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Squid Game: The Challenge | Official Trailer | Netflix

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Make friends. Make enemies. Make millions. Squid Game: The Challenge, the competition series based on our biggest show ever, premieres November 22.


About Netflix:
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Squid Game: The Challenge | Official Trailer | Netflix

Immersed in the world of “Squid Game,” 456 real players put their skills — and character — to the ultimate test for a life-changing $4.56 million prize.


  1. But no one is going to die. No one is betraying or back stabbing anyone. These people are not desperate and depressed as squid game characters. So what is the point of watching this? Stop wasting money for useless crap🤦‍♂️

  2. Mr beast did it better than them 😎😀😊😊😊

  3. I am be honest with you Netlix. The hype has died down, its too late. We still don't know if its a reality show or acted one.

  4. Mr Beast was able to make Squid Game live action in less than a month and i bet that will be still far more entertaining than this.

  5. Give us the real season 2.this reality drama show feels like a cheap imitation 🤷‍♀️

  6. Netflix tryna ride Jimmy's coat tails, smh corporate America is trash

  7. Who asked for a Reality show bro tell me bruuh are you serious

  8. season 2 is not this one it’s still part or the series idk tf is this but it’s said to release early 2024 hope this is true tho

  9. Just watch mr beast video for this tho…

  10. Like so many series there is no season 2 😢.

  11. Before anyone watches this, read up on what the contestants went through when filming it. It was an absolute disgrace and literally a breach of human rights. Will definitely not be watching this.

  12. Me: Tell me you didn't get the point of Squid Game without telling me you didn't get the point

    Netflix: Ta da

  13. No just no. Season 2 is the only thing we want

  14. Mr. Beast did this already! Only thing that would have made this more appealing having him be in this trailer!

  15. Please don’t say that are squad game we’re waiting for … cause that’s are something else we’re waiting for serval year result is a reality show what the .. for realll where’s are characters even the acting is 🤣😑 .

  16. I'll watch this while waiting for season 2. Let's gooo 🔥

  17. This already exists. Mr.Beast did this shortly after the show came out and the product value looks very close to this.

  18. Well, I’ll be skipping this and waiting for S2 of the real thing

  19. Can’t believe they stole this from Mr. Beast smh

  20. Love how Mr. Beast made this entire Netflix-show redundant.

  21. we don't want reality show, we want squid game 2

  22. вангую: выиграет 456 номер, дед организатор, скриньте

  23. No kidding aside. This is a great trailer.

  24. the Squid Game series exposes the problems of class segregation and that the system is flawed.

    Netflix, meanwhile, romanticizes the problem to make more money.

  25. I never got through the show but I am kinda excited about this. Ngl

  26. It was bound to happen — an intense series with dystopian themes that can be seen in the daily headlines is turned into sugary, pop culture slop.

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