Squid Game surge: Netflix hits two new records as viral hit show spurs big gains - squid-game.onl

Squid Game surge: Netflix hits two new records as viral hit show spurs big gains

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Squid Game is driving interest in Netflix, which is at all-time highs. With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Guy Adami, Tim Seymour, Dan Nathan and Jeff Mills. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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  1. now they're going to have to renew

  2. When it’s a violent Korean show that gets Netflix its highest revenue, and not Stranger Things. Especially when Squid Game was rejected from all companies in South Korea.

  3. disney+ is trash, apple tv is garbage, amazon prime has potential..netflix is ahead of everyone by miles

  4. When will Bollywood get a breakthrough like this ?

  5. 멋진 이정재가 스타일 무너진 한량 연기를 능청스럽게 하는데 놀랐고 조연들의 한컷한컷 연기력에 박수를 보낼수밖에…. 무엇보다 인생과 인간에 관한 생각을 하게 만드는 여운이 깃든 ….명작중의 명작이다

  6. Squid game really shows a power of entertainment to me. As a Korean, I've never imagined this situation, a drama in korean language goes viral and get a skyrocketing popularity. I've always gotten used to see the top-10 list all in an english-based contents in music, drama, or movie. The recent vibe is very crazy!

  7. South koreans have nothing else to do in their lives so they obsess over a fake show ..

  8. Korean drama is the best. Have been watching K drama for years and let me tell you it is far superior than Hollywood movies. Watch Itaewon Class, Vagabond and Flower of Evil to start with.

  9. To those who haven’t watched it yet, watch the subtitled one to experience masterful acting.

  10. Lol I reactivated my old account and redownload the app 😂😂😂

  11. Made me reactivate my netflix. No regret. Excited for hellbound too.
    So many haters saying it copied battle royale/kaiser. Yes the topic may be similar but its the quality of how you portray and immerse the crowd.
    Are you going to say kingdom copied all the zombie movies too? XD

  12. I’ve been watching Kdramas for eight years and I have no problems with subtitles. Because of Kdramas, I started branching out and watching dramas from all over the world including Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and more dramas. People need to stop being ignorant because there are so many amazing dramas from other countries.

  13. I swear if Hollywood remake this my gosh I can’t even

  14. Amazing series! We want more! ⭐️ brilliant acting and concept 👍

  15. The director of Squid Game said today ex-President Donald Trump is one of rich VIPs watching people who were killed in the Squid Game story.

  16. Another excellent korean movie!
    Salute to all the individuals who are in this movie. Everybody works hard. Result is unbelievable! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

  17. Kmovies and dramas been giving us some of the best shows for years. The downside to other people are reading the subs but once you watch a series or 2 that doesnt even matter anymore. I dont watch it dubbed. Not the same experience.Their series are short and engaging.

  18. I was getting so tired of the same old boring Hollywood junk, and then I discovered South Korean dramas and film last year. The first thing I watched was "Train To Busan" because I love zombies, yet everything I've watched from SK has felt so satisfying. So far my favorite drama is "My Mister", and it's honestly my most favorite program of all time, I'm so happy I went on to watch more Korean productions because that drama truly touched me. It is a beautiful story and heavily involved with so many emotions. I hope that with Squid Game, people are more open to Korean productions, as well as ones from other countries, because you just might find something that really moves you. If Hollywood doesn't welcome new stories, they will fail, which I'm fine with. I think Americans should open their minds to other entertainment. There's only so many times they can remake something or do a superhero movie before people get bored and look elsewhere.

  19. Si, si!! yo la vi 2 veces 1 en coreano y otra en español

  20. They may be smart with money but not a single one one of them can read the teleprompter to see that it’s Squid Game (singular)?

  21. 하긴 나도 넷플 정액 끊었으니 오징어 게임 떄문에

  22. Alternative Drummer (formerly Demonic Sweaters) says:

    she repeatedly calls it "squid games" even with it written on the screen right in front of her as 'game'. haha

  23. just goes to show you that we are DONE with american content, america just updates old movies these days or gives us franchise films. WE WANT NEW STORIES…we are so hungry for new stories and america cant serve us anymore….

  24. I love how all these OG Boomer news channels talk about Squid Game and NONE of the News Hosts actually watched Squid Games 🤣🙄👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  25. Everything about the movie is great… To start with as simple and interesting as the invitation card, the cast members, the game and the suspense… It deserves 6 stars out of the maximum 5.

  26. Korean broadcast station rejected squid game multiple times till after 10yrs netflix pick it up and now is a huge sucess.

  27. Korean dramas. Are way better than Hollywood trash

  28. No offence but.. I think it's overrated. I mean it's good, but not to this extent that it goes viral. There are other korean dramas that I think it's good as this or even better.

  29. 오징어 게임 재밌게 본 양키들은 킹덤 봐라.
    I also recommend "Kingdom" as Korean NETFLIX series.

  30. I thought US liked Good Doctor and Masked Singer as well..

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