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Squid Game: The Challenge Is A CRIME Against Humanity

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Netflix made a new reality show…and it’s bad? Squid Game: The Challenge is a crime against humanity!

0:00 Introduction
0:55 The Premise
1:57 How people got picked
3:08 The Challenges
18:44 The Characters
21:10 Authenticity
21:55 Exploitation
27:44 The Lawsuit

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  1. I actually enjoyed this show. Great series

  2. it doesn't matter whether the content of the show or games were good to me, the entire basis is evil and the exact plot of the original game. :/

  3. They didn't missunderstood the original, they made sure nobody will get injured and that everyone gets the same fair chance instead of people going into tug of war with a group of muscle guys against a group of women and elders.
    So from my understanding you would love to watch a 50+ year woman fight a youngster in a head to head fighting combat to get the millions right?
    The tests replaced the killing in the series. so instead of having people kill each other for money, they made this tests for that. The dice game also showed what type of decisions the people would make. The episodes can't evolve around everyone since it would take several hours per episode and since it is not scripted and don't know how far someone will make it, they kept the the cameras on the people that looked the most interesting and showed more. According to some players there was even more drama between players that wasn't shown at all (some are happy about it…).
    As about the food thing, there was some limited extra so people could indeed go back to the line and get a second portion.
    You are rumbling as if it is the fault of netflix that she was eliminated in the first game and critisize the age of the people and their backgrounds as if every participant had to be homeless people or something.
    As about the lawsuits they will go nowhere since it was already written in their contracts that by signing the contract they agree on going through extreme physical and mentally conditions.
    Also that if they think its too much for them, they are allowed to quit at any time during the show, which they unfortunately didn't because they choose so.
    I think it would be good if you would skip the second season since you don't enjoy this anyway(yes you can already apply for it).

  4. I disagree with most of your complaints about the show. I thought it was great as is.

  5. people always had to say something.. 😅😅

  6. i was with you until you said that the point of the original squid games was that “everyone is in control of their own destiny in the games”. the show points out at several points that it’s actually rigged. the old man was literally the creator of the games and he kept the main character safe towards the end. also i’d safely argue that murders committed in the dorm room can’t fit into the idea that the games are meant to highlight individual responsibility. the victims of the killings had no say in their own deaths. the original squid games specifically prioritizes selfishness but that shouldn’t be conflated with individuality because the whole point of the show is to highlight how there are rules to the games of capitalism that force people to view others as tools for their own survival. contestants are forced to view people that way because the games are inherently unfair and people have to find ways to increase their odds of winning. to win you have to be selfish and thats not interchangeable with individuality unless you believe that people are “inherently selfish”. people aren’t inherently selfish, their environments are designed to be confirmation bias to the people who already believe that the world is inherently already selfish.

  7. All the crying was annoying to me. The people eliminated were not killed. They went home safely. It was a bit much in my opinion.

  8. The prize is 4.5m dollars it’s obviously not going to be easy.. I signed up for the next one – casting is open right now

  9. Netflix did a good job with this one. It's a good show.

  10. To all the people that do not take things like this seriously. You are the problem in this world. Multibillion dollar companies can produce any piece of shit for you to consume and you’ll eat it up no matter how much it stinks. Entertainment and quality will only get more lackluster. The more you consume bullshit, the more these companies say “wow ppl rly like this garbage, let’s cheapen out even more so we can make even more profit for less.” Then most can’t even comprehend the irony of this and how it affects the status quos views on the lower class as consumers. You reap what you sow. If you consume anything anyone gives you no matter the quality like a pig, you’ll be treated as such with less respect from these companies. If u don’t take life seriously, follow ur friend off that cliff they’re jumping off. You’ll be taught how serious life is from that, Guaranteed.

  11. All I'm gonna say is thank you for making this video. This pretty much sums up everything I feel about Squid Games: The Challenge.

  12. Wait- they were given condoms but not lip balm…?

  13. This is the first reality show that pay that prize 4.56M in only 2 weeks. there are other shows has longer time, a month and the prize was not even close. Mr Beast Squid Games prize is 10 times less even with the extra prize 5k, 10k, 20k, etc for quit the game or make this far all the prize together is not even close to 4.56M. this game the challenge is all or nothing.

  14. 1: This is defiently not the worst reality show that existed, fear factor is just one example that takes it to the more extreme. This genre is quite normalized, so i dont know why you're acting so surprised for the concept of competing for money.

    2: Netflix is the producer and creator of the original show, of course they can do whatever they want with it.

    3: I found the extreme simple nature of the games what actually is the core of squid game, so i dont see it as "lazy", rather sticking to the concept of extreme simplicity.

    4: if people cant tolerate a little cold and risks to gain 4.5 million dollars, then they probably shouldn't compete in the first place.

    5: i think they did great as a first attempt considering the complexities, most likely it will improve if they make more seasons because of feedback, and i find the concept makes a great thrilling show experience.

  15. So is google yet here you are exploiting capitalism when its convient to you. Its so funny what you guys pick and choose to be outraged over lmao 🤣

  16. "Exploitation is fun" thumbnail. Is that why you're on this site putting money into google's pocket?

