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Squid Game: The Challenge Interview: Bryton Offers Advice For Season 2 Contestants

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Squid Game: The Challenge’s Bryton on being a part of the reality competition series and shares advice for season 2 contestants. Spoilers ahead.

The first batch of Squid Game: The Challenge episodes were released to Netflix on November 22nd. They will be followed by new batches on November 29th and December 6th. Read our full interview and article here:


  1. Not his cookie broke & he still got passed

  2. this guy is a jerk thought he was the best but is a loserrrrrr//////

  3. Why did he get a pass if his cookie broke and not eliminated

  4. he should've gone to too hot to handle or love island tbh

  5. Who knew being an asshole 24/7 was actually a bad thing?! Typical of his kind

  6. bros the irl heather from total drama island

  7. I was about to quit after he got eliminated because it was so boring but had to cheer for my ganbu gang

  8. Such a nasty attitude. What was up with his skin on the show🤢🤮

  9. My two most hated characters was this guy and Lorenzo. Ashley comes in 3rd.

  10. he did a good job playing the villain role..it was more exciting that way..but anyways i never wish to see him go in the finals lol

  11. He made the show fun, I actually liked his character. 278 was infinitely worse!

  12. He made the show fun, I actually liked his character. 278 was infinitely worse!

  13. I come here thinking maybe he's not so bad, let's hear him out. Waste of time! he's still very much hateable! All you hear is me me me…and the cheesy bling is not helping his case 😂😂

  14. I’m the only one that really loved Bryton 😭

  15. This guy is literally the scum of the earth. He needs all the hate he gets. Your ego is beyond obnoxious. How you are even succeeding in the real world is beyond comprehension.
    I had a hard life and I didn’t turn into a punk with a 4 years temper and ego of a billionaire. You need to reevaluate your attitude. Please do us all a favor and never go on T.V. Again, unless it’s a show that puts your poor personality on blast. Bye loser/Bully!

  16. Does this idiot have a YouTube/ TikTok channel? I really wanna dialogue with him to see if he is as ignorant as he portrayed in the show. He obviously is dumb to quit school (which he was probably failing) to go on a game show.

    Nobody ever wants to see you on tv again.

  17. He is just a boy. Young and ignorant. We’ll see if he can mature. Unfortunately he embarrassed himself for millions to see.

  18. This guy is tremendously hard to digest. I don’t know what he’s trying to compensate or what his strategy in life is, but he’s doing himself real dirty.

  19. Definitely the opposite of TJ. Bro needs more life lessons.

  20. I didn't want him to win but i definitely wanted him to make it to the end, he was the perfect villain for the show 🙌😈

  21. The loudest and most arrogant, including Ashley. They definitely represent. lol

  22. Bruhhhh when I tell u I live in Clemson and I’m SO MAD😂😂

  23. Don't know if this was scripted or not but i didn't like him. Bro had to go!

  24. I can totally see this guy playing Big Brother!! Come on, get him on the show! I would love to watch, he was my fav in squid games!

  25. i would like to see him in an actual tv show!!!!! him and lorenzo were my absolute fave what great personalities i wish them the best🌟

  26. One of the most disgusting personalities i have ever watched

  27. It’s sad that humanity has gotten so insane that people enjoy Bryton’s inconsiderate, mean, rude, disrespectful with zero once of empathy behavior.
    His behavior isn’t something that should be admired or be aspirational to any young boy or man.

  28. The fact that nobody even mentioned him after he's eliminated 😢

  29. I get what he was trying to do, but he looks so much like that p3d0 actor from Glee that I couldn't get past it.

  30. at first i kinda dislike him, and then ahsley. but after watching the finale and seeing who won. And seeing how they treat each other outside. It wont matter much anymore. I think all player is great. Ashley and bryton might seem ass in the show but again outside they just normal people. In the show it does bring the worst of people. But not everyday people act like that. Kinda feel bad when i think that i hate ashley and bryton.

  31. This interview proves the show was rigged, when he said that his cookie broke but he still went through. Although, I'm not as upset about it as I was at first, because as I continued watching the show after he was eliminated I realized why they kept him in initially. He seemed to be one of the only people that made the show exceptionally interesting – it was like the dislike for him kept us watching out of curiosity to see how things ended. So honestly, I'm not pressed about this whole scandal over it being rigged; even though it would have been devastatingly disappointing for other players to be wrongfully eliminated and frustrating for others to go through wrongly, I know why Netflix did it. Because over all, even though it's a survival game, they wouldn't be doing it unless it were a show – and for that reason, they had to add the extra spice, like keeping him in longer. I know I would have stopped watching if he didn't keep me riveted for a while in the beginning

  32. What's up with this guys lip. Did he have Botox or a good supply of lip gloss in there.

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