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Squid Game: The Challenge | Exclusive Clip | Netflix

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The duo you didn’t see coming. It’s mother vs. son on Squid Game: The Challenge, premiering November 22 only on Netflix.

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Squid Game: The Challenge | Exclusive Clip | Netflix

Immersed in the world of “Squid Game,” 456 real players put their skills — and character — to the ultimate test for a life-changing $4.56 million prize.


  1. It turns gay in 20 minutes! I dont care, just not on my TV!

  2. that old lady was not slick with those apples. I agreed with the French man being fake is not cool. first she said she didn't like 432 and then she's trying to be friendly with him

  3. I feel angry at the woman who eliminated the old man and his young friend.

  4. @netflix who watched this prior to release and thought anyone would pay money to see this?!? I am glad I never bought the stock it surely will go to the toilet if you continue like this.

  5. Well, did you all know the westernized bastard contestants are threatening to sue Squid game production claiming they've suffered from hypothermia and nerve damages? I just knew demonic babylon westerners was gonna find a way to destroy this production for some kind of money and more attention. How satanic they are man.🤦🏻

  6. I was soo sad when Dani got eliminated

  7. If will this be applied,Congrats, you've just ruined another successful series

  8. How can you be so ignorant? Lonely people. Suckers and you reap what you sow. I'm so sad for all of you. You drank the Kool-Aid.

  9. How you chimps at the directors seat screwed everything is beyond me.

  10. I already watched the 5 episodes and I love it! Wow it's more intense! I like the fact that I can see the true colors of each player, greediness or kindness like 134 and 101 when they removed no. 200, instead of helping, they chose to eliminate him. 😢

    For 432, even though everyone hates him, I still want him to stay to add more drama.

    For 198, it's so satisfying to me that he eliminated when he answered the phone again and can't convinced the others.

    For 299, I felt sad for him, I am disgusted by the people who blamed him.

    And I cried for 243 and 232, they're like father and son… I love their bonding but 229 chose to eliminate them 😢 I'm upset with her!

    I wish 302 and 301 will stay at the end.

    But the winner for me is still the one who fought fairly. ❤

  11. I love mother and son bonding here. I was nervous too when they played the first game

  12. Were so happy when player 161 got eliminated 😃👍

  13. Watched everything in one slide and I swear, if I already have a black list which was getting smaller but grew back, since the last moral test. I am glad that they changed a few games and made it harder to calculate for the players, since most players are total manipulative assholes and I am always for playing fair and square. karma already got in motion but honestly the worst choice of 229 was to eliminate the two wrong members of the ganbu-team. those two guys were the decent and honest members, the rest of that team has no backbone and I am pretty sure, with the next game there will be some real disclosures when its about the moral and character of some specific ppl which are already on my radar. Some players already showed the same attitudes like the player from the original tv-show. for example when the not anonym eliminations started, guess who gave me the total "number 212 vibes"? cant wait for part 2.

  14. Güzel eğlenceli zevkli bir 2.sezon olmuş beğendim

  15. 302 is kinda a badass for an old woman

  16. This is just a regular show, they fk it up with elimination

  17. i'm absolutely fond of the mom, she's amazing and sweet <3

  18. Adrian was a cool villain but was too cocky

  19. The Squid Game challenge is a great concept show but it's 100% rigged in other words it's like a soap opera with fake drama that's most likely been rehearsed and it's all fake. You can literally see where they've spliced scenes together where one minute they're holding something in their hand and seconds later it's gone and the guess the item is back in his hand this show is stopped and rehearsed to create fake drama and I hate that.

  20. It’s fake Ass F**k and Embarrassing for Netflix. They should jerk themselves for money

  21. They made it way too dramatic lol like why

  22. My favorite players are gone one by one especially 243 and 232, they're like father and son… I love their bonding but 229 chose to eliminate them 😢 I'm upset with her!
    I hope 302 and 301 will stay at the end.

  23. It doesn’t matter if mother or son win or lose, either way (if one remains in) money stay in the family. Too bad to see what happened to Stephen and his pal. Dirty move!

  24. First episode was meh but second onwards was great! Can’t wait for the marble games 🙂

  25. Mr beast did it better 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️

  26. Thats the worst shit you've ever produced. No joke

  27. Netflix should function solely as a screening platform and relinquish control over the fate of shows. its disheartening to see fantastic shows canceled despite their popularity among audiences, and create things like this… just a copy of an already successful show.

  28. Did granny and son not watch the squid game to prepare! 😭 😭 why?? Now they have to do marbles together

  29. Damn somehow all the smart ones got eliminated and now the 2nd half is just going to be terrible because all the top people are gone. Still cant believe right before the 4th challenge everyone on the show thought itd be a good idea to pair with a close person. What a bunch of idiots who aparently didnt watch the show, and if they did they were obviously didnt care about the show and somehow got selected to compete for millions😂

  30. 昨日観たけど人の食べ物を

  31. This show just shows how ruthless people can be when there's money on the line

  32. This show was dogshit, just give us season 2

  33. Trey reminds me of Ashton Kutcher… could be his brother 🤭

  34. she donate her kidney to he younger brother and i bet he's never heard the end of it

  35. I’m going to try to convince my dad to sign up with me. I’ve also made it very clear that under no circumstances are we to pair up if instructed to do so. They thought they were just having a friendly little picnic. Look at what happened.

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