  17. I had auditioned for this show and was pretty vulnerable about why I wanted to participate in show, most of reasons being financial due to the consequences of my own poor decision making when i was younger. I talked about how I have a family now and want to have them live comfortably when I'm gone because both my kids are special needs. That said, it was kind of infuriating to watch participants who run businesses, have masters degrees, doctors, and even one guy who's husband was a producer get a shot to live more comfortably than they're already living, BUT, i guess the alternative would have been to exploit a bunch of poor people. The only thing they could have done better was to not make the show at all. And to think they're casting for another season of it 🙃

  18. Western people are so soft, weak, lazy and entitled.

  19. Disagree with the overall opinion but agree with different points

  20. It’s crazy to me that Physical 100 did a “real life squid game” better than Squid Game the challenge. Like at bare minimum they edited to fit the outcomes more consistently as opposed to leaving the top players out of majority of the screen time until they had to ???

  21. Netflix decided the success of Squid games needed to be replicated "by subjecting real life people to the same atrocities that happened in the original show."

    This is the most intellectually lazy and dishonest thing I've heard in a month. You do realize these people were not being murdered, correct?

  22. PLEASE do a vid in Solitary. It was basically a reality torture experiment that went on for like 5 seasons or so? Each competitor is locked in a small room, reduced to a number and deprived of sleep and food as they have to participate in different (arguably torturous) challenges in order to advance. It's crazy to me how little this show is talked about, even in those "Top ten most unethical reality shows of all time" style vids

  23. The majority of the contestants were already rich

  24. Idk why people are deeping the concept of this show. It’s a game show which people have volunteered to do and can quit at any time. There have been thousands of game shows including ones like Survivor where they are literally starved and tortured for weeks.

  25. WHY WERE THEY GIVEN CONDOMS?? were people legit having orgies in the dormroom?? like wtffffffff

  26. Netflix gave the players CONDOMS but refused to give the lip balm?? 💀

  27. I get that it’s a high-pressure/stakes scenario and that they’re all confined and stuck with each other, so I’m sure there was some quick/intense bonding going on, but the goofiest thing about this show to me was all the players being so dramatic. Freaking out, screaming, and crying when someone was eliminated, and especially people being like “I would trust so-and-so WITH MY LIFE” like ?? 😭 you’ve know them for 6 days ??

  28. Was good show my pick won also so idc but yeah hopefully we improve the next season but to say oh no no game at all please with all the trauma in the world this is a nice reprieve from it all in the end someone got power to do whatever they want hopet help people

  29. I Disagree big time! I really enjoyed ALL of the games and challenges, it was fun, fair, kept you guessing who was going to win, and they literally did "hands up 7up" which you did not mention.

  30. It's a game show. That is all. Everyone has different motives. There are always stories in all game shows. Some people lose and some people win that's it.

  31. Still better than MrBeast squid game.

  32. i feel bad for Starla, after they interviewed her I wanted her to win and when she lost I was devastated.

  33. It's not a cookie. I don't know why everyone keeps calling it a cookie. It's a disc of caramelized sugar and bicarbonate soda. It's a fizzy candy. It doesn't have any flour or baking powder or anything like a cookie

  34. i really liked the show, hope they keep making it…

  35. I have plenty of issues with capitalism, but I don’t understand how Squid Games is any different from any other reality show. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the Survivor reality show. I don’t see any videos about it on your channel, despite the fact that people
    Have actually died on that show.

  36. imagine taking time off work/school just to be eliminated outside of challenge at random I'd be so pissed.

  37. Didn't think it was possible to hate Netflix any more… but then I heard about this. At the very least, they could do something like Mr. Beast who gave everyone at least $2k minimum so it didn't feel so damn dystopian and exploitative. This is quite literally one step closer to getting us a an actual IRL Squid Games, Hunger Games, etc. If governments can legally allow you to request ending your life as a medical procedure regardless of if you can still live on (Canada) and companies can do real life stuff revolving around poor/middle class people going up against each other in various challenges for so money (Plus the added abuse of the Red light Green light), I could very easily see a combination of these things a decade or two down the line. Despite the massive pushback and Netflix getting ratio'd on nearly every tweet regarding this show, it was still a massive success monetarily. The poor and especially homeless are already treated with little to no empathy, so if they do this in the future, the pushback would be even less and they wont care because they'll rake in millions. Corporations and the majority of the 1% are ghouls and this only cements my opinion further….

  38. I agree that the edit and game design were poor but you contradicted yourself quite a bit in this video. You said the players were subjected to “the same atrocities” as the drama series, then you went on to show how they were not. You complained the players were being exploited, but then you said the show doesn’t really work because the players aren’t all there for the money and it’s not a life/death situation so the stakes are very low. It’s also consensual and voluntary; there is no threat of death or anything if you don’t participate so saying these players were exploited is dramatic and implying that this filming experience was as atrocious as the drama series is absurd.

    To compare the horror of the drama series to your shock at the concept of gasp co-ed bathrooms is hilarious.

    Also, it sounds like you’ve never heard of reality tv. Wait until you hear about Survivor. (It’s been on for 45 seasons and the accommodations are far worse than this. Oh and people don’t have shelter or meals and they actually get hurt sometimes.)

  39. You did a terrible review, it sounds too much opinionated and bias from your own dislike of the show. Also, who knows how the editors edit it, maybe the 1st episode was getting edited already while the games are still ongoing. So they wouldn't know who the top winners are so that's why they don't get a lot of focus in the first episodes.

  40. 10:29, Disagree on your War Ship game opinion, War Ship is childhood game, and it’s more fair. And War ship game is all about teamwork too!

  41. Mr beasts squidgame video was better than this show

  42. When the CLEARLY NOT DEAF bozo said "I feel like it would bring more representation to my underrepresented community" like what they gonna do? Hear you and agree? 💀

  43. Why……….were they given……..condoms…….???????

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