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Squid Game – The Blue Danube | Waltz Soundtrack

Chilled Snake
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Title : Johann Strauss II , The Blue Danube Waltz
Date : 1867

Featured in Squid Game, Netflix K-Drama.

Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes.

Squid Game uses a premise we’ve all seen before: People are thrown into an artificial arena where they must fight for their lives. In Netflix‘s new series, the arena is a massive, secret compound; the competition is a series of children’s games; and the people are 456 contestants who desperately need the ₩45.6billion ($39 million) prize money more than they need the illusion of safety the outside world periodically provides. Some competitors, like central protagonist Ki-hoon (Lee Jung-jae), have fallen into debt, compounded by a gambling addiction and a loan shark looking to collect. Others, like Sae-byeok (Jung Ho-yeon)—a North Korean defector trying to help her parents escape to the south—need it to reunite their family. All have been carefully chosen by the game’s masked, seemingly unfeeling minder because they feel the chance at the prize money is worth more than their own lives.

Squid Game utilizes well-worn tropes, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with that—especially when the story template continues to hold such allegorical value and when the series expresses them so well. At least in its first two episodes, Squid Game isn’t afraid to follow its premise through to its inevitable, ruthless conclusions. The contestants only recognize the true horror of the game when they begin a deadly game of Red Light, Green Light, played out in a bright sun under which the characters—and the viewers—have nowhere to hide. Later, we see the logistics of the aftermath, as the anonymous workers who man the facility burn the bodies of the losers, making no distinction between the dead and the dying.

New Netflix original K-drama series The Squid Game sees hundreds battle it out in a survival game, with losers facing deadly consequences while one wins a prize worth around $39 million.

The mystery thriller, sees 456 cash-strapped people, from a recently unemployed divorcee to a North Korean defector, each be given a mysterious business card that ultimately offers them a chance to win 46.5 billion Korean won in a series of survival games.

The Squid Game is a real-life street game played by Koreans in their childhood, including the series’ director Hwang Dong-hyuk, who recalled it was the most competitive of the games he’d played as a child and is most symbolic of the “modern competitive society” we live in.

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  1. I just played real life squid game with all of my friends. We each had three lives, and fought for candy (since it was Halloween). I prepared the games, so each time I called them to play I played this song, lol

    It was very fun, and we all had a blast

  2. “Your time to remove your shape is now up”

    “All successful players, please leave the playground immediately”

  3. I have been falling asleep to this piece for many years. I watch 2001 A Space Odessey every night and fall asleep to it after the first run. It then runs all night.

  4. (Woman on P.A.): “Attention. The second game will begin shortly. Please follow the staff’s instructions and swiftly make your way towards the game hall!”

  5. 1866: dancing in the ball room

    2021: playing games for money without getting killed by the guards

  6. The final game will be watch the song that was in squid game please follow your finger and turn up the volume

  7. ארץ נהדרת פרק פארודיה על משחק הדיונון הביא אותי לכאן

  8. Before squid game:Blue danube
    After squid game:Red danube

  9. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  10. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  11. Use this as your alarm song, and I promise, you will never be late to get up.

  12. Kids : oh this music reminds me of squid game.
    Legends : this music reminds me of 2001 space odyssey

  13. 303 disqualified …
    002 disqualified …
    539 disqualified …
    701 disqualified …

  14. When they go to the stairs to the game the music plays, when they go to the bunker from the game the music also plays.

  15. I just can't listen to this song anymore without getting a bad feeling. 😅

  16. It's all fun and games untill at the end you start hearing gunshots and screams

  17. Is the beginning part based off an actual piece about childhood? Because the start of this song sounds similar to the one in 追尋年少的光 [Chasing Youth]

  18. Some: Squid Game
    Others: 2001 Space Odyssey
    Me: like our 2nd national anthem, thus highly disturbing!
    I really liked the show, but it is inappropiate!

  19. "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that"

    Oh wait, I though this was 2001: a Space Odyssey – Soundtrack.

  20. I have never heard about this song for years but now I did

  21. If guards were dumb
    They be like:"alright guys we will play a game with Triangel guard, you all will get elinimated online last people will win so good luck idiots"

  22. "Attention both of you the final game is about to begin I will now repeat the final game is about to begin"
    I wish we heard this song while Gi Hun and Sang Woo walked out of the dormitory going head to head this would of made the atmosphere so electrifying for their final fight.

  23. So, there's this Japanese movie from 2000 called BATTLE ROYALE that used the same song. Coincidence?

  24. The song was made in 1867 and then squid game put that song in there series

  25. Bro why does this have to give me little einsteins nostalgia wtf

  26. Good alarm music during the week rent and bills are due.

  27. It sounds like usa music, instead of happening in South Korea

  28. They made the movie on Netflix
    I like the first game and the third game

  29. Spoiler alert for the minions movie

    Anyone notice when they used a plane when they were going to san francisco this music played?

  30. I watched this since I was three years old with my parents

  31. This also game me SpongeBob SquarePants vibes.

  32. I don’t know about anyone else but I think of Looney Tunes when I hear this.

  33. These classical music fits perfectly to squid game. Oh yes there will be blood..

  34. At least there were no zombies like there was in All of Us Are Dead. Being shot in the head was one thing, being eaten alive is another. I found the zombie series more terrifying and graphic.

  35. Now everytime I hear this song, it will remind me of Squid Game, especially on 0:26

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