix

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  2. A large portion of the actors from Squid Game, deserve to be on th big screen, they killed it on that show. TERRANCE OUT

  3. How to beat the Squid Game:
    1) Be the main character OR optionally
    1b) Be the cameraman

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  5. I watched the series for the third time and I still don't understand how they put the game instructions paper in the egg in episode 4! 🤔🥚

  6. Are any of these movies or shows mentioned on Netflix?

  7. Squid Game stars may be breakout actors in the United States,
    but some actors are already known not only in South Korea but also in other countries.

  8. This show lack diversity! South Korea is still a homogeneous society? Wtf! 🤦

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