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Squid Game: The Challenge | Announcement | Netflix

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Do you want to play a game? Join Squid Game: The Challenge, a Netflix Reality competition series. Casting now open at SquidGameCasting.com


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Squid Game: The Challenge | Announcement | Netflix


  1. هل سيكون هناك مهام ومراحل جديدة ومختلفة، هل سيكون هناك احداث مشوقة؟ اتمنئ ذلك، نحن بأنتظارة 😍

  2. It’s not gonna be the same feel from what we gotten for the original story of squid games a lot of bad actors if we start joining randoms for money 💵

  3. Hey Netflix how can I participated??? I think that participate will be intresting and 4.56 M make that more interesting.

  4. but I want to question something: If we lose what would you make to the ones that lose???

  5. Damn it I just turned 18, why do you have to be 21 😭😭😭😭

  6. I need squid game season 2 Episode 1 and 9 🥰😍🤩😍🥰😍🥰😇

  7. A reality show is unnecessary just give us season 2

  8. wow, Squid Game actually becoming a real-life contest, just without getting killed though, I wonder if these participants becomes background characters for the Season 2

  9. I'd like to see a human chess game in season 2 that would be pretty cool

  10. So ppl gonna die if they loose uh may be or what else it will be? 😶😮

  11. Lauren-_ T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX💞 With Me🔞 says:

    I think it would be interesting if the reality show is somewhat related to season 2 or at least gives us hints. Like the game has really been going on in more than just one country, not just South Korea. I checked the website and saw they're casting people from the US and UK. They’re casting globally too. It would be a nice way to get fans involved and make them feel part of the story



  14. If people don’t die than it’s garbage

  15. Lol so it’s just a game show. I’m so glad I dropped this streaming services way before it got this shitty

  16. Thought this was a teaser for season 2 I was so confused lol. This looks…interesting

  17. So where's the part where I start shanking people in their sleep. How desperate am I to win this? I'll make love to a mob boss for the money. My bussy is for sale.

  18. if yall liked squid games, maybe you should give Kaiji Ultimate Survivor a try

  19. It is just so sad to know Netflix has people lined up willing to die to be apart of this 😂

    Yes I know they won't really die, but what are they going to do that'll be just as shocking?

  20. Can someone explain me what's going on and what people are talking about in comment section coz I didn't understand plzz!! 🙂👍

  21. Ah yes soften up the people with this, then boom the REAL SQUAD games. Then the Running man, Then live executions right? its coming.

  22. We can thank Mr Beast and all of the dystopian youtubers for this. So many parodies and challenges.

  23. Wasn't the point of squid game to criticize the society where people actually accept to play the game?

  24. Milking time here it comes we're gonna milk all the time

  25. Rabiosa- 👈𝓕**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝓒𝓚 𝓜𝓨 Р𝓡0𝓕𝓘𝓛Е🔞 says:

    This is perfect timing. We just came out of a pandemic that locked most of the world indoors, we are in a cost of living crisis, and we are heading into another recession. May the odds be ever in your favour!

  26. Every heartwarming human interest story in America is like "he raised $20,000 to keep 200 orphans from being crushed in the orphan-crushing machine" and then never asks why an orphan-crushing machine exist or why you'd need to pay to prevent it from being used


  28. The prize should be over $35 million if they are to win the same amount. This show seems tone deaf.

  29. 5M prize? You can do better Netflix
    You made 900M US dollars out of Squid games alone.
    5M is basically bread crumbs and with this economy is not that much.

  30. Pretty desperate move..wasting stockholder money on yet another lame series..they. might consider producing something with broad appeal rather than more copy cat crap

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