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Squid Game: The Challenge | Final Casting Call | Netflix

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One year ago today the world was introduced to Squid Game. Now, time is running out to join Squid Game: The Challenge – the new Netflix competition series. Visit to apply!


About Netflix:
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Squid Game: The Challenge | Final Casting Call | Netflix


  1. The final casting is… ME 😛 OOPS
    SPOILER. My bad ^_^

  2. MARLIN PIE & CEROBLAST are my sexy ass asian wives 😛 HAHAH

    PHANTOM MIRIA is my SEXY ASS white wife 😛 HAHAH

    I, HAVIER RAVEZ am the greatest guilty gear player of all time 😛 HAHAHA

    WORLDBLOCK TREE = decent venom player I suppose 😛 HAHA

    superman = WALKING SUN 😛 HAHAHA

  3. C'mon Netflix. You cannot pin the Next Video pop-up in the center of the video. That pop-up covered what was written on the card. Atleast pin the pop-up videos at the end of the video.
    47 seconds and the pop-up starts at 27th second.

  4. Wait, does this mean applying to be part of the cast? So it’s not gonna be Koreans only?

  5. They said they'll send you home if you lose . Not how they'll send you home.

  6. pls tell me I get to be slapped around by Gong Yoo first 😜

  7. So it’s gonna be an around the world squid games season, very interesting..

  8. We all already in the game unfortunately. 😢

  9. the application process is messed up, it wont let me apply even though i will be 21 by the time of filming

  10. Waiting for season -2 Love from India 😍

  11. I actually suprised they still couldn't find enough players as there scared to apply because they think they may die while playing the game

  12. Netflix please don’t cast that FRAUD @AllinwithAri you know the one who pretends to be homeless and living out of her car? 🙄 She said she’s been cast. I urge you not to give more money to this swine

  13. C'mon when is season 2 coming? I really wanna watch it again with new games & challenges.

  14. When you wanna join the casting call

    But you're under 21 💀

  15. How many gays and trans we will see in this series?

  16. I wanted to join this but I’m too lazy to do the application video lol

  17. Imagine you happen to be in a show that because of luck gets this famous that reality tv shows are made about it.

  18. the recommend your video covers the exact text card position. i cant remove to read it. you make your video annoyed

  19. I can’t see because there’s a thumbnail in front of my face

  20. One of the best things about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something. He always respect us, the audience, and his team, and he is always polite in all of his videos. We congratulate ourselves on this achievement.

  21. How pathetic. The series made to mock people how they will do anything for money but end up by making the game show about it.

  22. Anyone else got Saw nostalgia from him saying “wanna play a game?”

  23. Since when are losers supposed to go home?

  24. Squid games 🤝 Big Brother
    iconic pieces of media whose messages have been lost to capitalist irony 💀💀💀

  25. The second I saw send 5 headshots I knew I was out 😂 gunna be a bunch of models and influencers lmao rigged for the views

  26. I want to participate in this so bad but I’m under age😢

  27. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is a passing, meaningless garbage. It would be better to make an animatrix-style universe.

  28. 👍 Squid Game Killed The Money , Conveniently Are Free To Take Your Exactly Needs , And Then Do Your Responsibility To Deliver As The Next Deliverer Of Stocks !
    🍎 Life Is Modeling [ Style And Fashion ] 🥂

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