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Squid Game: The Challenge Contestants Reveal All

Virgin Radio UK
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Tayo, Lorenzo and Bee sit down on the Virgin Radio UK sofa to reveal what it was like to take part in an actual Squid Game reality series for Netflix, from the toughest challenges and forming alliances, to what they will do if they win Netflix’s largest cash prize in reality television history, a huge 瞿3.6m

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  1. 161 has not yet had life slap him in the face.its coming tho, 9-5 is easy street compared to other jobs. When hes forgotten which he will be 9-5 will be the dream. No one WANTS to do it dude, you dumbass but lifes not all celebrity

  2. Lorenzo 161, brought entertainment, i love him for that

  3. 渠邪諟賈邪 諢魽 渠窶 貐渠篧 禺潰!!!! 赬 趥!!!!!

  4. Lorenzo NEEDS to do more TV! He has an amazing personality.

  5. I couldnt believe that old woman would do that cause he was a honest person. cant stand that woman

  6. Everyone is so cringe. I'm used to watching korean reality shows and they're awesome but I don't know if it's because all American reality shows choose cringe ppl or if most Americans are just cringe!!!

    I'll just wait for S2 of the actual show and pretend this never happened.

  7. Wtf was Lorenzo talking about. He was going completely off topic in questions

  8. Wtf was Lorenzo talking about. He was going completely off topic in questions

  9. 渠邪諟賈邪 諢魽 渠窶 貐渠篧 禺潰!!!! 赬 趥!!!!!

  10. Was so glad to see Lorenzo get booted. He is awful.

  11. a woman in the top 0.5% of IQ and she is a professional gamer 打打打

  12. 161 is the type of person who makes the office impossible to work in but you will be reprimanded if you voice any concern.

  13. OMG 161 I seriously Love Lorenzo He was my favorite from the whole show.

  14. 諡湊 篚 潰蛟才 Never expected Korean here!

  15. This Italian was the worst in the show. I was so happy he got eliminated. You can be real but you don't have to rub your trashy attitude in other people's faces all the time

  16. Was so happy when Lorenzo got the boot. His ego is just too much

  17. If this is the real character 161 & 278 has for real. If it was real life and death. If I had seen 161 stealing food from others like in the original squid game and was a player also. I would use him as a meat shield for a bullet, and I would have kicked 278 off the glass platform; those two were dirty. Its 4.5 million if it was real life and you had to choose life or death, much less 4.5 Mil. on the line. Oh yeah they would go bloody for sure. The Little dirt bags. Before all the haters and Toxic replies happen. Please take the time to listen to 161s interview on squid game in whole. His words in short "nothing is off limits, do what ever you like, who cares what people think etc. etc." So no I don't feel bad or guilty with anything I said about those two, when he himself has no morale code and nothing is off limits. "Live by the sword, you die by the sword". As for 278 well actions speak for themselves. Please keep the replies here so everyone can read your feelings like mine. This is just my perspective and free expression, its not hate but perception of these 2 humans in a world of billions. People live and die every day, you will never know them or their names or their hearts and morals. These 2 people open themselves up to the public eye and I made a comment on their actions and here we are. I look in the mirror as an American Man and say hey they do not represent the morals as citizens of my country I don't tolerate sick actions. That's why I left a comment. Thanks for reading the comment. Come again. 0:03

  18. i dont think ive ever hated a person on a tv show as much as i did 161 such a narcissist and a sanctimonious a hole

  19. Bee 唐唐 I would have nominated someone else, but she knew and didn't. So noble 手

  20. Lorenzo hates capitalism but surely loves to benefit from it huh… But socialism seems more suitable for him yeah. He doesn't want to work and be poorly equal to everybody else while depending on tyrannical government for financial help. He doesn't realize that he cannot become a millionaire in a communist system. I guess he will learn the hard way.

  21. Bee is a gamer?! Cool! Does anyone know if she has a twitch channel?

  22. Soon as I saw bee I instantly liked her wish he had won

  23. When Bee was eliminated I nearly cried! Love her so much

  24. Bee had the most badass introduction and elimination, main character energy

  25. Lorenzo added color to the game. But daaang he is rude and sick! lol

  26. 161 was the real villain of the show, hes so full of himself

  27. Bee could've been in the finals only if she was able to overcome her luck during the die challenge. She was so unlucky!

  28. I love all of them… they are so cool

  29. Need to get a 018 squidgame tracksuit

  30. Bee is so beautiful, shes a gamer like my son so cool,107 looks like the guy from high school musical with that hair

  31. I really wanted 107 to go to the finals , 161 im glad he was out.

  32. The player that waa using sign language most of the time but forgot all about it, after that old guy called her out at the marble game lol

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