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Squid Game The Challenge Netflix Series Review (Episodes 1-8)

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Squid Game The Challenge Netflix Series Review (Episodes 1-8)
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  1. The show is pure 💩!! Players are so unlikeable, they’ve got no depth and there is zero consequence for losing. Such an Americanized bastardized version of the original show 0/10

  2. Thought the reality tv aspect was just an intro and death game came later as part if the story. Very disappointed.

  3. I’ll definitely have a look at this totally 💯 it’s acted but I can’t wait for the season 2 of squid game though..

  4. 30min of the first episode and dropped

  5. 40 minutes in and I have given up.
    Can't wait for the orignal squid game new season

  6. Watched it but did not finish it. I'll leave it at that.

  7. I didnt watch the trailer for this and expected the original squid game season 2.. im dissapointed af, stopped watching this after 10 min

  8. I hate reality tv. It’s just irritating and demeaning.

  9. Did you seriously NOT hear all the accents? I laughed at your point. Half of the contestants were English not American. More diverse than the actual show which was just Korean. So your first criticism – sorry, didn't really hold up.

  10. Does anybody know how many contestants will participate in the MARBLE game of episode 6 in season 2?????

  11. It was weirdly overly dramatic. But I suppose its the point. Is the old guy a real contestant or an actor.

  12. I watched 15 minutes and turned it off, total crap.

  13. I loved it and watched 5 episodes straigh away!

  14. I laughed and cried and got pissed off. Loved it

  15. I gave it a go, not thinking I would get that sucked in esp I’m not the biggest fan of reality competitions, but you know what, this was actually a really riveting study into human behaviour.

  16. I loved the original. This version is terrible.

  17. i’m not a big fan of reality shows but I do love squid game so I decide to try this. I got sucked in the first episode. It’s just interesting to watch the people battling each other mentally and physically. Trying to be friends while at the same time thinking how to eliminate them.

  18. You review was FAR FAR more entertaining than this shit fest. Great upload

  19. The biggest problem with the show is that there is not one likeable contestant. EVERYONE is a nightmare!

  20. I can't stand their lame fake over the top reactions! So cringey.

  21. I find it really borring. I wantes to watch for the games. But the pacing is too slow they overtalk too much during the games.

  22. I am watching it but it’s no where near as good as the original

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